Monday, January 06, 2014

Stephen Harper's Rude Welcome to British Columbia

Well after two weeks in virtual seclusion plotting his comeback, and hiding from the media, Stephen Harper finally stumbled out of his crypt. Jetted off to British Columbia.

And got a warm B.C. welcome. 

Two climate change activists managed to sneak up behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday just as he was getting ready to start a question and answer session at the Vancouver Board of Trade.

One of the activists, a male, stood behind Harper holding a sign that read "Climate justice now." The second activist, a female, held up a sign saying "The Conservatives take climate change seriously," with the sentence crossed out.

And don't you just LOVE the look on his face when he realized how much they love him?

And I can only imagine how shocked he must have been when he found out that wasn't a menu those heroic "waiters" were holding up.

Harper: "Hey waiter, young person, gimme a Gateway Burger, and make it snappy !!!!"

Waiter: "Screw you Boss Harper, we don't sell that shit here"

And that one of the organizers was Brigette DePape, the heroic Senate age who first told the tyrant to take a hike...

Brigette DePape, an anti-Harper protester, immediately issued a press release following the security breach, bragging about the pair's exploits.

DePape, in her press release, hinted that other events may be disrupted. "These actions are taking place as part of a global movement of groups of who are directly confronting the fossil fuel industry, from First Nations legal challenges and blockading projects on their territories, to other forms of non-violent direct action."

Because in his present agitated state that's enough to make him start viewing every STOP sign in Canada as a potential threat eh?

And now he must surely realize that his last desperate comeback attempt is in for a rocky ride. On both sides of the Rockies.

And here's the best part: there's NOTHING he can do about it. For he must wear  his insane plan to build the Northern Gateway pipeline around his neck, like a drowning man wears an ANVIL.

It’s got to be full speed ahead for Stephen Harper now, on pipelines, on the economy, on appeals to Canadian pocketbooks, and on the campaign to establish whether he can run another campaign.

Forget the suggestion that it’s too risky for this Prime Minister to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline, or that he can back away from full-throated support for shipping oil to Asia. It’s far riskier for Mr. Harper to change his stripes now, with so little time.

Even if it drags him down with it.

Northern Gateway is controversial, opposed by both the federal NDP and Liberals as environmentally risky. Mr. Harper could dodge a fight by rejecting it. But he’s tied himself to this pipeline and oil exports to Asia so heavily, connecting both to economic growth, that it would amount to self-rejection.

And to make matters worse, at a time when the world is being rocked by unusually extreme weather, he will also be wearing the title of climate change denier. 

Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq set aside a proposal from her department earlier this year to publicly state that the Harper government recognized scientific evidence that humans were “mostly responsible for climate change” and that it took this threat “seriously.”

Which will only make him look as ridiculous as Aglukkaq.

And this will only make him look like an environmental terrorist.

Scientists are calling it "libricide." Seven of the nine world-famous Department of Fisheries and Oceans [DFO] libraries were closed by autumn 2013, ostensibly to digitize the materials and reduce costs. But sources told the independent Tyee in December that a fraction of the 600,000-volume collection had been digitized. 

And, a secret federal document notes that a paltry $443,000 a year will be saved. The massacre was done quickly, with no record keeping and no attempt to preserve the material in universities. Scientists said precious collections were consigned to dumpsters, were burned or went to landfills.

Or a book burning tyrant.

So nobody but NOBODY will believe this:

It’s in Canada’s best interests to sell energy to Asian markets, but “the government’s role is not to endorse particular pipelines,” Harper said regarding the Enbridge Northern Gateway project from Alberta to Kitimat. 

 “Our job as a government is to set up proper processes of evaluation and scrutiny,” he said, adding the government makes “appropriate” decisions after following the “best scientific and expert advice.”

Golly. Talk about bad timing, or the wrong way to start The Great Comeback Tour eh? 

And imagine how much fun we're going to have portraying him as a man too crazy and dangerous to remain in office.

Yup. Great Ugly Leader cannot escape his ghastly record.

Canadians have finally had enough.

And the resistance is just BEGINNING...

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