Monday, December 01, 2008

The Birth of the Great Canadian Coalition

It looks as if the baby has been born.

And it's beautiful!!!

The Liberals and NDP have struck a tentative deal to defeat Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government and replace it with their own coalition government, with cabinet ministers from both parties, sources say.

If I had any more hope in me tonight I'd probably float out through the window all the way to the moon.

Oh sure. There are so many challenges ahead. So many traps to avoid.

So much stinky Con excrement. Straight from the assholes of the dirty tricks gang at the sordid PMO.

But let the police deal with the Watergate buggers. While we stick to the high road. Because we're BETTER than them. If we keep our heads, and put our beautiful country first, these filthy alien Cons will look even filthier and CRAZIER.

And we can't LOSE.

But more on that tomorrow.Tonight is the time to celebrate the arrival of that beautiful baby. And dream of the end of the foul and corrupt Harper regime.

And of course sing this song.

Over and over again....

OK. I know we've got to be noble eh? But not THAT noble.

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey GOODBYE.

The scummy Cons are DYING.

And the future belongs to us !!!!


Kevin Bradley said...

I didn't realize that you folks in Canada were dealing with a crummy Conservative administration as we are here in the USA. Hurray for both of us that we have better days coming!
Love your blog. I'm putting your link on all of mine (I have 3).

Anonymous said...

Pinch me; it's actually happening!

Anonymous said...

LOL, ROFL--Simon, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Finally, we're going to get the government we voted for. Jack Layton for PM, baby!!!

sassy said...

Yes, Kevin, it's true and, Simon is one of our wonderful blogging Canadians when it comes to saving Canada from this horrible Conservative/Harper government.

Greg Douglas said...

I have no problems with the Coalition forming - that is the prerogative of the Opposition leaders. My only problem is their being potentially appointed and handed the reigns.

If this is truly representative of a better option for Canadian -what is the argument against letting Canadians decide? Put it to a vote.

I don't relish the tought of going back to the polls so soon after the last election - but if this is what is BEST for Canada, we certainly should let Canadians decide. I know there wasn't a single "Coalition Vote" cast in October.

I also know there are distinct policy differences between the Opposition parties - its not like every vote they received was just simply a vote AGAINST the Conservatives.

Simply putting the Coalition in power is nothing short of fascist. If it is the best option - let Canadians choose it. If the Coalition fears a vote, what does that say?

Ask the Governor General for the vote here:

This is a free country. If its time for Harper and the Conservatives to go - let's give show them the door. We can't sit by and watch something as undemocratic as an appointment to our highest office occur - especially while we're fighting for this very freedom overseas!

Anonymous said...

Uh, 'scuse me, NOBODY is fighting overseas for our "freedom", or our right to elections. We already have those things, and they're not in danger from anyone but maybe Harpo--and he's on the way out. Afghanistan isn't interested in taking our right to vote away. Neither is anyone in Afghanistan. This war is about a pipeline for Unocal, not freedom. An honest person would admit that much.

An honest person would also admit that Harpo is a lot closer to being an actual fascist than the coalition--which is composed of the parties the REAL majority of Canadians actually voted for.