Friday, August 10, 2018

Is Doug Ford Already Going Over the Deep End?

As I'm sure you know, I never believed that Doug Ford was anywhere near qualified to be the Premier of Ontario.

And I always knew it was only a matter of time before his inner ape emerged..

But who knew he'd be riding the crazy train so soon?

For this is KRAAAZY.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford sidestepped a question about his government's decision to cancel a basic income pilot project by accusing an NDP MPP of making a threat to hurl an explosive in Queen's Park on Thursday.

"We have one of the members from Essex just tell us he's going to throw a landmine and blow this place up," Ford said. "I think the cheese has slipped off the cracker with this guy." 

An NDP member asks if the Premier might tell the poor people whose chance for a better life he is stealing when they won't be getting anymore money, and the Fordzilla starts shouting about bombs and the cheese that slipped off the cracker?

It's disturbing stuff, but then Ford is feeling the strain.

He still can't quite believe he's really the Premier of Ontario.

And no doubt he must be tormented by the memory of his brother Robbie, and what happened to him...

In a memoir written two years ago Dougie had some harsh words to say about what alcohol, that he called "Devil juice," had done to his brother. 

But of course that was then, and this is now...

Now he's out there flogging cheap booze to anyone who will drink it. 

Even if it is just a cheap gimmick.

But what's even more troubling about this beerhall mentality is the way the Ford's Cons have been trying to muzzle the media.

By drowning out their questions.

And then running for cover.

So who are those Con staffers who are trying to strangle Ontario's democracy?

And don't they remind you of the so-called "boys (and girls) in short pants" who infested the Harper PMO?

The good news is that they may be about to be named and shamed...

And when we put those names through our data base we should be able to get a pretty good idea who is really running the Ford regime.

Because trust me, it's not Dougie.

And when he realizes that he's just a puppet in a much larger plan to change Canada beyond recognition, it's going to get ugly, and even crazier...

Doug Ford was always unfit to be the Premier of Ontario.

Will the stress prove too much for him?

Will the devil juice claim him too?

Let’s just hope he destroys himself, before he destroys the province and the country we love...


  1. He's also wrong about alcohol and cocaine abuse - in reality those combine to drive the addict mad and eventually kill them, much faster than either would do on its own. A colleague of mine was using that upper-downer duo (as well as other stuff, such as speed) and at first was very effective in his work - on a public sector union campaign centred on pay equity. But he soon became utterly unhinged and started threatening to kill his estranged wife! Her brother - an utterly un-macho man - had to intervene.

    The colleague was older than Rob when he died, but certainly no more than in his 50s. And it came as no surprise to anyone.

    1. Hi lagatta...I tried cocaine once when I was in university and I loved it. But thank goodness I was too poor to afford it, because it can be very dangerous. Hospital emergency wards are still clogged with people suffering from heart problems after having used it, and mixing it with alcohol can be deadly...

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I'm sure you must be suspicious of your fellow citizens while gallivanting around Toronto. Who voted for Ford? Was it the nice old man who works at the bakery? The quiet neighbor who's always in her garden? Perhaps a co-worker who you chat with occasionally? It's enough to drive a man insane...

    1. Hi actually I don’t. I live in a progressive bastion where Ford dare not stick his nose, and his very name is another word for shite. And neither do I believe that many nice people voted for Ford. How could a nice person vote for a beast and a bully like him? My only consolation is that they are the ones who are going to go insane when they realize what they’ve done...

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    There's no question Ford's a collosal asshat and unfit to be premier, but I wouldn't wish personal destruction on anyone.

    1. Jackie Blue12:39 PM

      He's putting the kibosh on the mincome project and the sex-ed curriculum. He wants to do away with safe injection centers. He will not accept the mayor's proposal to ban handguns in Toronto and will fight Trudeau and Ottawa if they pursue any sort of gun-control legislation whatsoever.

      Stupid Thanos is going to get people killed with a snap of the finger. Including kids. He's dangerous. Either he implodes out of his own rage and ineptitude or the whole province will self-destruct and take Canada along with it.

      So no, I wouldn't feel any pity for him in the least, any more than I would if Trump had a cheeseburger stroke.

    2. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Jackie, a cheese-burger stroke simply puts Dense Pence in charge - a minor course-change at best. I want to see them all in jail - Trump, Pence, Don Jr, Jared, Ivanka, Sessions, Cohen and anyone else they can slap cuffs on. Stroking out's too good for that scum.

    3. Jackie Blue2:28 PM

      Oh, believe me, I want that too. The entire GOP is corrupt and needs to go. But I wouldn't feel any pity if Trump's last meal in prison was a turdburger. Nor would I feel any pity if the equally corrupt, neofascist Harpercons were in a kennel somewhere in the hinterlands, where Ford has to fight career dope fiends for $1 piss at the canteen, and Scheer spends the rest of his life in a cold cell confessing his transgressions to the prison chaplain. "I sold my soul to Nazi werewolves, Saudi princes, and a shady data-analytics firm, Father. But Justin the devil made me do it!"

    4. Hi anon@11:52 AM...I make no apologies for despising Ford and wishing him a short and miserable life and political career. He is threatening the lives of hundreds and hundreds of drug users by vowing to shutdown safe injection sites, as well as threatening the lives of bullied LGBT children in our schools. I don’t hate him for myself for there is nothing he can do to me, and I could go live in Scotland tomorrow if I wanted. I hate him for those he is bullying and can’t fight back...

  4. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Shame on the previous government for abolishing the handgun registry and stripping police of a tool in place since 1934 and creating the mess that has led to tragedy like the recent Toronto shooting and today’s shootings in Fredricton.

    Things like this should serve to remind us why CONservatives should never form government again.

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      With all due respect and as odious as Harper was, his government didn’t scrap the handgun registry.

    2. Hi anon...Harper’s destruction of the gun registry he once supported has led to an explosion of violence in this country. I want our gun laws to be as strict as they are in Britain. When I’m in Scotland I often go by the town of Dunblane where in 1996 a deranged gunman killed 16 young children and a teacher before killing himself. As a result of that massacre the British government passed the gun laws that have made that country a much safer place. How many have to die in Canada before we do the same thing?

    3. Hi anon@14:43...OK fine, I’m sure that anon@12:36 meant to say the long gun registry. But clearly handguns are out of control and something must be done to restrict them further. So called legal handguns are being sold to criminals or stolen by them, and as I said what works in Britain works for me...

    4. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Hi Simon - I’ve seen this comment plastered across FB since the Danforth shootings, over and over again. The poster has been called out repeatedly on his “errors” yet still persists. Just my two cents.

  5. Jackie Blue12:48 PM

    Wonder when he'll start plagiarizing Trump and calling honest journalists "da enemy of da people." He's got his work cut out for him: All he has to do is dig up Robbie's rhetoric about Daniel Dale and rope him into the QAnon fake-news pedo ring. Which has now expanded Pizzagate into a conspiracy theory about doughnuts. As much as Evil Homer probably finds beer and doughnuts to be manna from heaven (then again, who doesn't?), I'm sure it won't be long now before he accuses Andrea Horwath of running a child trafficking ring in the basement of every Tim Horton's. He's quite a few Timbits short of a full box to begin with.

    1. Hi Jackie...Ford is well on his way to becoming a third rate Trump imitator. His Harperite handlers are always encouraging him to appeal to the rabble or call any criticism of him “fake news.” He enabled his late brother, and failed to rein him in, so we can hardly expect hm to control himself. One can only hope that his reign will be short and end badly, wth Ford shuffling away in handcuffs...