Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Day the Junket Died

Well it was supposed to be a relaxing day in the Promised Land. A chance for Stephen Harper to travel from one holy site to another. And another.

And soak up the love of the Israeli faithful.

Just after sunset, the prime minister was greeted by hundreds of onlookers who cheered and reached out their hands to touch him as he made his way from his vehicle to the wall. 

After he made his way back to his motorcade, a woman in the crowd was heard to shriek: "He touched my hand!"

Because goodness knows he needs some love eh? 

And he's not getting any from Canadians... 

Not after they discovered that they're paying for Great Israel Leader's bloated junket. 

And not after they found out that he's breaking bread with a passel of religious fanatics and anti-gay bigots. 

Which triggered a Noah's flood of angry comments like these.

"In a letter to the congregation posted on his church’s website, Mr. Ketcheson said he initially declined the invitation to join the state visit to the Holy Land, but his wife “reminded me [of] my calling and that it is never an option to say no to God.” 

This explains so much. I had thought that Harper was just the prime minister of Canada.

How nice. My tax dollars being used to give a self righteous bigot a vacation.

And not after the Con MP Mark Adler inadvertently revealed that this honking production is just the Mother of All Photo-ops. 

Because that's where this junket died, and was exposed as nothing but a grubby vote buying scheme.

Which also unleashed a deluge of hostile comments:

This is where my tax dollars are going? meanwhile they're burning books.

Off your knees Adler, it does not look good to beg in public. What a joke these clowns are...

What a bunch of freaks!

But then came the final blow, when Rob Ford suddenly popped up on another video. 

And blew the unholy junket right out of the headlines...

Because who can compete with that?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking alcohol Monday night, after a YouTube video appeared today showing him at a restaurant swearing, mumbling and speaking in Jamaican patois.

When the Fordzilla is bigger than Jesus.

And Stephen Harper REALLY didn't need this:

The video ends with Ford getting takeout food, saying "I'm a straight-up guy," while staff compare him to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

To remind people that although he's getting it on with Benny these days, he still has the hots for Robbie.

Although I suppose it could have been worse...

But you know seriously, after a day like this one.

And after watching that junket slowly die. And Rob Ford start speaking in tongues.

I can't help feeling that we're watching The Fall of the Con Empire.

Because even the X-rated movie Caligula wasn't as depraved as this one...

And I can't help feeling that the shell shocked Con operatives in the PMO have made a terrible mistake.

They thought they could take a despised leader, make him the star of a bloated junket, designed to buy votes with OUR money. And somehow that would make him more popular.

When judging from the heated reaction today I think it's going to have the opposite effect. Make him even more despised  than he already was, before he left Canada.

And I think the Cons know that eh?

Because from what I hear, they were all back at the hotel tonight.

With their tails between their legs.

Having a quiet Last Supper.

And praying for a better tomorrow...

Yup. Or should I saw WOOF?

Here's to that doggie junket.

Every day it lasts it can only do the Cons more damage.

Long may it continue...

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  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Hey, I really liked "Caligula"! Please don't besmirch it by comparing it to the harpie clown clusterfuck anymore. At least that movie had some true entertainment value, hence its saving grace.
    frod is just the date that won't go home, isn't he?

    1. hi anon...I've never seen the movie, and that image is not taken from it, I just thought that Caligula and Harper went well together. Although Nero is also good ;) As for Ford I probably should have written a separate post, but there's always tomorrow...

  2. Noah Patterson10:09 AM

    This was pure gold, Simon!
    Harper's bloated "holy junket" is a complete farce, and a bad one at that. I hope this escapade backfires horribly for Harper and his government and that Canadians are embarrassed acrossed the country and see through this absurd "royal procession" of bigoted ass kissing.

    1. hi Noah....thanks a lot. I have to admit than when I finished this post, I sat back and stared at it, and thought oh no what have I done? But I did have a lot of fun writing it, my humble purpose is to try to keep progressives smiling even in these grim times. And this bloated junket is such a farce it deserves to be mocked. I don't get much encouragement for these kind of posts, so yours is appreciated...

  3. Rob Ford speaking in tongues! Good one!

    1. hi Steve...honestly I don't know what else you can call it. I know a few words of patois myself being a great lover of reggae music, but that was just bizarre....

  4. Misspelling of Ford or misspelling of fraud? Either way, both the clusterfuck and Frod are frauds.

    1. hi ron...I think calling the dynamic duo the Frod brothers is entirely appropriate, especially since Dougie tried to deny that video was new, by claiming that he was with his brother, and that he had lost a lot of weight since that video was shot. Only to have Robbie come along and say it was him, it was the day before, and he was just a "little" drunk. If we didn't know it was true, nobody would believe it...

  5. Hi Simon,imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  6. hi Steve...the link is missing. We already live in Harpo's Orwellian nightmare, so don't make me even more paranoid... ;)

    1. Hi Simon thats weird. I will try again in the spirit of Simon I refer to the banner.

      With similar relevance I have reached out to Yoko Ono.

      and the actual links just in case CISIS trys something funny, would that not be a joke?

  7. Agreed. Golden, Simon. Keep it up.

    1. hi Earnest....Thank you for your encouragement. When I started blogging I said I would blog until the day the Cons were defeated. At the time I thought that might take two or three years max. Eight years later here we are. But the original promise still stands. Until the day of victory, and we get our country back...