Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

He's still hiding from Canadians, still huddled with his closest advisers. Still inviting us to enter his sinister parallel universe.

Still running from the media, still dodging responsibility from the sheltered comfort of his ghastly cocoon. 

In lieu of answering real world questions, the prime minister has entered a pre-campaign cocoon, dodging controversy and responsibility except to claim personal credit for trade and economic booms which always seem just over the horizon.

But it won't do him any good. He can run, he can hide, but he cannot escape reality. And Stephen Harper's long overdue Day of Reckoning has finally arrived. 

Canada lost 45,900 jobs in December, pushing the unemployment rate up 0.3 percentage points to 7.2 per cent as more people looked for work. The poor showing surprised economists, a consensus of whom polled by Bloomberg were expecting a small gain of about 14,000 jobs during the month. 

 "Not only was the headline contraction in December sizable, but the losses were broad-based across industries and exclusively seen in full-time positions," TD Bank economist Sonja Gulati wrote in a report following the news.

Because let's be clear, as Great Economist Buffoon Leader likes to say, this is the harbinger of an economic APOCALYPSE. 

One where all the good jobs are gone, replaced by lousy ones with no money, no unions, no security, no benefits, no pensions, no NOTHING...

The nightmare country Stephen Harper and his screaming Con monkeys would make us.

One where Canadians are reduced to toiling like slaves in a low wage economy, with no present to enjoy just endure, and no future except mass misery.

And what makes it worse, even criminal, is that it's a self inflicted wound. Inflicted in the name of a rabid right-wing ideology by a Con regime, and its deranged leader.

Who in his frenzy to kill government, and build up a pot of money to bribe voters in the next election, has MUTILATED our fragile economic recovery...

By KILLING jobs instead of creating them. Murdering the wounded economy instead of healing or stimulating it.

Just because along with his hapless stooge Jim Flaherty, he would rather play cheap politics than govern in the interest of all Canadians.

The job numbers for the end of 2013 could not have been much worse than this. But don't expect the Harper Conservatives to do anything about it in a February federal Budget which will be all about 2015 pre-election politics.

There is a lot that the federal government could do to help sustain and create jobs, especially for hard-hit young people and recent immigrants. We could lighten up on cuts to public services which kill jobs even as they harm Canadian families. 

But the federal budget will do close to nothing along these lines since the Harper Conservatives have only one goal: to set the stage for pre-election tax cuts in the 2015 budget.

It's almost unbelievable that a Canadian government could act in such a criminal manner and still call themselves Canadian. When so many Canadians are suffering.

Or are being humiliated, or having their jobs stolen by foreign workers. Or driven to despair...

But then Stephen Harper and his Con regime are no ordinary government. And they are no Canadians. They are a vicious alien right-wing cult and they don't care who they hurt. 

As long as they can service Big Oil like hairy hookers, make the rich richer by making the poor poorer. And turn this country into a JUNGLE.

While lying through their teeth like thieves, claiming that they have "the best job creation record in the G7." 

As Big Jim Moore, the one who believes that hungry children should feed themselves, was bloating bleating today...

Industry Minister James Moore, in Vancouver to make an announcement about a spectrum auction, said the federal government planned to stay the course on cutting spending, despite the increase in joblessness. “The overall picture for the Canadian economy is still strong. The job picture is still strong,” Moore said.

When in fact that gang of Con artists can only make that outrageous claim by diddling the figures.

Funny how the Conservative government doesn’t talk about an OECD Employment Outlook report released a few months ago. It shows Canada faring poorly when you look at the change in employment rate (or job creation relative to population growth) between when the recession hit in 2008 and 2012. Canada ranks 20th out of 34 countries, clocking in a negative change of 1.4 per cent. Nine countries, including Germany, increased their employment rate. 

And Big Jim knows that eh?

Just check out how uncomfortable he looked today trying to spin those numbers and that Big Lie...

They just can't do it anymore. It's all going horribly wrong. 

They're caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don't get that stash of cash they can't bribe voters. If they destroy the economy in the process the voters will never forgive them. They're screwed if they do, and they're screwed if they don't.

And one way or the other, we will use it to destroy them, and pick their bones like they would pick ours.

Yup. Just as I've always said eh?

Their evil will condemn them. 

The sordid scandals will bleed them them dry.

But the economy will finish them off...

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