Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Con Caravan of Hate

For this he took his bloated junket to the Middle East, and stuck us with the tab. 

So he can try to buy the votes of Jewish Canadians, pleasure his rabid Christianist base, pose as a true friend of Israel.

And declare that anybody who criticizes the policies of its brutish right-wing settler regime is an anti-Semite. 

“In much of the Western world, the old hatred has been translated into more sophisticated language for use in polite society,” Mr. Harper said. “People who would never say they hate and blame the Jews for their own failings or the problems of the world instead declare their hatred of Israel and blame the only Jewish state for the problems of the Middle East.”

Without once mentioning the word SETTLEMENTS. 

“Any attempt to have me, while present in the Middle East, single out the state of Israel for criticism, I will not do,” he said at a joint press conference with Mr. Abbas.

Even though they are the greatest obstacle to a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. They are threatening to wreck the latest U.S. sponsored peace talks, as they have so many others in that hideous never-ending conflict.

And Stephen Harper's good buddy Benjamin Netanyahu knows that, and that's why he keeps building them.

Israel's prime minister has increased the amount of occupied territory he wants to keep after any peace deal with the Palestinians, Israeli radio reported on Thursday, a move that could complicate U.S.-backed efforts to reach an accord.

Even though they are illegal, and the violent religious fanatics and racists of the settler movement are terrorizing Palestinians in their own land.

Seventy percent of the population of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, an estimated 2.6 million people, lives in areas under the control of the Israeli army. Approximately 520,000 Israeli settlers have moved into these same areas. Palestinians often bear the brunt of the violence and psychological pressure that the settlements have created. 

Um Fawaz is 56, but looks older. She was born in Jaloud, and still lives there. Some militant Israeli settlers make frequent incursions into the village, armed with sticks and sometimes guns. They throw stones at residents' windows and enter houses and threaten residents, frightening them. Violence and intimidation are daily occurrences.

Attacking them, cutting down their trees...

Driving them off their own land.

To remain silent in the face of that kind of violent injustice is simply unthinkable for any decent human being.

For Stephen Harper not to use his influence with his good buddy Netanyahu to nudge him away from his hardline position, is not the act of a true friend of Israel. 

The impression Harper left on Monday was that he is a friend of Benjamin Netanyahu more than he is a true friend of Israel; that his support for the policies of the government of Israel is blind.

If the Prime Minister of Canada thinks his words in the Knesset will advance peace, it seems that the opposite is true. His speech only served Netanyahu's repression instinct and strengthened his feelings of victimization and isolationism that already exists in him. Harper put Netanyahu back months from the standpoint of his attitude concerning the peace process.

It's an act of moral cowardice.

And his refusal to help boost the U.S. peace effort at such a critical time, is nothing less than CRIMINAL. 

But then what do you expect? When Harper's bloated junket includes a passel of religious fanatics, the leader of Harper's bone rattling missionary church, a Jewish Defence League extremist, with apparent ties to English Neo-Nazis. 

And at least one religious hate monger like this one.

Three areas where God gives people over: i. Sexual perversion. Romans 1:24 "Then you must throw this man out and hand him over to Satan so that his sinful nature will be destroyed and he himself will be saved on the day the Lord returns." 1 Corinthians 5:5 

Every time you send it is easier to send the next time.

Isn't he a kooky freak? And can you believe it? 

Our tax dollars are being used to propel that ghastly bloated junket, that crazy clanking Con caravan of hate all over the Middle East. For the sole purpose of buying votes, and the foot licking glorification of their deranged leader. 

Who would dare preach to us. When he is the most morally corrupt and politically perverted leader this country has ever known. And he is now trying to muzzle the voices of peace, like he has muzzled scientists and so many other Canadians.

While our hapless MSM looks the other way. 

And why? Because they are afraid of being called anti-Semites.

Great eh?

Yup. If you love the Israelis and the Palestinians as I do. If you love peace. If you love this country.

Never stop speaking truth to power.

And unite to defeat this shabby shameless leader. This truly evil monster.

Before he corrupts us further...

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Anonymous said...

No surprise there! from one "modern" dictator to dictator we are doomed. the worst thing is Canadians gobble it all up.Next election i predict a majority with all the tricks and scams necessary to win, seriously we have to revolt in order to bring about reform and place consequences to bad government. they dictate with impunity, spend , spend , spend and then you have the rest of the Nazi cops shooting people in the street, Mayors gone wild and provincial premiers traveling the world at taxpayers expense. it only stops when we rip the machine from their grubby hands. I also think there should be an aptitude test for voters, stupidity should be eradicated. we are no further than we were 45 years ago. We may have the overpaid smart phones, still too dumb when it comes to elections. You have to wonder over all this time we should have mastered something. oh no, health care is defunct, education is a failure, Rex Murphy talks about the pride we should all share in the technological change, the energy resources brings to Alberta, the environmental effort to reclaim the oil sands, Well i agree, but along with this change these companies could have saved many lives who traveled there to commit to this insanity by building a sound mode of travel such as high speed trains, or flights paid for workers of all trades group including unionized workers. the list of deficient practices that COULD HAVE CHANGED MY COUNTRY is in the books somewhere in off shore accounts that apparently there is no law against in this country and encouraged by this government.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree...We need a revolution!!