Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Chimp's War in Iraq in Two Minutes

THE BEGINNING: Shock and Awe

THE MIDDLE: Suffer and Die.

THE END: Duck and Cover.

The bloody bastard chimp got off easily. He really did.

I don't know what's going to happen to that poor Iraqi journalist.

But tonight he's the hero of the long suffering Iraqi people.

And my hero too....


Beijing York said...

Honestly, it was the best news video clip of the year. That guy deserves a medal.

Anonymous said...

wow! i think that clip will live on longer then the chimp himself. wonder when he's going to vacate to his zoo in paraguay? i really hope dennis kuchik follows through with his charging the simeon with war crimes. really.

i just learned that here in mexico the u.s. actively recruits the poor, young mexican men into the u.s. army, puts them frontline (of course), promises extra money to send to their families AND THEN are not counted amongst the dead as they are not u.s. citizens!!!!

so now i wonder what the REAL dead count is and how many other countries the u.s. has been going into......desperation in mexico, central and south america, africa....i'll bet the stats aren't anywhere NEAR the truth.

btw, famous stupid people is on!

Nicole said...

Hey Simon!

It's Monday Dec 15th and tonite How the Grinch Stole Christmas in on CBC.. t's the Dr. Suess one, not a Stephen Harper interview so it's safe to watch it!

Plus, it's my FAVOURITE Christmas-time cartoon! :-)

make some cocoa and snuggle up with your love and watch the Grinch. it will be good for your heart and your soul!

See you in WhoVille!

Simon said...

Hi Brijing....isn't it just? It's the best possible way for Bush to go out. He'll never live down that one. I'm sure if we had listened carefully we could have heard the whole world laughing. I was... :)

Simon said...

Hi Scout ...just 34 days to go before the Chimp is history. It's still too long, but it's getting closer. I'm going to have to set my alarm cloack and my boiled egg alarm to celebrate.
As for that story about Mexican soldiers that's really interesting. I was shocked to discover so many recent Latin immigrants in the U.S. army...all hoping to get that magic green card even if it costs them their lives. It's sad and pathetic.
As for famous stupid people...I think I have some kind of learning disability. Honestly Scoutie I just stare at the screen at my mind goes blank. I must be one of the UN famous stoopid people... :)

Simon said...

Hi Nicole !! Oh I wasn't able to watch it because Seb was watching something else in French. But don't worry I have the video !!! Along with all the other Christmassy ones lined up and waiting.I'm just waiting for a really miserable night to jump into bed with my two bed warmers and go wild !!! :)