Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Great Comeback Tour

Well I see that day two of Stephen Harper's Great Comeback Tour 2014 got off to a smoother start in balmy British Columbia, than it did yesterday.

With more security, no questions from reporters, and lots and lots of children.

Because he does like to pose as the only leader who can protect them from sexual predators AND Justin Trudeau. And the country's Big Daddy.

And it all looked like yet another scene from the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation's Orwellian production Happy Day in Harperland.

Until the demonstrators arrived.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper hiked a historic trail Tuesday with about 50 Scouts from Vancouver Island, but the serenity of his peaceful morning stroll along the rain-soaked Trans-Canada Trail didn’t last long. Harper was met later in the day in Mill Bay, B.C., by about 100 chanting, placard-carrying protesters who stood across the road leading to Brentwood College School, where the prime minister was set to speak to Conservative Party supporters.

And although they were not a huge group, I found their protest inspiring.

As I did this even smaller one yesterday...

Because we have been silent for far too long as Harper and his foul regime did horrible things to our country.

And not only does every demonstration serve to awaken us out of our Big Sleep. It also sends out a message to the world that we are not like the Cons.

That we are better than them and we want our country back.

And of course it should also remind us that what we are seeing with The Great Comeback Tour is the beginning of the next election campaign.

And that the next election could come sooner rather than later. Even this year.

Comments Prime Minister Stephen Harper made during a year-ender media interview have prompted speculation he could once again ignore the fixed federal election law and call a snap election this year to extract his government from the Senate expense scandal that shows no sign of easing.

Postmedia News Ottawa bureau chief Mark Kennedy asked Mr. Harper about rumours of a possible federal election in 2014, despite the fixed election law that Mr. Harper’s government introduced and passed that now calls for a federal election on Oct. 19, 2015.
When Mr. Kennedy asked Mr. Harper whether the next election would be held in 2015 under the fixed election law provisions, Mr. Harper replied, “Under any normal conditions, yes, that’s the plan. I guess there could be some miraculous circumstance that could cause it to be earlier, but I don’t know what that would be.”

So we better be ready. And that means getting ready to mobilize the legions of the indifferent in new and imaginative ways. Instead of just relying on the politicians to do that for us. Or the pundits in the corporate media.

It means using social media to new advantage, especially videos, to get our message out, and capture the mood of the times.

And it also means hitting the streets, instead of just pounding keyboards. 

For as the late great Joe Strummer of the Clash once said, sometimes intellectualism isn't enough...

Come down to the streets with us this spring. Let's make it a year to remember.

And the beginning of the end of the Con regime.

And of course in the meantime, let's give Stephen Harper's Great Comeback Tour.

Wherever it should go.

The warm welcome it deserves...

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mizdarlin said...

Our demonstration on Vancouver Island may have seemed small, but considering that this is a village with probably less than 1000 people, and that traffic was disrupted (on the Trans Canada highway) for hours, and the news media were all over this demo precisely because with the Harpster's rules about no questions leaving them with little to do but follow him around like puppies looking for a place to lift their legs.... they found something to do here in the 'People's Republic of Vancouver Island..'
I'm sure our Slime minister expected nothing less since since there are very few Conservative voters here, and our local MP is the long-time, much-loved NDP member, Jean Crowder...this is how it's done, Vancouver (and the rest of the country, too!).....

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin....I thought your demonstration was just great, and I certainly didn't mean to suggest that it was minor in any way. Getting out so many people in a small community is excellent, and throwing Lord Harper's schedule into chaos was even better !!! Good work. I look forward to the next ones...