Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Saudi Assault and the Silence of the Traitors

It's been almost two days since the perfumed prince of the barbarous kingdom of Saudi Arabia, launched an insane assault on Canada for having had the nerve to stand up for human rights.

But strangely enough Con leader Andrew Scheer has yet to stand up for Canada, or say a word about the Saudi offensive.

Or maybe not so strangely, since he's not exactly a human rights champion himself.

But it does raise the disturbing question, whose side is he on?

For in his never ending attempt to destroy Justin Trudeau he has sided with our enemies more than once.

When the NAFTA negotiations got underway he tried to sabotage them, by reminding Donald Trump of Justin Trudeau's human right's credentials. 

Even though that could have cost Canada hundreds of thousands of jobs.

During Trudeau's trip to India, he sided with the Hindu extremist government of Narendra Modi in a shameful manner.

Only to be played like a fiddle by the Indian security services, and revealed to be nothing less than a useful idiot or a traitor in our midst.

But sadly Scheer is not the only political leader betraying our country.

For so is his friend Trump and other so-called allies like Theresa May who are doing their best not to upset Mohammed bin Salman.

For crass financial reasons.

So Canada finds itself somewhat isolated, and fighting the perfumed prince all by itself.

Which is really disappointing and annoying...

But here's the good news.

We can handle whatever the Saudis throw at us... 

We will not be intimidated, and the truth will win out. 

It's not every day a country gets a chance to stand up on the world stage for the rights of women and gay people, and all the others brutally oppressed in that barbarous kingdom.

As the Washington Post reminds us, this tweet was entirely justified.

And if we're not looking away, others shouldn't either. 

What Ms. Freeland and Canada correctly understand is that human rights and basic liberty are universal values, not the property of kings and dictators to arbitrarily grant and remove on a whim. Saudi Arabia’s long-standing practice of denying basic rights to citizens, especially women — and its particularly cruel treatment of some dissidents, such as the public lashes meted out to Mr. Badawi — are matters of legitimate concern to all democracies and free societies.

Every leading democracy — let’s start with the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven nations — should retweet Ms. Freeland’s post about the imprisoned Badawis. Basic rights are everybody’s business.

So if our cowardly allies don't dare stand up to the perfumed prince, then we'll just have to take him on alone.

And if Andrew Scheer refuses to stand with his own people, he too should be called a coward. Or a scummy serial traitor whose name will live in infamy forever.

You know, we Canadians are a peaceful people, and sometimes too polite.

But we don't let anyone push us around.

We know how to fight.

And if we have to fight we will...


  1. Jackie Blue4:52 PM

    This is Trudeau's Diefenbaker moment.

    Scheer, like his puppeteer Harper, has schit all over the man's legacy. While at the same time fostering Islamophobia at home like his fellow Brexshitter BoJo the clown.

    And I was finally able to get at that nonsensical Rempel thread that last night's troll posted. She blamed Trudeau for why Trump is ripping up NAFTA and accused him of "alienating" New Zealand. Does she not read Time Magazine? Wait -- no, she doesn't read, period. Trudeau "alienated" New Zealand so much that Jacinda Ardern wrote a piece for their "100 Most Influential People" issue praising him as an iconic leader of a new generation. The second time already he's appeared on the list. But never let facts get in the way of a good bullshit narrative.

    The cons' complicity with these terrorists is a mirror image of the GOP. Won't be long now before Andrew Akbar travels to Riyadh and does a sword dance or puts his hands on their glowing orb. But "Bhangragate" -- yeah, shut up media stooges, you're as much of an enabling joke as CNN.

    I just hope he, his family and your country stay safe and don't end up collateral damage in these madmen's proxy war.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes it's striking how Britain's political scene has been poisoned by the Trumpling cult like so many others. Boris Johnson, the Eton bully boy, was somebody I never took seriously like Doug Ford. I could never imagine how anybody could vote for him. But now he seems to be one of the favourites to replace Theresa May, and For is Premier, and I suppose anything is now possible. As for Rempel, I seriously believe she has an alcohol problem and is on her way to a total nervous breakdown. But then everything from our politics to the planet also seem to be heading that way. So I can only cling to that old saying, it is always darkest before the dawn...

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I just saw Justin Trudeau on TV telling the Saudis to take a hike. Thank goodness we have a real leader unlike that traitor Scheer. It's disgusting to see how the old Con trolls are crawling all over the net siding with Saudi Arabia. As you said the other day they really have no decency.

    1. hi anon@5:16 PM...yes, how lucky we are to have Justin Trudeau as our Prime Minister at a time like this one, instead of that traitorous nerd Andrew Scheer. And yes, how grotesque it is to see Scheer's ugly supporters crawling like roaches all over the net siding with the Saudis. They don't seem to understand that they are defecating on the Con brand, and nobody will ever be able to claim that it is a Canadian party again...

  3. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Canada is going to fold like a cheap suit you love our oil.

    1. Jackie Blue7:05 PM

      Go eat a camel turd, Andy. Sunni Ways, you traitor fuck.

    2. Hi anon@5:22 PM...If you are a Saudi, let me assure you that your oil can easily be replaced since it accounts for only ten percent of the oil we consume. And if you are a Con with disloyal tendencies may I suggest that you are either senile or crazy...

    3. Hi Jackie...I see you are in fine form, and like so many of us have had enough of these crazy Cons. If it's any consolation you should know that I have never had to delete so many Con comments. They have been going berserk out there, and I can hardly press the delete button quickly enough. I guess they must be starting to realize where Scheer is leading them, and who wants to end up in a Roach Motel?

    4. And of course the main point should be to exit the petroleum era as quickly as possible. Between Trump and Drug Ford, this essential shift is being postponed, bringing us closer to the brink of worldwide disaster.

      The CAQ would like to do the same here in Québec, thwarting Projet Montréal's ambitious plans for electrified transport and new métro lines.

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    The cowardly Scheer must be shitting bricks. He can't side with Justin Trudeau or his supporters will tear him to pieces, and he can't side with the Saudis or his Muslim hating supporters will tear him to pieces, and other decent Canadians will call him a traitor. HA HA HA HA. Now THAT is a leader!

    1. Hi anon@5:34 PM...yes, something is going on. I have heard reports of frantic meetings as the Cons try to decide what to do, for as you point out they are caught between a rock and a hard place. They are a party of no decent principles that is now only an enlarged attack machine, so no wonder they are imploding...

  5. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I LOVE this post. Those two beavers are the best. And the Saudis and the skanky Con trolls shouldn't laugh, because if you piss off a beaver it can give you a hell of a bite.

    1. Hi anon@5:52 PM...I'm glad you liked the post, and those two beavers. And you're right, our humble beaver may be a gentle creature, but when provoked it can deliver a painful bite as the skanky Cons and their new masters the Saudis are about to find out...

  6. Anonymous6:32 PM

    There is something really weird about Scheer’s inability to come to the defence of his country. He can’t seem to put the interests of Canada before his own political interests. And you know what they say? First time dumb, second time dumber, and the third time you’re OUT!

    1. Hi anon@6:32 PM...It is weird, and Scheer has demonstrated once again why he is unfit to be prime minister. A man who can't put his country before his crass political interests is not much of a man, and a disaster as a politician. And like you I can only hope that most Canadians will finally recognize the traitor behind the mask...

  7. Me thinks we stumbled onto this truth moment. We have a blind eye to the neo Nazi governments in many former Soviet republics. Nevertheless we have been forced to stand up for whats right. Its revealing the lack of support from the worldwide democratic committee. Today I at work I was branded a racist for a provocative statement. I stand behind it 100%. If its true Germany was a NAZI country I spoke the truth.

    1. Hi Steve...I'm sorry you had a bad day, and I'm not sure I agree with you. I feel that many of those Saudi students are also victims of their mad clown prince. But then of course all it takes is one, so maybe we can't be too careful. As for your millennial oppressors I'm going to have to have a word with them... ;)

  8. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Scheer's taking his lead from other cons like Trump and May, keeping his head down and staying out of this. Former Harper MP and barking seal Ed Holder is running for mayor of London, Ontario, and the last thing he wants is to scotch London-based General Dynamics Land Systems' contract to supply the Saudis with LAVs. Ed was the chair of the Canada-Saudi Business Council, so you know where his sympathies lie.

    1. Hi anon@10:17 PM...that's interesting and it does make some sort of sense. I'm sure Scheer would like a weapon to use against the Trudeau government's shiny economic record, and in his mind the loss of those General Dynamic jobs would be like manna from heaven. If I was the Liberals I'd be planning to order a lot of armoured cars for our own military, and making plans to convert the factory into one making things like
      electric cars or high speed trains...

  9. Anonymous10:32 PM

    The Con party of Hamish fairy dust only works when everyone is being herded in the same general direction but they cannot handle 180 degree directional changes. For them the Saudi spat is a 180 directional change. Would love to attack Trudeau but it would involve doing a 180 and embracing the Saudi Muslims while calling out Muslim loving Trudeau for picking a fight with them.... a definite no go so hence the silence. Cursed is the inflexibility of dogma compared to an honest political platform and evaluating each situation on its merits. Marshall and the Cons have spent an enormous amount of time and money framing issues and Trudeau at a personalized level. They just cant handle sudden 180 flips where he challenges a Muslim government for human rights violations. Hopefully we will see a few more 180 flips. The Cons really need to get pushed into a box on the Climate file after spending all their time and effort to frame it as an elitist Trudeau inspired working class tax grab.

    Although Wells doesn't state it the inescapable conclusion is that the Con party is nothing more than an advertising agency designed to customize a message that resonates with the targeted voter. Tell us what you want to hear and through a series of digitally adjusted perceptions we will convince you we are now on exactly the same page. Good marketing is all about creating a need that is uniquely filled by their product. Nothing to do with the difficult challenges facing society just virtual needs and solutions.’s-secret-weapon/ar-BBLCR3G

    1. Hi RT...I agree, after trying to portray Trudeau as a secret Muslim and a potential terrorist, having him attack Saudi Arabia for its human rights violations must be blowing their fuses. I also agree that after this sweltering summer now is the time to hit the Cons on the climate change question, and challenge Scheer to come up with his plan for reducing carbon emissions. And please don't remind me of that wretched article by Paul Wells, where he absolves Hamish Marshall by claiming that since he didn't do any writing for the Rebel (which is not entirely accurate) he didn't do anything wrong. Eichmann should have used that argument; I didn't kill anyone, I just kept the Auschwitz trains running on time. That pompous Con fluffer Wells should retire before he makes an even bigger fool out of himself...

  10. e.a.f.12:04 AM

    of course May isn't going to stand up to the Saudi's they never have. they use London for their "courting" season and all that real estate, well you know the values have to be kept up.

    this isn't the first time the Saudi's have played this game. What they are doing to Canada, they did to Sweden and Germany when they spoke up about human rights.

    The crown/clown prince of S.A. is in good company with his good friend, Trump. Next time the Saudi's send a few jets into their towers perhaps Canada will tell the Americans we don't have any room at our airports for their jet and citizens. They seem to have forgotten who took all their citizens during 911.

    Putin has already sided with the Saudi's so I'd suggest perhaps Putin and Trump simply got the clown prince of s.a. to do this. One can hardly tell these days.

    As to Scheer standing up for Canada, ya, about the same time as he figures out Harper isn't god. don't expect any of the cons to say anything against Saudi Arabia. they all want a piece of the action.

    Now that Saudi Arabia is taking their 800 medical students out of our Canadian universities and residences at teaching hospitals/universities, perhaps we can start putting an extra 800 Canadian medical students in to the system. With a great shortage of doctors in Canada, it will be nice to be able to educate Canadians instead of Saudi's who don't give a shit about us as a country or for our values.

    Jackie Blue at 7:05 p.m. OMG that is a great line, thanks for the laugh.

    1. Hi e.a.f...yes, London runs on Saudi money, and the British defence industry even recruits the royals to sell more weapons to the Saudis. We may be tainted by Harper's contract to sell them armoured cars, but they are corrupted beyond belief. As for the Saudi medical students and hospital workers, we definitely do need to end our dependency on them, for as we now see, with a clown prince like that they cannot be relied upon any longer. And the less Saudi and less Con we make this country the better....

    2. London runs on Saudi and Gulf state money, and is also the playground where young scions of Saudi wealth display over-the-top "unislamic" behaviour partying with lavish drink, drugs and human playthings... and driving their effing fast cars everywhere with no regard for human or other mammalian life. There is doubtless a whiff of envy there, but they do have a point. Grrrr.

      I have friends from several Arab countries (both Middle Eastern and Maghrebi) who have a very low opinion of Saudis as uneducated yokels who struck it rich via black gold, not learning and enterprise.

  11. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Maybe it's time to re-open our embassy in Tehran.


  12. e.a.f.4:53 PM

    there was no reason to close the embassy in Tehran except for Herr Harper's desire to impress the Americans. Alas, it did not work.

    Neither country has a great human rights track record, but at least Iran has elections.

    If the Saud's left London, at would impact business and land values. when the royal family and affiliates are arranging marriages it happens in London in the summer and part of the deal is, they must own a home in London.

    Yes they use London as their whore house and the British seem ever so fine with it. Its money after all. Of course we in British Columbia aren't much better, we have the Communist Chinese and they haven't been great "guests/citizens" either and not much is ever done about them either with their high speed cars and shady real estate deals

    In B.C. we have always had Saudi students doing their residencies. what it prevents is Canadians or people who immigrated to Canada and want to stay having those positions. Some may argue given the amount of money the Saudi's pay, we need the money. we don't need it that bad and B.C. needs a lot more doctors. So why educate Saudi's who are of no benefit to us, when we could have Canadian kids in those positions or immigrant doctors who wish to practise in Canada do their residencies so they can get on with being Canadian doctors.

    Given all the wealth Saudi Arabia has, surely they must have enough money to provide their own students a complete education.