Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stephen Harper's Bloated Junket and the Obscene Photo Op

Well there he was on day three of his bloated junket, praying at the Western Wall.

Looking like he was having a private moment with his Godzilla.

While the wailing throngs reached out to touch him, like he was the Messiah himself.

With one woman being quoted in the media as shrieking "He touched my hand !!!!!"

And the whole spectacle of Lord Harper in the Promised Land seems to have been too much for Andrew Coyne, for there he was today, singing his praises. 

After Stephen Harper’s speech to the Knesset, we can perhaps put one idea to rest: the notion that his government’s unwavering support for the state of Israel is mere politics, aimed at sewing up the Jewish vote and little else. I have been watching Harper for 20 years. This was Harper to the core, as passionate, sincere and unequivocal as I’ve ever seen him. 

Suggesting that this monstrous caravan of Cons, stooges, and foul religious fanatics is more than a ghastly partisan photo-op paid for with OUR money.

When in fact, when you hear the Con MP Mark Adler panting to get into the shot, you know this sinister charade is just part of Stephen Harper's re-election campaign.

“Jeremy! Jeremy! Can I get in?” Mr. Adler said. “No,” Mr. Hunt replied. “It’s the re-election! This is the million-dollar shot.”

Which just about says it all eh? The money shot, with OUR money.

And should be enough to disgust most decent Canadians.

But of course, not Sarah Palin.

Because there she was joining Andrew Coyne in a Hallelujah Chorus line screaming Harper's praises. 

Thank you to our good neighbors led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for their exemplary support of our friend Israel.

As significant and dangerous progress is made by Iran no doubt wanting nukes, and with the continued threats against Israel by radicals in the region, Canada's steadfastness is praiseworthy.

And no doubt also singing hosannas to this homophobic hog.

The large party accompanying Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his state visit to Israel includes an Ottawa pastor who says that, according to the Bible, homosexuality is wrong, unnatural and a consequence of the wrath of God.

And all the other bigots on this clinking clanking caravan of hate.

Don Simmonds is the chairman of Crossroads Christian Communications, a large Christian organization based in Burlington, Ont., that made headlines last year after The Canadian Press reported that it referred to homosexuality as a sin on its website, grouping it with bestiality and pedophilia.

Great eh? They get to insult gay people or send them to some hellish place.

Then you must throw this man out and hand him over to Satan so that his sinful nature will be destroyed and he himself will be saved on the day the Lord returns." 1 Corinthians 5:5 

Every time you send it is easier to send the next time.

And WE get to pay for it?

Have you ever seen anything more shabby or just plain obscene? 

Harper !!!!!! I want my money back !#@!!!!

And the good news? Great Theocon Leader and his jumping Con gang will pay for this bestiality.

He will never again be able to pose as a moderate.

We will fight him harder than ever. Now we have no choice.

We shall use this against him until the day we defeat him.

And send him back to the hellish place he would send us...

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