Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shelly Glover and the Latest Con Scandal

Oh no. Not another Con scandal? Not our poor artists? Not Shelley Glover.
Heritage Minister Shelly Glover is under fire from opposition MPs over a fundraising event where members of Winnipeg’s art and culture community were asked to donate money to the cabinet minister -- donations that may have breached federal conflict-of-interest rules. 

And can you believe this?

CTV News showed up to the Thursday evening fundraiser, held at a Winnipeg home, asking to talk to Glover who was in attendance. Upon seeing a CTV News reporter, Glover asked, “What are they doing here?” and subsequently said she had “stopped in briefly” to the event. 

CTV News was then asked to leave the house by the homeowner when the reporter asked Glover why she was taking money from people who depend on her department for funding. 

OMG. Who does Glover think she is? 

Pamela Wallin? 

Lordy. You'd think she'd know better than to put the heat on artists to contribute to her coffers. 

When she's the Heritage Minister.

And a former police officer...

As if she doesn't have ENOUGH problems. 

Helena Guergis won the right to continue her defamation suit Thursday against Heritage Minister Shelly Glover, Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton and private detective Derrick Snowdy.

And what is about the Cons that  scandal seems to follow them?

If it isn't Duffy it's Del Mastro.

Elections Canada investigators in October searched Deltro Electric, the business belonging to the cousin of Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro, over allegations of wrongful contributions to Del Mastro's election campaign. 

A warrant filed in Ottawa court in October authorized Elections Canada investigators and RCMP officers to search the business of David Del Mastro over allegations he paid employees to contribute to his cousin's 2008 campaign.

If it isn't Senategate...

It's Robogate.

I mean how bad can it get eh? And dare we ask a Con senator? 

“[Regarding Frank Magazine] Stated by Andrew Douglas to me: ‘If we’re gonna hold people’s interest, we gotta tell ‘em something new… I dunno, Duffy doin[g] coke off a hooker’s tits,’” Brazeau wrote on Twitter.

Gawd. No wonder Boss Harper looked so happy tonight to be on his way to the Promised Land.

Where he doesn't have to worry about embarrassing questions from the media, or the POLICE.

Although I understand that half the Con cabinet travelling with him had to get out on a wing and a prayer.

And suck and blow the getaway plane down the runway...

So big is this bloated junket. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to arrive for his first-ever visit to Israel Sunday afternoon leading a monster-sized delegation that includes 21 rabbis.

On top of that, Harper is travelling with cabinet ministers James Moore, Ed Fast, Christian Paradis, John Baird, Jason Kenney and Joe Oliver. But that’s just the start of the parliamentary contingent. There’s also eight MPs — Alberta’s Blake Richards, Ontario’s John Carmichael, Chungsen Leung, David Sweet, Peter Kent and Mark Adler, and BC’s James Lunney — plus two senators — Irving Gerstein and Judith Seidman.

Oh boy. Gerstein, I forgot Gerstein. Damn.

But you know what I mean eh?

Harper may be on his sway to Israel today.

But with a Con crew like that one.

You just know where this journey will end...

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David said...

Petitioning Stephen Harper

Ensure the Senate scandal truth comes out -- make the investigations fully independent!

e.a.f. said...

on the bright side he is out of Canada. Lets hope he doesn't return.

Whats the deal with 21 rabbis and one priest. is old harpie ensuring all his bases are covered.

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for that, and I would encourage everyone to sign that petition. I don't think that the Cons will lift a finger to nod anything, but it is a good way to show our outrage at the way things are going, on the Senate and the robocall front, because clearly justice is being blocked, people are losing confidence in gthe law. And that can only take us to a very bad place....

Simon said...

hi're right having him out of the country is a bit of a break, the siun shines brighter, and the air seems cleaner. But yes, can you believe the 21 rabbis, and all those other Cons? I have to admit than when I first saw the story, I practically fell out of my chair laughing. But of course we will use this junket against him...