Saturday, December 13, 2008

Count Iggy and the Werewolf

Well I see that Count Iggy went to see Great Werewolf Leader today.

And had a businesslike and "cordial" conversation over a couple of cups of blood coffee.

Gosh that must have been SCARY. I only hope Ignatieff realized that every word of his was being taped. To be used against him later. And that while he was there he didn't use the crapper.

If he doesn't want to see his asshole smiling at him....or making puffin sounds... on YouTube. Because Stephen Harper's PMO is capable of ANYTHING.

And when you dine with a man whose insane driving obsession is to bankrupt the Liberal Party and DESTROY it, you really have to watch your backside. He may be playing Destroying the Coalition today. But tomorrow he'll be back playing his favourite game..... Liberal Party Exterminator.

So I'm just glad that Iggy got away alive, because with a moon as BIG as this one.

Lord knows what might have happened.

Would the werewolf have pretended to kiss the Count, and then bitten off his tongue? Or would the Count have pretended he was going to know... Great Werewolf Leader. Only to sink his fangs into parts.

Or horror of horrors..... would that Con dwarf Rex Smurphy have rushed in like a chihuahua in heat and started humping the coalition's ankle?

There won't be any more rallies for the coalition. It was the fevered product of a moment's opportunism, a political house of cards. Five years from now, it'll be a good question for Trivial Pursuit.

Gawd. That little Con tool is annoying.

Will somebody please put him in a box, and feed him a raw sardine....or a nude picture of Britney keep him quiet.

I mean you already know what I think of him...and Ezra.

But it does makes you wonder what happens to Smurphy when the moon is so big. Does he turn into a nasty gremlin, jump into Great Werewolf Leader's pocket, and start nibbling on the cheeto crums? Or does he just become even MORE of a boring Con foghorn?

I tell you it IS a conspiracy. How did this country turn into such a dreary right-wing place? And why do we put up with it? Eh?

Anyone know the answer? Hello ANYONE? Oh never mind. It's the weekend.

Just play the video...

OK I admit it ....I'm capable of using any excuse to play that song. But nothing these wretched Cons and their stooges say or do, can ever make me give up fighting for a better world.

Cheer up people. The Coalition lives. The tyrant will fall.

And the great pizza pie in the sky is for LOVERS.

Ah hoooooooooooh.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!


susansmith said...

Yep Rexy is humping the leg of the coalition - trying to drive a stake into its heart.
Biggest cheerleader for it to die - rex.

Anonymous said...

the rex is one bizarre guy. he likes to flit from 'right on' to 'way out there in the universe somewhere', leaving his middle ground somewhere out there but not as far as possible.

i wonder about the steve-ig meetings....i've always had the impression steve would be feeding ig's ego rather then trying to scare him.....ig, after all, would be the perfect candidate for id fodder.

but who knows, maybe his arsehole will show up on youtube....steve the deve-ious knows no bounds.

RossK said...

Any excuse at all to play Mr. Z is indeed warranted.

And now that I think of it - wasn't that the Maximum Leader with the perfect helmut hair that was seen drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Dick's?