Thursday, August 30, 2018

Why Do Andrew Scheer's Cons Hate Canada So Much?

I have no idea why Andrew Scheer hates Canada so much. Or why can't put the interests of his country before those of his party.

Or why he tries so hard to debase and destroy his opponents.

That's something only a psychiatrist, or since he's a religious fanatic, only a minister can answer.

But that he does hate this country there can be no doubt.

For this is just the latest example.

Can you believe it? 

At a time when our negotiating team in Washington is in a heroic struggle to defend our country's interests from the monstrous Donald Trump, Scheer is acting like Trump's lapdog.

And he isn't the only Con who seems to be cheering for Trump.

So is the grotesque dick head Pierre Poilievre...

And if you though that tweet was bad, this one is so dishonest...

It's practically pornographic...

And all of this despite the fact that trade experts say our negotiators are doing a pretty good job.

"Have they made mistakes? I'm sure they have," said Gordon Ritchie, a former Canadian trade ambassador and the deputy chief negotiator of the 1988 Canada-U.S. free-trade agreement. "But by and large, I would say they've done exactly what I would have wanted them to do. 

"I think they played it very cool."

And here's the best part. 

It seems that Scheer is starting to realize his mistake, and the damage he's done to himself by looking like a lapdog or a traitor.

For this is his latest tweet:

And never has he looked so weak, more dishonest or more like a Con clown..,

Growing more desperate by the day.

And going absolutely nowhere...


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Fine but can we put an end to supply management AKA the dairy cartel? Why do all Canadians have to suffer and pay more for milk and cheese because of some greedy privileged farmers?

    1. Why dont you pull everyone down into the hole your in. Farming is an industry like no other, and its one that if it fails we dont eat, if we let the plutoracy rule we will starve or eat solylent green. Marketing board are a proven way to handle it. The price of milk in the USA is actually higher after you remove the millions of dollars of subisidy. And these billions are not paid to mom and pop farmer.

    2. And the oversight and quality of dairy products is far lower.

    3. Anonymous10:57 AM

      You really are the court jester Steve. No one is going to starve if we get rid of supply management.

  2. Jackie Blue1:44 PM

    The Friday deadline is self-imposed by Trump. He still has to send any deal to Congress with a 90-day window for ratification, and wants/needs a "win" before the Republicans get destroyed in the November midterms and Peña-Nieto hands off the government to the left-populist Lopez-Obrador, who has shown no signs whatsoever of wanting to play ball with the gringo pendejo. Trudeau has a year's worth of time to buy, plus he's not going to commit political suicide by throwing Québec under the bus with their own provincial elections right around the corner. They know the Trump team isn't negotiating in good faith. This is all about Trump 1) wanting to beef up the base by claiming he "cucked" Trudeau; 2) stealing oxygen away from John McCain; and 3) doing the bidding of his oligarch paymasters whether Russian or domestic. Probably Russian in that even the Koch brothers are incensed with how he's botched this whole thing and it's Putin's goal to destroy North American unity and economic progress, thus creating the conditions for further chaos like what's happening in Europe. Plus, he hates Freeland for his own reasons, and obviously so does Trump.

    Polls show a consistency among the left-liberal parties to fault the U.S. (and Trump) if NAFTA collapses. Only the cons, both provincially and federally, are wont to apply the South Park philosophy of "blame Canada" (i.e., Trudeau). The cons live in their own fact-averse bubble where everything from stubbing their toe getting up in the morning to a bird shitting on their car is Trudeau's fault. Trudeau could find a cure for cancer and the cons would find fault with that. It's really no different from the irrational hatred of Obama or Clinton, "Derangement Syndrome." The U.S. and Trump in particular stand to lose more by Trump's idiotic opening of this Pandora box. Auto manufacturers are pissed, economists are pissed, even red-state politicians are pissed. When you've lost the WSJ, you really need to rethink what a bigly incredible negotiator you are.

    Trump's entire worldview is based on an ego trip. He withdrew from TPP because it was an Obama deal; now he wants NAFTA dead or just Canada sidelined because he hates Trudeau. (He hates Mexicans too, which is why he's pitting the two countries against each other.) But Canada did sign onto TPP, with some of the more objectionable stipulations (like draconian copyright law), that had been geared toward the U.S., now excised -- clauses which have now been added onto NAFTA just to spite Canada.

    Well, Donnie's going to be soory, and so will Canada's own Republicans who've proven their willingness to throw their country under the bus out of their despicable personal animus against Trudeau, in some part no doubt reflecting leftover enmity toward his father. And yet it was Mulroney who basically capitulated to the Yanks' economic hegemony the first time around. But because he's been consulted by the present team, and didn't tell Trudeau fils to go fuddle-duddle (party before country, even though it's really not "his" party anymore), I suppose that means he's a Red Tory now? Like how Nixon is a RINO because he wasn't Trumpish enough?

    The only ones being adults here are Trudeau and Freeland, for all the immature insults being flung at them where Freeland is portrayed as Trudeau's "babysitter" and furthermore as an emotionally unstable hysteric. Nice misogyny there, boys. Everyone else -- Trump, Kudlow, Navarro, Scheer, Poilivere -- is being a brat on the playground who needs to go to their room or take a nap. Trudeau said it plainly: "No deal is better than a bad deal." Which means Donnie the pretend game-show host has no guarantee of getting a Howie Mandel fist-bump. One way or another, whatever happens to NAFTA, he, and his acolytes in the Regressive Conservative party, are going home with a Zonk from the ghost of Monty Hall.

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Scheer is a mess, and definitely not ready.for anything. The Bernier breakaway, his bad polls, the excellent state of the Canadian economy, must be driving him crazy. Judging from that last tweet he has realized he fucked up. But it’s too late. He has been tagged as a traitor by you and others, and he’ll never shake that one.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Shame shame shame on the former Harper government for stacking Canada’s court system with CONservative friendly judges in order to impede and sully the good work of the Trudeau government, that resulted in today’s court order regarding Trans Mountain Pipeline.

    Things like this should remind us why CONservatives should never form government again!!!

    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Yeah, that’s it. Never mind the same courts ruled against the former government many times, and rapped the former government along with the current government in today’s ruling.

    2. I gotta laugh, the court rules the goverment did nowhere near due diligence before granting the licence. So now the MSM is blaming Justin for Harpers incompetence and people my God are buying this bull shit.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I think Scheer must have been on his knees when he wrote that last tweet, talk about humiliation. I wonder if he’s finally realized that Hamish Marshall isn’t what he’s cracked up to be, and will finally fire him? Or will Marshall fire Scheer? Ha ha ha.

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    "It's time for the grown-ups to be in charge again".
    If you have to keep stating that you're "a grown-up", chances are and the proof has shown that these Con clowns are anything but.
    Andy and Pierre, two pricks in a pod.

    1. That is something you say after you finish university and get your first job in the con mail room. Andrew seems to be stuck on that. Maybe he should watch Better Call Saul.

  7. e.a.f.6:32 PM

    It isn't that he hates his country so much, it is that he loves himself so much. He loves himself more than his country. For a person wanting to be a leader of their country, I would suggest loving your country more than yourself is what makes a great leader.

    In my opinion this type of trait in personality is something you see in a narcissist. If we go back to his performance as the Speaker, what he is doing now isn't all that different and we ought not to be surprised.

    When Harper elevated him to Speaker, he was at the height of his incompetency, you know the old Peter Principle--guy from Vancouver came up with that one back in the day, actually knew him. So when you take that into consideration, his actions today are of no surprise.

    Scheer has his vision of the country and how it ought to be done and simply can't not see anything else as being as good as his views, the old narcissistic thing.

    When you look at Trudeau and Freeland, you know they love their country more than themselves. Scheer, Bernier, not so much.

    1. I say alledgedlly that dark forces the deep state has had a had on Canada;s rudder for a long time and the sock puppets talk what they are told to say.
      The MSM repeats it daily and only through the strenght of the Canadian mind and the fact that the same forces have taught us never listen to politicians listen to your own superior opinion that they fail

    2. I love PET, I thought Jean Chretien was the man. However I still believe that you can spot a politican lying , their lips are moving. Now why did they lie? Watch Game of Thrones and understand why. So what was the goal. I honestly belivie Brian Mulroney thought he was making Canada better, Same goes up until Harper came to power. IMHO Harper thought he could make Canada into America and that remains the goal of the cons, and you just have to wonder why?

  8. e.a.f.6:40 PM

    Scheer is simply playing into Trump's tiny, little, ugly hands. The Conservatives are carrying on about Canadian job losses. gee, haven't they figured out 35 American states have Canada as their number 1 trading partner. If there is no deal, those 35 States are going to be in trouble. Yes, it is estimated Canada could loose 85K jobs in the first year there was no NAFTA. On the other hand, those 35 American States would loose a lot more because some of them have already lost jobs because of the trade war with China. China is buying their soya beans from South America.

    The tariffs Trump placed on news print has resulted in AMerican job loss because newspapers can't get enough paper to print their newspapers.

    Canada can weather the storm of 85 thousand job losses more easily than the Americans because, to start with, we have medical care regardless of whether we have a job or not. We also have a better banking system and mortgage system, long with employment insurance, etc.

    Scheer would like some attention from Trump. He is perhaps hoping for some political interference from Trump or Russia to help him win the next federal election and hence, the lap dog routine.

    My faith is in Freeland. She will come with the best deal she can get and won't accept a deal which won't work for Canada, one way or another. Scheer and his, I have to faith in, no more faith than I had in Harper. They're all about themselves, their views, their religion, its all about them, never about the country.

    It is interesting to note some former Conservatives cabinet ministers weren't impressed by Scheer's comments.

  9. You have to be Trump in America to pull of such stupidity and be admired. Its not going to fly in Canada, and I hope there are enough adults left in Canada to call him out. In fact even John Ivison buried in his colum the fact no one could deal with Trump, so Scheer you had to choices , be Canadian for once, or fuck off.

  10. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Conservatives want Canada to be just like the U.S. In short, ruined, sacked, pillaged, and offering nothing, absolutely nothing that makes Canada look better than the U.S. They are, in fact, more American than Canadian.

  11. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I think it's important to step back as well and look at the big picture of how Stephen Harper and his crew sabotaged the Canadian government on a 'go forward' basis. So many 'turd blossoms' have exploded in Trudeau's face - the Saudi General Dynamics contract, the pipeline, our trade deals, Phoenix (someone seriously needs to take Harper to court on that one), thousands of top bureaucratic positions and many more examples.

    So, Scheer is just a continuation in the long history of Stephen Harper hating Canada and willfully trying to dismantle everything it's all about on the 'good' side of life.

    Even today, Harper is stabbing Canada in the back by continuing to whisper in the ear of Donald Trump about the evil and awful dairy controls. Yes, we should do something about them (mainly so that we start having a little competition to giants like Saputo), but no we shouldn't have to engage in multinational trade negotiations in order to make our own bed.

    And then there's John Baird, who's defending terrorists and genocide in Saudi Arabia, like it's his own turf to defend.

    A LOT of these noises started when Trudeau bought out the pipeline. Big oil talks through the mouth of Stephen Harper and John Baird. Don't forget this!!