Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Sad End of the Rapture Junket

Well I see Stephen Harper's shabby bloated Middle East junket is on its way back to Canada

With the Arabs heaving a sigh of relief, the Israelis calling him "Canada's first Zionist Prime Minister." And debating whether his visit was a bad omen.

Benjamin Netanyahu, energized by the full body massage Harper gave him, digging in his heels on the settlement question. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference in Davos on Friday and said that he does not intend on uprooting any Israeli citizen. Netanyahu's statement came as a response to a question about his commitment to the Jordan Valley. "I do not intend to evacuate any settlements or uproot a single Israeli," he said.

And Great Messiah Leader still reeling from his hot and heavy bromance with Benny, after having embarrassed us again with his unseemly behaviour.

I can’t think of anything comparable in the Canadian past or anyone’s: taking a huge tribute delegation to simply pay homage to another state in its current incarnation, while packing along much of your government and retainers galore. It sounds like the heyday of Rome. Can you imagine even Israel admirers like the U.S. or U.K. sending such a procession?

So I found, surprisingly, that it didn’t embarrass me as a Jew, which I’d thought it might; it embarrassed me as a Canadian. It was so unrestrained and disproportionate. It’s unseemly to go so gaga for another country.

But then Harper is shameless. All he was trying to do was buy Jewish votes, and pleasure his religious base. 

By inviting 21 rabbis and “15 Christian faith leaders” to Israel with him, Harper is connecting with two constituencies that were an important part of his recent election victories. While there are only about 10 ridings in Canada where the Jewish vote is significant, there are many more — most of the ridings outside Quebec — where the evangelical vote is important.

The ones like this one.  Who believe that gay people should be "sent" to Satan. 

The ones who believe that Israel must be jealously guarded, and the nasty Palestinian heathen kept in their place.

So The Messiah can return to scoop up the Christians...

The ones the Con artist Harper milks like SUCKERS. While praying to his own demons.

And the good news is The Rapture is over eh?

As Don Martin points out, it's going to be a harsh return to reality. 

He will trudge reluctantly back to the House of Commons next week. It will be a harsh return to cold reality for the Prime Minister.

He basked in adoring crowds sticking out their hands for a shake instead of regular Canadians raising a single finger in salute. 

But now it’s time to tackle real problems. There are too many jobless out there while his signature job training program languishes in limbo. The loonie is crashing. There’s a fire disaster site in Quebec to visit, by-elections to call and railways to make safe. The holy holiday’s over for Stephen Harper. Next up, an unholy ruckus in the House.

The cheers have faded, Mike Duffy, and the police, are back to haunt him

It was a lovely junket.

But this clip from his latest propaganda video, sounds almost PROPHETIC...

As if he can finally see the writing on the wall.

And knows that he isn't indestructible either.

And that he's now fighting for his political life...

Hallelujah. Lord Harper has returned from the Promised Land.

Please prepare to welcome him back warmly eh?

To his final destruction.

In the hell of his own making...

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Anonymous said...

This trip is a cynical ploy by Harper to get out the evangelical christian vote. Will it work? Satan knows ;)

Steve said...

He is Napoleon attempting to shape the battlefield at Waterloo.