Thursday, December 04, 2008

Will the Liberals Please Get Their Act Together?

On the day when millions of supporters of the Coalition for Change had their hopes dashed by a palace coup. On a day when our Parliament was padlocked, and our democratic system was stabbed in the ribs. On a day when so many progressive Canadians are so bitterly disappointed and angry and depressed.

We need this.

"The coalition, the way that we're going right now, won't survive," Having fought the NDP in my first campaign when I was running provincially, I know the NDP are vicious — vicious when it comes to electing members of Parliament,"

Like we need a hole in the head.

Will somebody please tell that old hack to go stuff himself, fuck himself....or even better retire?

And will the Liberals please get their act together? Because while the other two parties, and their leaders have looked strong and organized, they are looking weak, amateurish, and divided.

It's as if some Liberals still think they can still win it themselves. That all they need is a Messiah. When in fact the political currents sweeping across the country make that practically impossible.

In the next federal election the Bloc is going to OWN Quebec. The good old days are NOT coming back.

And what the experience of the last few tumultuous days has shown us all is that divided we are weak and helpless. But united in a mighty coalition we can CRUSH the Cons.

Sixty days from now.

I don't know why all progressive Canadians can't understand that simple truth.

Divided they pick us off, and play us against each other.

United we defeat them.

United we finish them off...


Anonymous said...

OMG, did you see how CBC was overdramatizing this drama queen today? One lone fucker squawking, and it's suddenly "the coalition is cracking"? No, people, it's Karygiannis who's cracked. If he can't stand up to all the socialists in Greektown, then let him bugger off and let 'em have an NDPer instead. They're better at responding to their constituents' concerns anyway.

susansmith said...

Simon, great blog post, so composed, right to the heart of the matter. It appears that the libs have some rogue MPs who are all about themselves rather than thinking about Canadians and what this economic crisis means to ordinary Canadians, unity of Canada. Self-serving comes to mind.

susansmith said...

Jim got elected in 1988, and has sat on the back bench ever since. Nobody is going to touch this guy so he can spout off. Incidentally, Jim supported Dion after Rae lost at the last lib leadership convention.

Beijing York said...

Divide and conquer indeed Simon.

Have the Liberals as a whole not learned any lessons from the last session or the election? Their inner turmoils were played like a fiddle by Harper.

I'm not a Liberal but if I were in that party, I think I would keep a very careful eye on Ignatieff. I hate to say it, but he seems cut of a similar cloth as Harper. Perhaps he doesn't have the social conservative credentials but he certainly has the arrogance, entitlement, back stabbing and penchant for all things US neo-liberal/conservative locked up.

He has made trouble for Dion since day one and continues to subtly undermine the coalition. Screw off you torture loving, Ivy League, World Bank/IMF endorsed human rights expert. I'm sure he loves the fact that Harper is moving the political goal posts so far to the right. Fits in well with his goals to look like a Centrist by comparison.

Like Harper, he doesn't give a crap about everyday Canadians. Nor do any other MPs who think that their backsides being glued to the back benches in perpetuity is more important than standing up for the people of this nation and risking your seat.

Anonymous said...

If Iggy were in charge of the coalition, I'd have to stick TWO clothespins on my nose before I voted for it. Can't stand him. Wouldn't dump a chamber pot on him if he were on fire.

Justin Trudeau, on the other hand...

Simon said...

Hi I didn't see the CBC but it's all over our right-wing media. I think they realize what a threat this coalition could be, and how we could change our country. They're screeching like banshees, and burying us before we're dead. Except that we're not dying and we'll show them !!!

Simon said...

Hi Jan from the Bruce...thanks...I usually try to stay away from criticizing any of the progressive parties.But the Liberal problems are hurting us all.
These should just get it over with, choose a leader, and work to present a united front so we can tackle the many problems this country is facing.
I don't know much about Jimbo, but he should at least have had the decency to keep his thoughts to himself instead of running after every camera he could. Dumbass...:)

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...I share your distrust of Ignatieff. I remember during the last election he suddenly snapped at some reporter and said "the Liberal Party is not a left-wing party it's a party of the centre." But at this point I'm so anxious for the Liberals to get their act together I don't care who they choose. I'm just sick of all this cheap partisanship at a time when Canadians need them to step up to the plate with the coalition and start governing by consensus. You know the Canadian way.
I should also warn the Liberals that right-wing parties during hard economic times usually get their asses kicked. So they should be very careful or they'll end up playing second fiddle to the NDP...
That should scare them eh? :)

Simon said...

Hi Bina....I would put those two clothespins on my nose, and one on my you know what, but I'd still vote for the coalition because there would be other progressives to keep Count Iggy in check.
But Justin Trudeau? :0
Now I know you fight like hell, but deep down inside you're really a softy... :)