Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Neil Young Beats Up Stephen Harper. Again.

Uh oh. It looks as if the slugging match between Neil Young and the Con regime isn't going to last very long.

Not with King Harper already lying on his back. After getting his towel man Jason MacDonald to jump into the ring yesterday, and try to slap Young with this one:

"Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day.

Only to have King Neil turn around today, and plant his carbon footprint firmly in Great Leader's ample  backside.

“Of course, rock stars don’t need oil. I drove my electric car from California to the tar sands and on to Washington without using any oil at all and I’m a rock star.”

*Kapow* Or as they say in the cages of the nation.... bye bye palooka. Somebody call a doctor. 

Or better still, somebody call Neil and tell him to slow down for chrissakes !!!! I want this one to go FIFTY rounds !#@!!!

But of course it's not a game.

“Our issue is not whether the natural resource sector is a fundamental part of the country,” Young said in press release. “Our issue is with the government breaking treaties with the First Nation and plundering the natural resources the First Nation has rights to under the treaties.”

It's about respecting the rights of First Nations people. It's about big oil companies who think they can bully or buy ANYONE. Aided and abetted by a criminal Con regime that will do ANYTHING to intimidate or muzzle its opponents. 

So they can turn us into a sinister right-wing petro state. Their jungle paradise.

Our living nightmare...

And when you read what Harper's PMO fluffer Jason MacDonald had to say yesterday:

Jason MacDonald, a spokesman for Mr. Harper, countered that industrial projects such as Shell’s Jackpine oil sands operation are approved “only when they are deemed safe for Canadians and [the] environment...”

And compare it to what that other hapless Con stooge Leona Aglukkaq had to say when the expansion of the Jackpine project was approved. 

Shell Canada's Jackpine oilsands mine expansion plan has received the go-ahead from Ottawa, despite the environment minister's view that it's "likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects."

You can see that "safe for the environment" means something else in Con that it does in Canadian eh?

Just like "in the public interest" means something different to the Harperite cult and their oily stooges, than it does to the First Nations, whose rights they would defile, and whose lands they would lay waste.

A review panel concluded last July that the project was in the public interest but warned that it would result in severe and irreversible damage so great that new protected areas should be created to compensate. 

The review concluded that the project would mean the permanent loss of thousands of hectares of wetlands, which would harm migratory birds, caribou and other wildlife and wipe out traditional plants used for generations. It also said Shell's plans for mitigation are unproven and warned that some impacts would probably approach levels that the environment couldn't support.

And what happens to those First Nations should concern us ALL.

Because when the Cons are prepared to let greedy oil companies poison our land, and help torch the planet, in the name of short term greed and profit, and still call that "in the public interest." Either their priorities are perverted, or they've lost their moral compass. Or they're totally INSANE.

Or in Lord Harper's case all of the above...

Him and his deathly regime cannot be trusted to lead us anywhere but to DISASTER.

And it all comes down to two simple questions eh?

The same simple questions Neil Young is asking.

How can we defeat that ghastly oil pimp?

And how can we block his agenda, and limit the damage?

Before he leads us further into his nightmare world...

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  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    The explanation is much simpler, Simon. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Anyone who thinks harpie and his crime cabal isn't making a huge paycheck out of all this is either an idiot or a total idiot.

    1. hi anon...you're right about following the money when it comes to most criminal organizations. But Harper and his gang are more like a cult, who put ideology before money. Until the minute they leave government like Vic Toews and Chuck Strahl. You know after all these years of studying them I'm still not sure what they are. But they're definitely an alien presence, extremely un-Canadian, and terribly dangerous...

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    So much of taxpayers money just given over to advertising for oil corporations and so much to advertising for the conservatives. This is unacceptable. This is misspending on a huge scale. It is theft on a grand scale. How can this be allowed with public money? Where is Canada's impeachment legislation?

    1. hi anon....I recently read that the Cons have spent more than $670 million on their propaganda campaigns, which is absolutely criminal. If you add to that the omnipresent oil lobby ads on TV, no people in any modern democracy have ever been so brainwashed. So I agree with you, it is a scandal, but since we have no impeachment legislation, we're just going to have to make very sure that we defeat them in the next election...

  3. Aging hippie slaps silly prime minister silly.

    1. hi rumleyfips....Well I'm putting my money on the aging hippie. It's about they came back to help us. ;) Seriously though, quite apart from the entertaining exchange, the story has helped make the Harper regime look bad, and put a spotlight on its out of control oil policies. And every bit helps....

  4. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Just as Stevie Cameron and Harvey Cashore were chasing after a secret account named "Britan" in the Airbus scandal days, some journalist should be investigating whether a secret account named "Harpoon" or "Harpur" or something like that exists in Lichstenstein or one of the off shore tax havens. What is happening in this country likely ain't that unique: happens almost every day in corrupt countries around the world.

    1. hi anon...as I said to the first commenter I don't think we're looking at a financial crime here, I think we're looking at an ideological one. They want to turn us into a reactionary petro state, and then claim their reward. And remember this, if Big Oil ever decides that Harper is hurting rather than helping them, he will be gone in a hurry. Which means that fighting their plans for oily expansion, is also an excellent way to undermine the Cons. One way or the other we will destroy them...