Thursday, January 09, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Insane Con Clown Posse

OMG. Can you believe Lord Harper and his monstrous Con clowns? What will they say or do next?

Who will save us ??? And is there no JUSTICE ??!!!!

I mean there was Harper today declaring that transporting oil and gas by rail has never been SAFER.

Even though the big boss of CN admits that Houston Ottawa we have a PROBLEM. 

Yet another railway fire involving crude oil has prompted the chief executive officer of CN Rail to suggest that long-overdue regulatory changes to the tank cars used to transport dangerous goods will be introduced soon.

But Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his government's record on rail safety during a stop in Inuvik. "We have made significant investments in rail safety and rail inspections," Harper said. "We have increased both of those vastly."

Canadian rail accident rates are very low, he added — in fact, Harper said, they're as low as they've ever been in the history of domestic rail lines.

And even though it's the fifth serious rail disaster in North America in seven months. This latest inferno is still burning more than 18 hours after it started.

And it's so soon after this catastrophe...

Lordy. Will his Satanic Majesty never learn? Or is he losing his mind?

Like the old Con Senator Bob "Bobo" Runciman.

Who staggered forth today to demand a crackdown on peaceful protesters. 

Former Ontario solicitor general Bob Runciman is questioning why two activists who got to within an arm's-length of the prime minister this week were allowed to "walk away scot-free and smiling" — and he says he'll use his Senate seat to bring in new laws to deter similar future protests.

Trying to make peaceful protest a serious crime, or wipe the smile off those danged young people !#@!!!!

Even though we're still ostensibly living in a democracy.

And in the House of Old Cons Bobo comes from....

It's getting hard to tell the Con Senators from the CRIMINALS.

Which reminds me...then there's that other Con clown Doug Ford, the other half of the well known Frod Gang. The brother of the crack smoking Con Mayor in Name Only.

Who was today spotted waving a brutish fist in the air, and demanding that clean running streetcars be taken off the roads.

Buses would be better than streetcars to move people on busy downtown routes, says Councillor Doug Ford. Ford and his brother, Mayor Rob Ford, have for years slammed the city’s streetcar fleet for holding up motorists.

Because that's just what Toronto needs eh?

Even MORE cars...

And even more gridlock and POLLUTION.

Gawd. Now I'm confused. I thought he was the Frod who has been accused of selling drugs in his youth, not the one using them.

And yet despite all of the above, and the crazed behaviour of all those Con clowns, who are the police after? 

This Insane Clown Posse !!!!

Insane Clown Posse and four fans are suing the FBI for designating the rap duo's followers as gang members.

FBI analysts, using law enforcement and media reports of crimes committed by people wearing "Juggalo" tattoos and clothing, concluded in the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment that they are a "loosely organized hybrid gang."

Even though, as the Insane Clowns point out, organized crime is NOT a part of THEIR Juggalo culture...

"Juggalos are a 'family' of people who love and help one another, enjoy one another's company, and bond over the music and a philosophy of life," said the lawsuit filed in Detroit Wednesday. "Organized crime is by no means part of the Juggalo culture."

Unlike the Con Juggalos who are ALWAYS being investigated by the authorities eh?

Who don't believe in a society where people love and help one another. 

And are the dumb and brutish followers of a deranged leader who would turn Canada into a living nightmare.  

The Insane Clown King JUNGLE-LOW himself....

Because you see that old Con bozo Bobo Runciman got it all wrong eh?

Stephen Harper doesn't need to be even more protected from peaceful protesters .

We the peaceful, decent people of Canada need to be protected from HIM.

And the sooner we get rid of ALL those insane Con klowns.

The safer we will be...

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Steve said...

Speaking of no Justice. What would an independent investigative body find in the closets of Ottawa, Washington and London England>

Simon said...

hi steve....well as you know the British are so sexually repressed any kind of horror can be expected. The fact that I'm half English is a disadvantage I've always had to overcompensate for... ;)