Friday, January 31, 2014

The Many Reasons Julian Fantino Should be Fired

I don't think it's possible for Julian Fantino to sink any lower than he did the other day.

By treating elderly veterans like children and giving them the bum's rush.

But I see he's trying hard to accomplish the impossible. For there he was today defending the indefensible, blaming the victims, and trying to smear those who dare criticize him. 

The Harper government delivered a full-throttle defence of its planned closure of eight veterans affairs offices and the siege-laden military mental health system, blaming anti-Tory government unions and a reluctance of soldiers to step forward to seek treatment.

“One group in particular has questioned our loyalty to veterans. I’m speaking of the Public Service Alliance of Canada,” he said. “They’ve tried to paint themselves as the champions of veterans. Let me be absolutely clear, they are anything but.”

Slagging the unions like his ugly leader Stephen Harper now does all the time. 

And like him distorting the facts.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the government’s action this week by saying these “duplicate” veterans offices had a “very small caseload.” But, figures put before Parliament in 2012 showed each of the affected centres handled anywhere between 2,065 and 4,113 client cases.

Or just looking like a bumbling oaf with talking points as he did today in Question Period.

But then why should anyone be surprised eh? When the best reason to fire Fantino is that he never should have been the Minister of Anything. Not with this shabby record. 

As the Serial Minister of Various Affairs, the man has blustered and blundered, alienating constituents and stakeholders and using the resources of his office to engage in partisan attack. His latest insult, this time against war veterans, is proof of his unsuitability -- one more instance in a long career of similar proofs. The time is overdue for him to reap the final reward he so richly deserves.

From mall security guard, to lousy police officer and illegal wiretapper, to homophobic police chief, to G20 enabler, to rabid partisan. 

To a miserable Con who would bully elderly veterans, and reduce some of them to tears.

Heartless beyond measure, incompetent beyond belief, and vindictive in the extreme.

Belligerent and allergic to criticism, he has never quite grasped the not-so-fine line between professionalism and personal attack. When he restored the official Ontario Provincial Police colour scheme to black-and-white, in 2007, I remember thinking to myself: "and why not, since it's precisely how he views the world."

And as you can see from the website of the American PR guy who wrote his book, a man in love with his own legend. 

Julian Fantino and Jerry collaborated on a book about Mr. Fantino’s life, but Jerry’s role didn’t end with putting the words together. He also worked the media to create buzz about DUTY – The Life of a Cop, which went on to be a bestseller. He focused on the prime story about a young boy who came to Canada from Italy with no English, quit school at 15, and became the biggest cop in the country’s history. Along the way, he would fight the Mob, bikers, terrorists, and also some politicians.

And completely unaware of his own limitations.

And the good news?

The veterans aren't giving up the fight, and they've got a better name for Fantino. 

One of the veterans involved in a bitter meeting with Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino earlier this week in Ottawa received a hero's welcome and vowed to continue fighting upon his return to Nova Scotia today. 

"Mr. Fantino, because he's such an ass, made it easy for us," Clarke told reporters on Thursday. "It was a hard fight and that's all it was, was a fight. It's not the end of the war."

And of course this is the best news of all.

"Now we have the NDP, the Liberals saying that they will reopen the offices, so all we got to do is get rid of the Conservatives," said Clarke. "I'm sure the Conservative Party will be filing into the unemployment insurance office in 2015."

For I couldn't be prouder to have those grand old veterans on our side. They who have helped liberate other countries, will help liberate ours as well.

And in the meantime let's do all we can to help their just struggle. 

While we prepare for the glorious day.

When we can fire both these losers at the same time...

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Anonymous said...

Your characterization of Mr Fantino sure fits the "mold" / template of the Harper Con party and it is not a very uplifting, promising or hopeful picture.

On the other hand...

"For I couldn't be prouder to have those grand old veterans on our side. They who have helped liberate other countries, will help liberate ours as well".

The light of hope and action is growing brighter by the day and from many sources.

Unknown said...

Such a rousing grasp of the situation he has and a way with words that can literally put fellow MP's asleep. Note the character 2 rows back behind the goof with glasses.

Anonymous said...

Another great example of too bloody many, that the whole damn bunch of them are a fucking disgrace.Canadians are more apt to listen to and support Vets/Soldiers than just about anyone else. Only Harper&Co. could manage to get the Vets fighting among themselves. It's just 'what they do'. So, with all the shots the Cons have fired into their own feet, and others like JT setting the agenda, what will it be next time, LIB-gov/DIPopp, or vice versa?

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right to see it that way. The more the Cons expose themselves as low lifes and bullies, even the dumbest Canadians will wake up and see them for what they are. And there are now so many groups that detest them, I'm feeling very optimistic about our chances in the next election....

Simon said...

hi unknown...yes I noticed that, and since I also watched it live, I also noticed how Pierre Poilievre was squirming in his seat.It's clear that he wished he could be answering the questions instead of Fantino, because he could see how awful Fantino was making them all look. And all I can say is that those veterans are not the kind of people to give up easily, and the Cons will pay for that in the next election...

Simon said...

hi're right they are a bloody disgrace. And any Canadians who don't think they are, should check themselves into a clinic and have their moral values monitored. But as I always point out, it may be horrible to watch right now, but all of this will help us later. Harper is trying to repair his image, but with people like Fantino and the Senate gang he doesn't stand a chance...

Anonymous said...

Pierre Poilievre, Minister of Democratic Rat-effery, and his side look, well, stunned. They cannot believe the hits and blows they've taken, and they just keep comming. No bobble-headed nodding in QP when one of them stands to shoot a bunch of crap at us? That in itself is something to see. They're off their game and desperate so watch out.

David said...

One of the links Simon provided includes the raw footage of vets' meeting with Fantino (8:07)

See also:

Imagine an editorial cartoon: Julian Fantino (dressed like Tony Soprano) telling a one-armed elderly vet (in a wheelchair): "Fuhgeddaboudit! There's an app for that."

"There's An App For That"

And today on CBC radio's The House

Terry Milewski said (44:53) this morning he got a message from a veteran, which read: "I went to my Service Canada office in Mississauga and asked for veteran's affairs services. They replied 'We haven't been trained.' "

David said...

See also: