Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hayley Wickenheiser and the Truth About the Putin Olympics

I'm happy to see that Hayley Wickenheiser will be carrying the Canadian flag at the Sochi Olympics. 

Not just because she deserves it. But also because I'm sure if she has a chance she'll let Vladimir Putin know what she thinks about his persecution of Russia's LGBT people.

“I am supportive of every athlete being able to compete regardless of your race, gender or orientation and I will carry that Canadian flag proudly believing I am representing all the athletes that feel that way as well.”

And I hope that Rachel Maddow is right about gay athletes giving Putin the finger. 

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow predicts that multiple athletes will come out as LGBT during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where simply being openly gay could be seen as violating the country's LGBT propaganda law.

I don't expect Mexico City–style protests, but simply being open about their sexual orientation in Russia right now is like a one-finger salute to Vladimir Putin.

Because shows of resistance and solidarity are the ONLY good things that could possibly happen at those ghastly games. The Berlin Olympics of 2014.

And as the repression mounts, and so does the hoopla, the truth really must be said:

Vladimir Putin is a fascist dwarf, and a hideous anti-gay monster.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered new assurances to gay athletes and fans attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics next month. Yet he defended Russia's anti-gay law by equating gays with pedophiles and said Russia needs to "cleanse" itself of homosexuality if it wants to increase its birth rate. 

Who would smear the innocent, and whip up violence against them.

As well as an absurd exhibitionist.

His Russia is a toilet of corruption, violence and repression. 

Since Mr. Putin’s return to the presidency in 2012, the country at large has brought in a series of draconian laws that, as Human Rights Watch tallies up, “place restrictions on public assemblies, re-criminalize libel, criminalize religious insult, introduce additional restrictions on Internet content, expand the definition of treason, and ban ‘propaganda’ for ‘non-traditional sexual relations.’”

Or TWO toilets, in one stall. 

And the fact that the games are being held in a country like that, under the threat of terrorism, for the glorification of a tyrant like Putin, is an absolute horror show, and nothing to celebrate.

I wasn't in favour of a boycott so as not to hurt the athletes who have trained so hard to get there.

But when I see big companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola trying to whip up enthusiasm for the Sochi Games, or the CBC hyping it's Olympic coverage.

Or I see the Harper Cons trying to seize the moment.

Four years ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was sure that Canadians couldn’t handle politics and the Olympics at the same time. So he shut down Parliament. Here’s the good news: he seems to have changed his mind. Here’s the bad news: now we’re getting politics and the Olympics simultaneously.

I can't decide whether to yawn or VOMIT.

And as far as I'm concerned this video says it all...

Yup. Let's get real eh?

The truth cannot be denied or deflected.

The Sochi Hate Games are the Berlin Olympics of 2014.

The Con clowns must be defeated.

Long live the Russian resistance...

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Steve said...

I would be concerned about a terrorist attack on the Olympics, its just common sense. But where does the Goverment of Canada come from when they advise Canadians not to go. Do they advise not to go to Mexico? When was the last time they suggested giving in to a terrorist threat?