Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rob Ford's Deeply Disturbing Gangsta Fantasy Problem

I have to admit I have been doing my best to ignore Rob Ford. I find keeping up with the criminal activities of Boss Harper and his Con gang hard enough.

And I fear too much exposure to that monstrous dumb as a spoon Con buffoon might drive me over the edge eh?

But how can you ignore this state of denial or delusion?

Mayor Rob Ford called the events of Monday night a “minor setback” and offered no apology in a Wednesday evening press conference.

Or the damage he is doing.

Ford then went on the attack against his colleagues on council, accusing those on budget committee of returning to the “old mentality” of “spend, spend, spend. Tax, tax, tax.

And strangely enough this apparently inane video does tell us a lot about Rob Ford and his deeply disturbing fantasy world...

It tells us that he is almost certainly still taking hard drugs. Because his twitchy movements are less like those of somebody who has had too much alcohol, and more like those of a person on some kind of powerful stimulant.

We know that he is still hanging out with the wrong people.

Throughout the day, Ford ignored questions about whether he was using drugs Monday night — when the video was filmed — and the fact that he was again associating with alleged drug dealer Alexander “Sandro” Lisi.

And most disturbingly, that deranged druggy diatribe tells us what should be obvious by now to everyone: that spoiled son of a millionaire has a bizarre and fatal attraction for the low life or the criminal element.

Because let's be clear eh? As Ford's buddy Boss Harper likes to say. That crude imitation of Jamaican patois is not some attempt to show he's cool. It's Robbie playing a gangsta, or street gang member, because that's how THEY talk.

I know that because I have always loved reggae music. I know a little patois, just enough to tell the difference between calling your friend a bumbaclot, and trying to sound like a CRIMINAL.

And now that we've seen that video, and the one of Ford stomping around in a blind rage threatening to kill someone.

And we've seen these pictures...

With the one who was murdered on his right, and the one who was shot on his left.

It should be obvious that this brutish man child lives in some kind of twisted fantasy world, where drugs are easily available, and he can give vent to his inner animal.

Just like it should be obvious that a man who likes to hang with criminals, or pose as one, or calls the police chief a cocksucker in a public restaurant, should not even be the Mayor in Name Only of a city as big as Toronto. 

And the fact that nobody seems to be able to do anything about it is incredibly depressing.

And the good news?

He is still the Mayor in Name Only with only the power to be a nuisance.

Being seen on TV trying to imitate a Jamaican gangsta is not going to please a lot of the half wit members of his so-called Ford Nation. Because those morons may not mind if he is plastered on the job. But black street gangs scare the shit out of them.

Neither will Ford's rant help his good buddy Stephen Harper's Great War on Crime. 

Because every time Lord Harper starts sounding like Vic Toews, or Mussolini, all we have to do is lob the Fordzilla in his general direction. 

Or make him wear him...

And the best news of the day?

This video may be a little too painful to play right now.

Now that Ford is the best known Canadian in the world. Along with Justin Bieber.

And the whole world is laughing at us. 

Or wondering whether we're all like that.

But the day we defeat him it will be HILARIOUS...

Now imagine juxtaposing a clip from one of Harper's foaming law and order speeches, with one of Rob Ford carrying on like a gangsta. 

Followed by some video of the two men together.  One saying I'm the best Mayor Toronto ever had !!!! The other saying I'm a real economist !!!!

Followed by the sound of screaming MONKEYS !!!!!

Even the Ford Nation should understand that message eh?

And with a little luck.

They WILL go down together...

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Steve said...

Harper wearing Ford, excellent phrase and graphics.

lagatta à montréal said...

Ford and Bibi!

And actually, much as I like my vino, alcohol is a hard drug if consumed at Ford has been doing. And deadly in combo with others. We remember Amy Winehouse, and I'm old enough to remember Janis Joplin.

Yeah, it is gangsta talk, but it is also extremely offensive for normal,non-gangsta Torontonians of Jamaican and other Caribbean descent.

e.a.f. said...

oh my, a video of Harper's words on the "war on crime" coming out of Ford's mouth., Great fund raiser. Hope someone gets with it.

Seeing Ford on t.v. in his latest drunken rant, is like who cares, its just Rob Ford, now everybody has material to work with.
Dear old Harpie sure knows how to pick his appointments and friends. with friends like that you don't need enemies.

Simon said...

hi Steve...the original idea and graphic came from some talented person on the internet, I just added my own touches. But yeah, wear it he will...

Simon said...

hi be talking shit like he was, and not slur his words, and the restless movements of his hands and feet suggest to me that he is taking some kind of stimulant. Maybe it's combination of some appetite suppressant with booze, but whoever it is and considering his state, I would suggest he requires medical attention. As for the cultural aspects of the matter, I'm really bothered by that. Most Jamaicans don't speak like that, and when they do it's usually in a fun way. I saw the Vancouver Sun had an article talking about how the use of the word bumbaclot or bumbaclaat wax poisoning Toronto, When in fact it may be the Kng of Jamaican insults but it depends who you are saying it to. On the other hand patois is also littered with sexist and homophobic expressions that chill the blood. It is my misfortune to love some of the things about Jamaica and abhor the others...

Simon said...

hi..e.a.f.... yes I must test that juxtaposition as soon as possible. And since Harper is still reluctant to throw Ford overboard, I think it's only fitting that they should go down together...