Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ignatieff, Harper and the Spidey Hole

I watched Michael Ignatieff's news conference today, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

"I told caucus I will vote non-confidence in this government. I am prepared to enter into a coalition government if that is what the Governor General asks me to do."

He said all the right things, avoided all the traps set for him by our revolting right-wing media. He did not allow them to drive a wedge into the coalition. And best of all he said he has no intention of negotiating with Great Ugly Leader.

Which is a very good thing because that would be FATAL....

If Iggy goes anywhere near that spidey hole known as the PMO, he'll be stung so many times he'll never recover. The Liberal Party will be seen as Harper's puppet. And the Coalition will be dead on arrival.

As for keeping his options open:

"I also made it clear to the caucus, no party can have the confidence of the country if it decides to vote against a budget it hasn't even read."

I don't have any problem with that. In fact I wish the other Coalition leaders would adopt the same position. It's just smart politics. You project a reasonable and responsible image because that's the Coalition and the Canadian way.

You say nobody can really trust Harper but you're willing to give him one last chance. But when the big day arrives, you declare WHATEVER Harper says or does to be inadequate.

You accuse him of using the economic stimulus as an excuse to destroy the power of government and national institutions like the CBC.

You tell Canadians you just can't trust him anymore. And you bring him down with a sickening thud.

It's Stephen Harper's worst nightmare. The bully getting a taste of his own medicine.

You can see the fear in his eyes....

He still can't admit he did anything wrong. He still can't bring himself to accept the idea of a government stimulus. He still thinks he can slash himself out of a deficit. But he's so scared and desperate he's quaking like a JELLO.

Because he knows that the Governor General will offer the Coalition a chance to govern if his government is toppled. And he knows his only hope is to drive a wedge into it, so she cannot exercise that option.

Just like we know that if we stay UNITED we'll have him where we want him...standing on the trapdoor of history.

Here's to the Coalition for Change and its new Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

Watch out for the spidey hole eh?

Down with the tyrant...


Stephen K said...

Agree. Ignatieff leaves a lot to be desired, but at least give the guy a chance. As you said, he's said all the right things, which is all he can do so far. The real test will be in January.

Simon said...

hi Stephen...absolutely...I'm willing to give any Coalition leader a chance to do what they need to do to get their own party's in order, and Ignatieff is no different. I'm not one of those who goes around measuring ideological purity. I have only one goal and that is ridding this country of the man I consider to be the most dangerous Prime Minister in Canadian history. So you I'm willing to wait and see. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed... :)

Stephen K said...

Your goal is the same as mine. The only ideological purity I care about is that of Harper's -- we must remove it from political influence.