Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Final Appeal to the Governor General

Dear GG, your Excellency etc etc.

Yesterday I wrote you a letter explaining why you should accept the reasonable demands of the Coalition for Change.

So I don't really want to bother you again. I know you must be having a terrible time trying to stop Stephen Harper from battering down your front door...or crawling in through the washroom window.

But the truth is even if I pull my tuque down over my eyes, I'm having trouble sleeping tonight thinking of what could happen tomorrow.

And to make matters worse I keep having this HORRIBLE nightmare where you give in to the crazy tyrant's demands and allow him to shutdown Parliament. Just to save himself. Just because some musty old tradition or colonial document told you so. And you didn't have the courage to just say NO.

That's when I wake up screaming. Eh?

So before I drink myself to sleep, I just want to make sure that you understand what a terrible mistake that would be. Not just for the country, but for YOU as well.

Now I realize you are the representative of the English Queen...a fact that I have to admit distresses me royally. But since you're a proud Canadian, and an amazing woman, I expect you to put the interests of your people FIRST.

And when an awesome Coalition for Change representing more than sixty per cent of Canadians is ready to govern, and a man as crazy and as evil as Stephen Harper has lost the confidence of the House, you must NOT allow him to padlock Parliament. And silence the opposition in a time of crisis.

You have seen dictatorships, you have seen countries tear themselves apart, you have seen great poverty and despair. Please don't condemn your people to suffer the same fate.

This your great moment in history where you get to choose between the noble interests of a majority of Canadians who want a chance to work together to save the country we love. And the base interests of a twisted bully of a tyrant who is only interested in saving himself, and is threatening to lead us all to DISASTER.

So please don't let your people down. Or take the easy way out.

Because if you do history won't forgive you and neither will we. In fact I promise that should the worst happen, I will spend the rest of my life....until the very last second of it... trying to convince Canadians to get rid of the monarchy and its USELESS representatives.

You can be a Canadian hero, or a Con tool and a royal BUM. Choose wisely your Excellency.

Good luck tomorrow. Eh?




Martin Gamache said...

Well, the GG has just given Harper what he wanted...

I'm not that surprised, I've been saying for a while that these Queen's representatives were costly and useless. Mme Jean protected her ass and played along with our would-be Bush in chief.

Pffffff... (disappointed sigh)

Martin Gamache said...

Still, I think this incident revealed again the need to create a place where Canadians of all origins can learn to understand each others. Dont' expect the MSM to do it here, they like to throw gazoline on the anti-Québec fire. This scapegoating has to stop, because in the end, it's those rich bastards who profit from making us fight with one another.

Simon said...

Hi Enkidu's Palace...yes I must admit Madame did disappoint me. Although I'm starting to think that she may have given Harper a warning. You can have your prorogue, but when you come back if you are defeated I'm going to ask the Coalition to form a government. If that's the case I'll still hate the stoopid Monarchy, but I'll LOVE her. !!! :)
As for this anti-Quebec shite I can honestly say I've never seen anything so disgusting. Unfortunately English Canada was so traumatized by the Referendum it still hasn't recovered. I understand that shock, but hey come on it's been 13 years, so it really is time to get over it and move on. TOGETHER...