Friday, January 17, 2014

Neil Young and the Attack of the Oil Pimps

Well I see Big Oil has reacted to Neil Young's challenge, and is firing back with both barrels. 

Still blowing gaseous emissions out of every gasket or orifice. 

Still trying to portray Young as just a rock star, and not a REAL Canadian. 

The oil industry is speaking out about negative comments made by rock star Neil Young during his benefit tour to help an Alberta First Nation. "Mr. Young may represent that rock stars don't need oil, but we would represent that Canadians very much do need oil," said David Collyer of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

And all I can say if that absurd line is all they got, those grubby oil pimps must be desperate, and round three goes to Neil Young. 

“I think when you make a deal, you’ve got to stick to the deal that you have made. If you are going to change the deal, you have got to talk to the people you made a deal with and change it.” 

Because he's right, that is what this fight is all about. Standing up for the treaty rights of a small First Nation, trying to stop a big FOREIGN oil company from poisoning their land. 

Shell Canada's Jackpine oilsands mine expansion plan has received the go-ahead from Ottawa, despite the environment minister's view that it's "likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects."

And in the process helping send this message from all of us to the sellout Harper government: 

Stop putting the greedy interests of FOREIGNERS before the human needs of CANADIANS. How dare you let them poison our country and get away with it?

And while we're at it, stop embarrassing us and making us look like IDIOTS. 

Like Stephen Harper's absurd stooge John Baird was doing today in Washington.

Even a “no” on Keystone XL is better than no answer, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says, reflecting growing Canadian frustration with White House dithering over the proposed massive project to create a route to market for Alberta’s landlocked heavy-crude reserves.  

“The time for a decision on Keystone is now, even if it’s not the right one,” Mr. Baird said. “We can’t continue in this state of limbo.” 

Because there he was, shamelessly interfering in the political affairs of another nation.

With mid-term elections looming, some advocates of the controversial pipeline fear the White House will delay again, until after November.

Jumping into bed with his Republican cousins, sucking up to the Koch brothers. And most pathetically, going down on his KNEES to beg the Obama administration for ANYTHING. 

Even a NO.

So soon after his Great Leader delivered this defiant message...

Can you believe it? Are they Con clowns or what? Snatching humiliation from the jaws of defeat.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird believes it's "decision time" for the Keystone XL pipeline, but White House press secretary Jay Carney disagrees.

 "Once the process is moving forward we'll apprise you of that and when a decision is made, we'll announce it," President Obama's spokesman replied when asked about Baird's comments.

Because you know what that means in Canadian eh? Take a hike LOSERS. 

But then as I said before, the Harperite cult and their Big Oil masters are desperate. 

They know they're running out of time. 

They know that as more and more people understand what kind of a climate change catastrophe we are all facing, there will be and less of a demand for the dirty oil they are peddling.

So Neil Young may be just a rock star, but by encouraging us to confront our own future he is doing us all a favour. And is more of a real Canadian than those Con sellouts could ever hope to be.

And nobody should be asking what he is doing. 

They should be asking the Cons and their Big Oil buddies what on earth are THEY  doing? 

First Nations are on the front lines of tar sands development and are justifiably fighting for their rights. They are doing Canadians and the world a huge service as they stand up to protect their traditional land and livelihoods. 

The questions we need to ask our decision-makers are: Why tar sands at all costs? Why are First Nations rights being trampled, climate and environmental protection steamrolled, and forward-looking economic policy ignored?

Yup. Here's to the Great Neil speaking truth to power, and encouraging us to do the same.

Let's do what the Americans did today, as soon as we can.

Save the country and the planet.

And tell those Con oil pimps to take a HIKE...

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Anonymous said...

Yup, loved the White House's response to Baird which basically meant "Piss off, Johnny boy".

The irony of it: Dear Leader said he wouldn't take no for an answer then his stooge gets on his knees and implores that even a no would be better than no answer.

Seriously, I don't understand how the oil industry could think they have anything to gain by having Harper irritating Obama. Obama is going to make his decision at his own time. And he has already shown that he is very capable of pushing back at Harper. This is the guy who successfully handled the Tea Party Republicans and some of those people are even nastier than Steve and John boy.

I would have thought that at least some in the oil industry would be smart enough to tell Steve to cool it and not make matters worse by irritating BO even more.

mizdarlin said...

I was giggling yesterday, watching CBC giving voice to the oil gangster lobby huffing and puffing about Neil Young, and their rentboy Stockwell Day going on and on about how much good they've done for the environment (!) and I couldn't help but think about raging idiots from the past like the US gong show, Dan Quayle, arguably one of the dumbest politicians in Yank history, now superseded by Day, whose brain hasn't seen daylight since he was born...
When the filthy lucre lobby attacks that way, you just know that Young is doing something right...

Beijing York said...

"Because you know what that means in Canadian eh? Take a hike LOSERS." LOL, that was the first genuine smile of the day.

Winnipeg welcomed Neil back home and the round dancers and drummers were part of the show. Best moment for me was when he sang Phil Och's "Changes":

Simon said...

hi anon...yes it couldn't be a more pathetic spectacle could it? Sometimes I believe the Cons are so wasted they're making it up as they go along. And yes like you I wonder how long it will be before the oil industry realizes that with friends like Harper and his Cons, who needs enemies? Because they have mishandled this dossier in every possible way. Of course I'll be VERY disappointed if Big Oil fires him before we do. But if he must go that way so be it, as long as he goes...

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right. The Cons and their fellow oil pimps keep claiming that Young is just a rock star and trying to put him down. But if he wasn't hurting them they wouldn't be screaming so loudly.
So he clearly has hit a nerve. Please Sir I want MORE !!!!! ;)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I'm glad you liked my translation of what the the Americans told Baird. Because when you parse the diplomatic talk that is what it really means. And the Cons have rarely looked so ridiculous. And thank you for the link to that song. I had heard of Phil Ochs, but I had never heard that song, and it really is beautiful...