Monday, January 20, 2014

Stephen Harper's Goons Go After Our Medical Libraries

He would burn the books of those who monitor the health of our oceans lakes, and rivers.

Now he's going after those who would monitor the health of Canadians.

Now he's going after our medical libraries.

And this is Harperland. 

Health Canada scientists are so concerned about losing access to their research library that they're finding work-arounds, with one squirrelling away journals and books in his basement for colleagues to consult, says a report obtained by CBC News.

First they outsource the information, then they make it too difficult or expensive to retrieve. Then they claim it isn't needed.

"I look at it as an insidious plan to discourage people from using libraries," said Dr. Rudi Mueller, who left the department in 2012. "If you want to justify closing a library, you make access difficult and then you say it is hardly used."

Golly. Doesn't that sound familiar? 

What’s with Canada Post? The way it handles itself suggests a deliberate strategy of self-destruction.

For most businesses, charging more while providing less is a recipe for disaster — a way station on the road to bankruptcy. Is Canada Post deliberately courting failure? If so, under whose orders?

First they went after the census, then they came for the DFO scientists, then they went  after the medical ones. Tomorrow they will go after VIA or the CBC.

And of course it's all being done for the same reason. To starve government.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s upcoming budget will be the next step in a gradual Conservative campaign — called “starving the beast” by some — that is leaving Ottawa’s financial clout much reduced.

Slash it to the bloody bone.

Stephen Tapp, research director at the Institute for Research on Public Policy, said the cuts have been revealed gradually but at some point the cumulative effect may hit Canadians hard. “Death by a thousand cuts,” he said. “After you cut away all the fat, you eventually get to the bone.”

And leave us all in his bestial darkness.

Where knowledge is power, and ignorance is STRENGTH.

If Canadians don't understand by now that it is all part of the same sinister plan, they never will.

And we will end up in a backward country too blind to save ourselves.

And this from a man who was first elected with the support of an organization that was created to destroy medicare.

Can you see him smiling?

What nightmare is this?

The lights are going out all over Canada.

Fight him, fight him, fight him.

Don't let him win...

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David said...


JANUARY 20, 2014 Tim Jones' legacy. Federal scientists autonomy

(Interview with CBC's Lynden MacIntyre begins at 21:19 mark, and at 28:02 mark for discussion with Pamela Zevit re: disclosure of information)

Nadine Lumley said...

too much i can't friggin keep up

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for the links.I appreciate your efforts to keep on top of this monstrous story. I hope to present my blog one day to the prosecutors at the trial of the Cons for Crimes Against Canada, as part of the historical record of this dark era. And your contributions should tack a few more years onto their sentences... ;)

Simon said...

hi Nadine...I know the feeling. How can anyone keep up with this torrent of bullshit and evil? As I just told David, I write this blog, so although I don't have a particularly good memory, I will never forget or forgive...