Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When the Christmas Spirit Goes Missing

Oh boy. It's so hard to get into the Christmas spirit, when the malls are full of worried people buying cheap gifts.

And you don't want to do or say anything to offend them, in case they SHOOT you. Or they work at the soup kitchen you'll be eating at next Christmas.

To make matters even worse, both my friends who work in this mall are having their hours cut....and expect to be laidoff in January. So there goes the entertainment budget.

And then there's this shocking story.

Can you believe that? Who knew that baby Jesus was so popular? My advice to that school in Regina?

Replace it with this inflatable model....

And nobody will DARE steal it .....because it's too scary and UGLY.

Although to be fair.... despite the Harper dictatorship and the economic meltdown.....some people are doing their best to get some Christmas spirit going.

And failing MISERABLY.....

OMG. You know for a moment they reminded me of Kathy Shaidle and Ann Coulter.

Not that I have anything against the Bitter Dwarf or the Con She Man.....or even religious music for that matter.

In fact one of my favourite songs this year was this moving re-mix of Jesus is My Friend...

I guess it's like a PARABLE for troubled times eh?

If those visions of sugar plums ....and soup kitchens....are getting you down.

And the Harper dictatorship is making you feel like you're living in Albania....or Alberta. And the Christmas spirit isn't LIFTING you. And you can't get off on baby matter how hard you rub him.

Batten down the hatches.

And try something else instead...


Anonymous said...

omg i can't believe that vid of those women singing!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mexicans don't put the babe in swaddlings in their nativity scenes until christmas day so maybe regina could do that in the future.....that is if steve doesn't order the world to put him there (love the photoshop!!!).

have a merry christmas or whatever it is....all i know is i'm glad i'm with friends and have a roof over my head for it, despite the snow here in california (brrr, freezing!!!)......can't wait to get back to 'my tribe' in hawaii :D

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...the way I see it...with Harper AND a Great Depression...desperate times call for special brownies....I mean measures... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Scout ....yes they're really something aren't they? Something tells me the daughter didn't want to do it, but Mum said Jesus did...
I'm glad you liked the photo shop...coming from you that's praise indeed. I was just amazed to find out that there were so many inflatable models. Gawd how tacky....
I'm glad you are with friends and I hope you had a great time. But please don't mention sunny, warm Hawaii. You know how that upsets me... :)