Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Shabby End of King Harper's Ghastly Junket

Well I see Stephen Harper's bloated junket to Israel has ended not with a bang but a whimper.

Not with Great Leader riding triumphantly through the streets of Jerusalem as no doubt he was hoping.

But being towed by a tractor through a muddy field. 

After a ceremony to dedicate the cornerstone of the building, Harper and wife Laureen boarded a tractor-towed-trolley to see close up the thousands and thousands of cranes feeding in the fields.

As the tractor drove slowly through the noisy masses, Harper lifted the binoculars around his neck for a closer look at the birds crowded together in the field and filling the air. But the trailer carrying the media following Harper got stuck in the mud.

After being all but ignored by the Israeli media. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can’t seem to get enough of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, stealing the microphone briefly during a big private dinner in Jerusalem last night to gush that he was hosting "a Canadian rock star!”

But beyond Official Israel, Harper’s impact here has been minimal; his visit barely creeping onto the front page of any Israeli newspaper, especially the big Hebrew-language ones, or on radio or TV.

Or criticized for having tried to sabotage the U.S. sponsored peace talks, by emboldening his buddy Benny to resist American pressure to make a deal.

"If the Prime Minister of Canada thinks that his words in the Knesset will advance peace," Ravid writes, "it seems that the opposite is true. His speech only served Netanyahu’s repression instinct and strengthened his feelings of victimization and isolationism that already exists in him. Harper put Netanyahu back months from the standpoint of his attitude concerning the peace process."

By blowing Benny like a balloon.

And of course here in Canada the reaction is bound to be even more BRUTAL...

Because we're the ones who are paying for that outrageous junket. That shabby convoy of Cons, religious fanatics, and ghastly bigots.

He's supposed to be the Prime Minister of Canada not the King of Israel.

And now that he's heading into the Arab world, where absolutely NOBODY cares what he has to say about ANYTHING, I wouldn't be surprised if even Harper now realizes that the trip was a horrible mistake.

Because I defy anyone to listen to his version of Hey Jude...

And not think that he is losing his mind. Or want to throw up.

But then he must be desperate eh?

He's spent the weeks since Parliament closed trying to buff up his image with OUR money but it just hasn't worked. 

According to a new national survey conducted from January 14 to 18, 2014 by public opinion firm Abacus Data, the federal Liberal Party has a six-point lead over the Conservative Party among committed voters. The federal NDP is in third with 24% support while the Greens and the BQ are at 7% and 5% respectively. 

Since our previous survey at the end of October, the Liberal Party is up one point, the Conservative Party is down five while the NDP is up two points.

In just a few days his golden coach turns into a pumpkin, and he must return to Parliament to face the music, and the SCANDALS.

And this King ain't going anywhere...

We'll make sure of that. If the police don't first.

Hey, as I keep saying.

We really do have them where we want them.

And we are going to destroy them...

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Steve said...

Great Post Simon, to bad the Media in Canada would not join the chorus.

I have sent a message to Yoko Ono asking her to stop Harper from both murdering the Beatles songbook, and to stop using progressive rock as a front for right wing propaganda. If you follow the links there is a email address for Yoko, please send her a message as well.

Speaking of rock stars Neil Young has drawn blood from the oil sands. If it takes half the energy on a daily basis of all the cars in Canada to exploit the tar, what sense does the whole crazy scheme make when you add in the Environmental damage. Kudos to Neil for getting the fools on the hill to show their stupid ass to the world.

Anonymous said...

hope you are right Simon, hope you are right. Do you know what an "agent of influence" is Simon?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his ego will fit on the aircraft for the return flight to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Despite what some in the MSM are saying (e.g. Hall yesterday in the CBC), Harper knows he is on the way out. This looks like his last hurrah before he announces his walk in the bitumen and hands over a Cons Party in trouble to the next Dear Leader wannabe, just as Mulroney did before him. Of course it will be he has decided to spend more time with his family/birds/adoring Israeli supporters whatever.

In regard to the shameless entourage Dear Leader took with him at taxpayers' largesse, perhaps the best description I have read is this: "Schnorrers" or freeloaders. It came from Lautens: Some of these people are significantly more affluent than most of us paying for the trip but don't expect them to feel any shame about it.

e.a.f. said...

Lautens is oh so correct.

This trip to Israel will give the Liberals and NDP enough material for several elections. the cartoons will be endless.

I still can't get over it, 21 rabbis and 1 priest. I know there is a really good joke there somewhere.

Simon said...

hi Steve...thanks I'm glad you liked it. I quite enjoyed writing it. The idea of Lord Harper being towed across a muddy field by a tractor is such a delightful image. And of course, finding his majestic such a suitable crown was a bonus.... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon... even with supernatural powers, and a Martian background, I can't say for sure that Harper will resign or be defeated in the next election. But as I said in my post, we have never had a better opportunity to finish him off. He is weighed down with scandal, the economy is not as strong as it was, and most of all after eight years in power many Canadians are just sick of the sight of him. That makes it very hard to recover from anything. As for "agent of influence" I've never heard the expression, but I hope it means each and every one of us, talking to our friends and neighbours, or speaking out publicly as I do, to try to convince as many Canadians as possible to vote to defeat the Cons in the next election....

Simon said...

hi anon...well from what I understand they were planning to have another jumbo follow Harper's plane with his ego inside it. But then he heard how Canadians were reacting to his sunny junket, while they froze their asses off, and he read the latest polls, and his ego deflated suddenly... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...yes I saw that Chris Hall piece, and I might write about it in my next post. And at times I feel like you do. It does look like a last hurrah. But then I think how much he would like to join MacDonald and Laurier in the Guinness Book of Records, so I'll take the easy way out and say, like Paul Wells, that he'll stay until it's clear he can't win. And our challenge of course is to convince him to go as soon as is humanly possible...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....yes Lautens has been brilliant, and every time I read the word "Schnorrers" it makes me smile. However what progressives need to get is one image of the Harper government into which all issues fit. That's the key to success in the media world we live in. Because when everything they do reinforces that one overwhelmingly negative perception it's checkmate....

P.S. On the other hand I must admit I'm a lousy chess player... ;)