Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Wonderfully Amazing Victory of the Gay-Straight Alliance

They had to fight so hard for the right to set up Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in their schools. They had to battle ignorance and religious bigotry.

They were called Nazis, forbidden by their school boards and their principals to use the word gay, or even draw the rainbow colours. 

But they never gave up, They just baked the colours into cupcakes. And kept on fighting.

They forced governments to take action. They won battle after battle. There are more and more GSAs all over the country.

And this is their greatest most magnificent  victory. 

Facilitating friendships between gay and straight students benefits everyone, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia. Students in Canadian schools with gay-straight alliances were less likely to be discriminated against, had lower odds of suicidal thoughts and had fewer suicide attempts—regardless of whether they were gay or straight. 

The study looked at data gathered in 2008 across the province of British Columbia. Overall, 21,708 students from grades 8 to 12 were represented. In schools with GSAs the odds of suicidal thoughts were cut in half for lesbians, gays and bisexuals. And heterosexual boys were half as likely to attempt suicide. 

Isn't that awesome? The GSA clubs don't just help LGBT kids, they help straight boys as well. How great is that? 

I'm so proud of them, and it only proves what I've always believed, since I was forced to start fighting the bullies at the age of twelve.

If you promote tolerance in schools and fight bullying, you will make ALL the kids happier and safer. And eventually I hope build a kinder, gentler, better society.

What a concept eh? Why was that so hard to understand? What are those ghastly religious bigots saying now? What are those feathered fanatics quacking about ?

And why did so many kids have to die?

Kids like Jamie Hubley, who tried to set up a rainbow club in his high school, but was bullied even though he suffered from depression, until he committed suicide.

"I'm tired of life, really. It's so hard, I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore," his note read.

 "I don't want my parents to think this is their fault, either. I love my mom and dad. It's just too hard. I don't want to wait three more years, this hurts too much."

Like so many others. While governments dragged their heels or did NOTHING.

Like Stephen Harper, who in eight years in office has never lifted a finger to fight homophobia and bullying. Never spent ONE dollar on a media campaign to promote tolerance, while spending HUNDREDS of million of dollars promoting himself and his porky regime.

And why? Just to pleasure the religious fanatics in his rabid base who would sacrifice children in the name of their bloodthirsty gods. Like the passel or posse of hideous homophobes he recently stuffed into his bloated junket.

And because he too is a stealthy homophobe, a dangerous religious fanatic.

There has been much speculation about whether this was a trip based on politics or principle. The answer is both – politics as usual and deeply flawed principle.

I have always believed that Harper’s policy regarding Israel was driven by domestic Canadian politics but it appears that for him this is also a matter of deep, but mistaken principle. Our prime minister is a Christian Zionist.

And the worst bully this country has ever seen.

But enough of that. I don't even want to look at his cold dead eyes tonight.

Tonight is a night to celebrate the amazing victory of the Gay-Straight Alliance kids in schools all over the country.

Who when they were let down or betrayed by their elders, never gave up, are already saving lives, and are putting the biggest dent in Canada's bully problem I have ever seen. They couldn't wait, they didn't wait, they did it by THEMSELVES.

What an example for all of us in the darkness of Harperland. I couldn't be more proud or more grateful.

And the last word tonight, or the last song, goes to Jamie Hubley, who tried to set-up a rainbow club in his school, but was mown down by the bullies before he could see his dream come true.

Because the GSA's great victory that will hopefully save many lives, even if it came too late for him and so many others, is HIS victory too.

And this song is what it's all about...

Damn those bully bigots.

Damn those cruel Cons, and their morally depraved leader.

The bullies will be beaten.

Hooray for the Gay-Straight Alliance...

h/t Big City Lib

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e.a.f. said...

things have come a ways and the Gay Straight Alliance clubs has been part of that. it makes it easier for students and it develops a culture in which bullying may not be so prevelant, hence the reduction in the suicides of young straight men.

Back in the 1980's, a collegue's son decided to wear a skirt to school. he was straight, but his best friend was gay and taking a lot of heat. He decided he would go to school the rest of the time to make a statement. he did and he also took a lot of heat off of his friend and placed it one himself. He wore the skirt for the rest of high school.

Gay Straight clubs are a good method of providing all kids a safe place to discuss the issues they face in life.