Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Con Palinists

I see that Great Cornered Leader is now so desperate he's morphed into Canada's Sarah Palin.

She accused Obama of being a terrorist, and whipped up hatred against him.

Harper is accusing Stephane Dion of being in bed with separatists.

"The balance of power would be in the hands of the separatist Bloc," says a Conservative radio ad that began airing yesterday. "(Bloc Leader) Gilles Duceppe will be calling the tune each and every day," warned Transport Minister John Baird in a radio interview yesterday. "The Government of Canada would be at the mercy of people committed to destroying our Confederation," alleged "Rally for Canada," a pro-Conservative website.

Even though Dion is one of the country's best known separatist fighters and Harper has been blowing the real separatists for years.

Even though everyone knows that Gilles Duceppe is a decent person, and most of his supporters aren't separatists. And they voted in the last election to stop Great Ugly Leader from getting a majority and destroying our common Canadian values.

Even though the Bloc has a minor role in the Coalition for Change.

The Bloc has agreed to support the coalition on budget measures and other non-confidence votes because it favours the coalition's economic policies over the laissez-faire approach of the Conservatives. Duceppe made it clear on Monday that there is no quid pro quo for his party on its sovereignist agenda. That is why he is reserving the right to withdraw support from the coalition after 18 months.

But that hasn't stopped the disgusting RepubliCons from declaring that Duceppe is the real leader of the Coalition.

And inciting their rabid supporters to whip up hatred against Quebec.

Now I don't know what to say about stuff like that...except that it's disgusting.

But I do know this.... in the United States decent Americans sent the foul Sarah Palin back to the redneck hell she came from.

And if decent Canadians don't do the same to Sarah Harper and his Palinist Cons who are lighting the dead fires of Quebec and the West... to try to save themselves.

This country could be torn apart.

Now more than ever. For the Canada and the Quebec I love.

Defeat them. Squish them.

Finish these bastards off...


Martin Gamache said...

Yep. Stephen Harper's desperation is making show us his real face. In the past, he played nice with Quebec City chauvinism (dont' bash me, I'm from that City, although now a proud Montrealer) to get their votes, he's now trying real hard to whip up anglophones fear of those nassssty separatists... What an ****** (insert favorite insult here).

This is getting serious. We need a real dialog between the two solitudes right now, because that bastard is using the old trick of "divide and conquer"...

Anonymous said...

Question period has been interesting, to say the least.

Tired of hearing "separatist" yet?

the regina mom said...

Yes we do need real dialogue between the so-called two solitudes now. And we need to remind people that the Quebecois are in fact a nation, a nation that was defeated by our ancestors and that has every right to return to nationhood. Where we haven't yet reached a decision is on what that might look like. I think this coalition is getting us a bit closer to it.

Partisan Hobo said...

It's bad enough that Sarah Palin's cynical rhetoric won over some American voters. You'd think after watching it from a distance here in Canada we would know better. Instead, many of us fell for the same kind of vitriol coming from Stephen Harper! I noticed the same parallels.