Monday, January 06, 2014

The Con Regime and the War on the Young

On my way home this evening I passed by a young guy sitting on the edge of the pier his legs dangling over the edge staring into the frozen lake.

And for a moment, until I checked him out, a horrible thought came into my mind.

Because despair is in the air. You can cut it with a knife. Enough bodies trapped under the ice in the winter, float to the surface in the spring.

And in the darkness of this hideous Harperland, young Canadians are the forgotten victims. 

While the job market for those in the large 25 to 54 age group (accounting for 66 per cent of workers) is close to finally returning to its pre-recession level, the bookend generations have been flying off in opposite directions—employers are tapping older workers, while those 24 and under have seen their prospects worsen.

Looking for jobs that don't exist, or working for low wages, with irregular hours, no unions. no security, no benefits, no nothing.

And no words can describe the true horror of a situation where the future of a country feels it has no future. 

So you can imagine how I felt to see the ghastly old Con man Jimbo Flaherty bragging about out how his failure to deflate Canada's massive housing bubble, was at least keeping the greedy young under control.

"House builders and condo builders were telling me about young people graduating and buying way more house than they needed and driving an Audi. I think we used to wait a little longer before we got big houses and fancy cars, so that worried me," Flaherty said.

When in fact most of them, and almost all the ones I know, have trouble paying for a bus pass. They'll never own an Audi or a house, and unless the situation changes, they will live and die in poverty.

And the only thing this grotesque and incompetent Con regime has ever done for the young is, as I pointed out last night, raise their expectations only to smash them cruelly.

With a phony ad, for a job grant program that didn't exist, that had to be pulled off the air for FRAUD.

Brought to you in all its porky splendour, by the same Con men who today were forced to admit that the surplus is bigger than they tried to fool us into thinking it might be.

The federal government could unveil "a larger surplus" than it has anticipated when it gets the books back to balance in 2015, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says. 

Because they cooked the books to make the deficit seemed worse than it was. So they could kill jobs and slash services like maniacs all over the land and its waterways. 

Just to give themselves a pot of money to bribe voters in the next election. 

In their never-ending campaign to suckle the oil industry, enrich Alberta, and turn the rest of us into low wage slaves. Just like the young.

And all I can say is Con men will be Con men...

They're only good until they're caught eh?

And if that's the economic record they're going to run on, I say be my guest. Or be my CRIMINAL.

And I'd also say this...I realize we live in a country with an aging population, a gerontocracy as Frank Graves calls it. A country where far too many old people hate the young with a passion. 

But a country where the future feels it has no future has no future itself.

So we're all in this TOGETHER.

You know tonight, after seeing that guy perched on the edge of the pier, I passed this little icebreaker that keeps the channel to the island open...

And I couldn't help wondering is it threatened too? Who will rescue us? And where is this country going?

And I honestly don't know the answer because Boss Harper and his scummy gang are capable of ANYTHING.

But I do know this: we must get our Canada back. We must set out to attack the Con regime harder than we ever have before.

We must make absolutely sure that we defeat them in the next election. 

Before they lead us into the horror of a generational war.

Because the Cons need to understand this: the day the young realize what is being done to them, there will be a day of reckoning. 

And there will be justice.

Or there will be trouble...

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Anonymous said...

Your "generation" will wave its feathers, rattle its beads, wear more little red rags and then stay home again on election day tweeting or sexting or mesmerized by their xboxes and come up with more excuses why they didn't bother to vote and not change a fucking thing AGAIN. You guys are the most ignorant, laziest, self-centered "generation" I have ever seen and attacking me or the "older Canadians" again and again will still mean nothing. harpie and his whole cabal will be re-elected over and over because of loud-mouthed, do-nothings that want to bitch yet do nothing to affect the change they say they so desperately want. Don't blame the older people, Simon. They don't hate the young anywhere near as much as you fantasize. Start by looking in the mirrors (collectively speaking) to see why the problem can keep going on and on. If your lazy, whining buddies actually did vote, they could at least start to promote real changes in Canada. harpie is the worst enemy older Canadians have and have had for decades and most of us know it. Now it's your turn to get a real plan of action going and motivate people en masse to get the fuck off their asses and get them to the polls and if you don't know where to start, go ask Thwap. He is yelling and hollering at his site constantly about the same things you do but he actually comes up with a real plan of action every so often. Maybe you two should collaborate, eh?

Steve said...

Simon we only have one thing to save us, and that is the Charter of Rights. That beautiful gift from PET. Use your rights as a weapon against Harper.

e.a.f. said...

voting is one of the best ways to change how a country is run. It is not enough for political parties to start reminding people to vote come election time. It needs to be dealt with well in advance of an election. When organizations run ads against Harper and his cons, it is suggested the ad reminds people to go out and vote and to register now., far too few people go out and vote., If they did, perhaps, if more people voted, we would not be in the position we are today.

Simon said...

Hi anon....First of all I'm standing up for the younger generation not my own. Secondly your foul comments only prove my point. And thirdly I will continue to work with decent older Canadians and younger ones to defeat Stephen Harper in the next election. So run back to your leader,and tell him that, and maybe he'll give you a quarter or a pat on your behind...

Simon said...

hi Steve....yes the Charter of Rights is something Harper simply can't get around. It stands like a giant rock in his path, and it will sink him if he tries to destroy it....

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right, it is essential to get the vote out. I managed to personally deliver quite a few votes last time, and next time I will help deliver even more...

Anonymous said...

Simon don't listen to that horrible anonymous person he doesn't know what he's saying. I know you have always stood up for the rights of seniors. You're right too, I know a few of my friends who have closed their hearts to young people. I think it's because they're afraid of them but that is no excuse. Keep up the good work.


Simon said...

hi Marie....don't worry anonymous' ugly comment went in one ear and out the other. That's why I leave so much space between them.;) Since I work with seniors, and write about them more than I do about younger Canadians, I can only conclude that he has gone over the deep end. Or that he is a Con agent, posing as a progressive, and trying to whip up dissension in the ranks. They are out there in force now, and as you can imagine buzz around this site like horseflies. I need a bigger SWATTER !#@!!!!!
Seriously though, at Simon's place, it is now, and always will be, young and old together hand in hand until the day of victory....