Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gay Holocaust Memorial Vandalized Again

When they put up the small humble Gay Holocaust Memorial I wrote this:

"They'll probably have to post guards to prevent the whole memorial from being destroyed."

Then it was vandalized.

And now it's been attacked again.

Berlin's memorial to gay victims of the Nazis has been vandalized for the second time in four months.

Berlin police say a window on the outside of the memorial has been broken, probably with a stone.

Just like it was last time.

To destroy the video inside it...

Talk about the beautiful power of a kiss.

Talk about the ugly insanity of hate.

Maybe now they'll surround the little memorial with guard towers and electrified barbed wire. So people will finally get the message.

Hey Jo we hear you.

That's why we FIGHT....


Anonymous said...

I went to see it in October. It's across the street from the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, itself a massive, moving experience.

There were no signs, not a signal it was there. There was nothing. Hardly a path.

The workmen were there fixing it.

And now again.

Simon said...

Hi Alison...thanks for this...I'd love to see both memorials. I'm sorry that they felt they had to put the gay memorial apart from the others. And that they had to make it vandal proof. But I guess that humble little memorial still sends out a powerful message. So that's good...