Friday, January 17, 2014

Canada the Beautiful and the Madness of Stephen Harper

Sometimes when I look at the beauty of Canada, even in winter, I think it was our downfall.

Because it can be so beautiful, nobody thought it could happen here. But it did.

And now when I look at the horror of Harperland, I can't help thinking of that famous quote from Longfellow's poem the Masque of Pandora.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

For what else can explain Stephen Harper's bizarre behaviour?

What else can explain the way he has retreated into his own world, to be the star of his own home movies?

Where in the latest episode his handlers joke about deleting reality...

Even as he muzzles scientists, and burns their books.

What does it say about a government that would spend more than $700 million of OUR money on their porky propaganda videos?

But would cheat veterans out of their pensions, and skimp on public health campaigns.

The Conservative government is refusing to say how much of Health Canada's $5.8-million advertising budget this fiscal year is being spent on public awareness of influenza. 

 But after days of prodding by The Canadian Press, the department did provide a list of flu-related communications efforts.Noticeably absent: a major TV campaign to promote mass influenza immunization, the kind of advertising that costs real money.

What does it say about a leader who would make a mockery out of our democracy with his hyper partisanship, and then require those who watch over it to disclose their previous political activities. 

Opposition politicians and legal experts are expressing concern over a Conservative MP’s private members bill that would require parliamentary watchdogs and their employees to disclose previous political activities — legislation one critic likens to a “witch hunt” in the public service.

What does it say about the mental state of a man who would require such a loyalty oath?

The bill has the look of something straight out of Stephen Harper’s school of paranoia: guilt by association. It also may well violate the freedom of association clause in the Charter of Rights.It’s like the Conservatives want to purge the public service of people who don’t think the way they do.

After all him and his foul Con regime have done to destroy this country.

This is the crew which faced a backbench revolt over MPs being gagged on the Commons’ floor, which sent out party interns to disrupt a speech by an opposition party leader, drafted an enemies’ list, muzzled Canadian scientists, tried to bring in a draconian union disclosure bill, and is demanding that employees at Library and Archives Canada and elsewhere sign highly-restrictive loyalty oaths.

This is the government which imposed gag orders, closure and time limits on committee work with near-record frequency; bars cabinet ministers on the hotseat from answering questions in the House; crushed Rights and Democracy and other groups which failed to follow its political line; suppressed reports; eliminated databases; cut down the census; used vast sums of taxpayers’ money to propagandize its own work and demonize opponents; is under the microscope for alleged suppression of voters’ rights; and ran a cover-up out of the PMO on the Senate expenses scam.

I mean just look at that record. Have you ever seen anything so MONSTROUS?

And how much more evil must he do before the MSM, and those who were so easily fooled, finally have the guts to say that the Emperor has no clothes?

Before his madness leads us to total disaster.

For when is enough ENOUGH?

And does anyone still think that it couldn't happen here?

But yes it is so BEAUTIFUL. 

And I promise you this today.

We will not let his madness destroy it.

And it WILL be ours again...

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Anonymous said...

But yes it is so BEAUTIFUL.

And I promise you this today.

His madness will not destroy it.

And it WILL be ours again...

You're a poet and you don't know it. We could tell by your feet 'cause they're long fellows.

ron wilton said...

I have generally disliked most politicians most of my life but I always gave the devil his dues.

This harper politician(?) makes me want to take up arms and join a revolution to overthrow him and put him on trial for the evil he has done to my country and I would try to be first in line to pop the lever or pull the switch.

Steve said...

Making our heads explode daily. Shameless pandering all expenses paid, I want to go.

sinned34 said...

First: I'm a small-L liberal, so I don't want to pull the lever or throw the switch on anyone.
Second: the greatest revenge to Harper would be to put him out of power and then force him to stand by and watch all the evil, his life's work, be undone.
Restore Canada's peacekeeping, progressive image. Bring back the social safety net. Actually support our soldiers instead of using them for nothing more than photo-ops and propaganda. Regulate corporations and restore responsible stewardship of our natural resources. Show Harper that no matter how hard he tries, he cannot turn Canada into the 51st U.S. state.

Simon said...

hi anon....well actually I am a poet. Not a very good one, but I do love playing with the sound and cadence of words. Once Stephen Harper and his scummy gang are defeated, I will feel free to inflict my poetry upon you all.... ;)

Simon said...

hi Ron...I wasn't very political myself until Harper and his Cons came along. As my old slogan used to say: You can't write poems about trees, when the cops or the Cons are in the woods. As soon as they are vanquished I expect to return to my old life, feeling enriched by the experience, but a little worse for the wear. ;) But I'll settle for jailing them. That will be satisfying enough...

Simon said...

hi Steve...yes I saw that, and it just happens to be the subject of my latest post. I'd rather avoid the Middle East if at all possible, but if the Cons ever decide to take the Grand Tour of Tahiti, please let me know so I can sign up.... ;)

Simon said...

hi sinned34...well I feel the same way you do. No violence please, I couldn't put down anything or anyone. On the other hand I am prepared to fight to my very last breath to make this country the progressive place I dream about all the time. It will be a hard struggle, but it will be worth it. And we will win...

lagatta à montréal said...

Juan Gelman, one of the greatest contemporary Latin American poets, died this week. He was Argentine, and suffered terribly under the dictatorship (his son and daughter-in-law were abducted, tortured, murdered and "disappeared", but the secret police were careful to steal the pregnant daughter-in-law's baby beforehand). I know it is hard to write, and to think poetry is important, under harsh conditions, but important to try to. It isn't a waste of energy.