Sunday, August 12, 2018

Andrew Scheer And The Corruption Of The Cons

Ever since he became Con leader after a tainted leadership race, I have been warning that the creepy Andrew Scheer could corrupt this country beyond recognition.

And to a large extent he has done that, wounding our system of government with his Republican style attack ads.

Murdering decency, blowing his racist dogwhistle, and lying like a thief over and over again.

While our shabby Con media looked the other way.

But now at last that might be changing.

Now that it's becoming obvious how much the sleazy Scheer has corrupted his own party.

For in just the last few days, three of his Cons have shown that they belong in the sewer with him.

Starting with the Con senator Denise "Batty" Batters who fired off this disgusting racist tweet at Liberal MP Omar Alghabra:

And when forced to apologize. 

Conservative Sen. Denise Batters apologized to Liberal MP Omar Alghabra today for her choice of words in what some interpreted as a racist tweet.

Claimed she was flattering Alghabra not insulting him. 

 "My intent was to suggest Mr. Alghabra's experience living in Saudi Arabia would give him unique insight about the difficult situation in which Canada and KSA find themselves," Batters wrote today in a follow-up to an earlier tweet questioning why Alghabra appeared on CBC's Power and Politics to address the diplomatic conflict with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"I absolutely did not intend to suggest that Mr. Alghabra's birthplace or background has any impact on his ability to represent Canadians on this, or any issue. That is not what I believe, nor what I meant to convey.

As only a scummy Con coward could. 

Then it was the turn of the Con MP Blaine Calkins to smear Alghabra. 

One of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s backbench MPs has deleted a tweet spreading false information accusing the parliamentary secretary to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs of celebrating an “Islamic” takeover of Canadian politics.

Only to be forced to delete his foul tweet and plead ignorance.

Which had to be the dumbest thing that Con has done, since agreeing with Conrad Black that climate change wasn't a problem...

But not dumb enough for his master Scheer to condemn...

And if that wasn't bad enough, then there was the Con MP Shannon "Stubby" Stubbs smearing the highly respected lawyer John Norris.

Only to embarrass herself, for being too damn ignorant to understand the role a defence lawyer plays in our system of justice.

Which finally had some in the media sitting up, and noticing those bozo eruptions. 

Given some of the “bozo eruptions” over Twitter over the past couple of days by Conservative MPs and senators, I have to wonder about both the mindset behind this strategy of posting, and the adult supervision that underpins it.

And pointing out that they are coming from the top.

So long as the official line from the leader is to lie over Twitter as often as he thinks he can get away with it, he’s set a low bar of an example for the rest of his caucus to follow, and it’s no surprise that we’re seeing these kinds of bozo eruptions.

From the serial liar Andrew Scheer...

And when even some in the Con media are taking aim at Scheer and his party...          

You know the Cons are in trouble.

But then so are we, because that disgusting behaviour isn't dumb, it's EVIL.

And this is the bottom line:

They are racists, they are liars, they are the scum of the earth...

And when the time comes, we're going to flush them all down the toilet.

And make Canada clean again... 


  1. Jacke Blue4:38 PM

    "Canadian Cynic" is another great blog that I follow, Simon. Not updated as often as yours, but as other posters have pointed out, sometimes blogging can get tough and wearing to keep up with. Anyway, he got banned from Twitter for calling Batters an admittedly absurd and raunchy name similar to what Samantha Bee said of Ivanka Trump. Which was an "eruption" on his part and he apologized. But AFAIK he hasn't been let back on the platform, while she's allowed to fan the flames of racism and spread fake news on social media along with the rest of the cons. Meanwhile, Marshall's troll brigade and "Ontario Proud" (which I'm not entirely convinced isn't another Marshall troll outfit) flood Twitter (and Facebook) with abhorrent garbage directed at Trudeau (and his family) and Liberal MPs and cabinet members. The troll brigade's bullying of his children in particular -- Hadrien's Halloween costume, Ella-Grace's birthday greeting (where the mouthbreathers made obscene references to FGM), the expressions of hope that Xavier would get "beat up" at school after the India visit -- is grossly unacceptable. There ought to be a law.

    The hypocrisy from Jack Dorsey and the like is staggering, but it seems there are times when sunshine can be the best disinfectant. Andy and his merry band of idiots tell so many lies on social media and post so much bigoted, vulgar crap that one might think "Andrew Scheer" is another sock-puppet pseudonym (or multiple personality) of "Donald Trump". Andrew John Barron, the MP for the riding of Mar-a-Lago North, Saskatchewan. Another obnoxious Internet troll from the Gamergate party who thinks he's qualified to run a country based on how many libs he can "pwn" in the comments section. They all need to go back to 4chan and STFU.

    1. e.a.f.9:13 PM

      perhaps they're little Russian rubble bots getting ready for our federal election. or perhaps they like Saudi arabia more than Canada, seeing as they haven't spoken out against the attacks on Canada.

    2. Hi Jackie....Canadian Cynic is a brilliant blogger and what happened to him on Twitter is really unfair. I have seen many others who have done and are still doing far worse things than him, and they are still there, and he’s gone. I would urge everybody to read his blog and leave comments to encourage him....

    3. Hi e.a.f....Incan’t understand Why our useless media isn’t making more of a fuss over the failure of the Cons to close ranks at a ticket when we are under attack by the Saudi barbarians. It’s absolutely shameful and nobody should ever forget their treasonous behaviour...

  2. It worked for Ford, It worked for Trump, the only reason it will not work for Scheer is he has a Child Molester smile. I am not saying he is one, its just looking at mug shots I see some resemblance in his lips.

    1. Anonymous10:28 PM

      LMAO 😂

    2. Hi Steve...i’ve never thought of Scheer’s weird smile in that way, and I don’t think I will now. It’s creepy enough, and anything more would give me nightmares... 🧟‍♂️

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I’m glad some in our useless media are finally calllng out the Cons, even if as you say they don’t know the difference between dumb and evil. But what took them so long? Scheer has been debasing himself and our country for over a year. I can’t wait until he is gone and we can return to the kind of politics we had before Harper came along.

    1. Hi anon...I don’t know why they took so long, and Insuspect they are only reacting now because all those bozo eruptions have made the sad state of the Cons impossible to ignore. But I too look forward to the day when the Cons are driven from the political scene or reduced to an angry rump, so Canada can be Canada again..l

  4. Anonymous7:58 PM

    It seems that the dam has finally burst. The traitor Scheer is really getting killed. I bet those sleazy Cons must be in a total panic. That last picture in your post says it all. Now you see them now you don't. Ha ha ha ha.

    1. e.a.f.9:16 PM

      It be the media has finally noticed Scheer and his Conservatives have not spoken out on the attacks against Canada by the Saudis and that has been noticed by many Canadians. I am sure even Canadians who aren't Liberals are very unhappy with S.A, but the Conservatives not so much. The media does need advertising and some of those advertisers might not be keen on the cons lack of expression on the topic, supporting Canada

    2. Hi anon@7:58 PM...Scheer is paying the price for fanning the flames of racism. It may have given him a bump in the polls, But with all those bozo eruptions are making him look like a weak leader and he can’t come down on them too hard lest he displease his racist base who want more of that kind of bigotry not less.

    3. Hi e.a.f...I hope that decent Canadians have noticed how Scheer has failed to stand up for his country in a time of crisis. To me defending your country should be beyond cheap partisanship. If most Canadians agree then Scheer is in big trouble.

  5. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Hi Simon, don't forget that Michelle Rempel was recently spotted peddling her gross racism on Rebel Media, so she's another corrupted Scheer Con. Although to be fair, it's hard to know who corrupted who. What we can say is that we can't risk letting any Cons run the country.

    1. Hi anon @8:43 PM....I thought about including Rempel in my post, but I thought I’d save her for a post all of her own. Rempel likes to pose as something better than the other Cons, but by going on the Rebel, again, she shows herself to be just as scummy as the others...

  6. e.a.f.9:06 PM

    what a riot. OMG HOW stupid are these cons. most defense lawyers, have at one time or another defended murderers. If they go on to be judges, its because they know and understand the law. Are these Con MPs suggesting people arrested for murder no longer be able to have lawyers to defend them at trial I think its a reasonable conclusion to make. Would put them in good league with the Saudis. perhaps next we will hear from the Con MPs that they think we ought to stone women to death or ban abortions or bring back the death penalty by public stoning of course.

    for any CON PARTY MEMBER READING THIS PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE YOUR M.P.S READ THE CANADIAN CONSTITUTION. Its important these idiots understand every one is entitled to a fair trial and every lawyer has the obligation to defend her/his clients and if they're good lawyers they should be considered for Judgeships. Now that they mention it, back in the day, John Defeinbaker, was hired by the Chinese community in Vancouver to defend a young man who was accused of murder. Defeinbaker went on to be P.M. of Canada and the young man was acquitted.

    where an MP, cabinet minister comes from has nothing to do with what assignments the P.M. gives him. ALL M.P.S AND CABINET MINISTERS ARE CANADIAN CITIZENS now will the conservatives get over it. Not every one in Canada is white and not everyone in the House was born in Canada. Are these Conservatives advocating Cabinet Posts and work in government be assigned by ethnic background. If I follow the tweet, only First Nations ought to be able to speak on behalf of the P.M. and all M.Ps. ought to be First Nations, because the rest of us are all immigrants one way or another. these Conservatives could be giving the federal Liberals a whole lot of material to use in the next election.

    1. Jackie Blue9:59 PM

      Not only that, but Diefenbaker publicly and quite famously condemned the apartheid regime of South Africa. Justin Trudeau, as a Liberal, is fulfilling Diefenbaker's legacy more than the pathetic heirs to the no longer "progressive" Conservative Party. Although the situation with the judge in Canada is slightly different in that he is not Muslim himself, in combination with the attacks on Alghabra, Scheer and his den of old-stock barnyard brayers are instead fulfilling the role of Donald Trump, who declared that a judge of Mexican heritage could not be impartial on issues of immigration because he supposedly had an (ethnically-based) dog in the fight. They're also mimicking the Klanbaked know-nothing papists of the 1960s, who spread agitprop conspiracy theories alleging that Jack Kennedy, as a Catholic, was going to subvert the sovereignty of the U.S. to the Vatican. Rinse and repeat with the lowlife accusations of "racial bias" accusing Barack Obama of favoring black lives above "real Americans" (wink-wink).

      But point out that Trump, Harper, Scheer or any other right-wing lunatic is acting on behalf of the exclusivist nature of white identity politics, and right away you're the one who's being unnecessarily divisive. It's the old, "IOKIYAR" (it's OK if you're a Republican), Canadian edition. IOKIYARC (It's OK If You're a Regressive Conservative).

      I am no fan of Kanye West, but I will say that Andrew Scheer doesn't care about Canadian people. Honestly, I don't think he really cares about any people other than Andrew fucking Scheer. Diefenbaker is right now seated next to Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower at a bar somewhere in the great ether of the universe, wondering what the hell happened to his party. The other three are pointing to the Liberals and to Justin Trudeau to show him where the progressive PM is now. And Pierre no doubt has saddled up to the counter and offered to buy ol' Dief a drink, all the while beaming with pride and not hesitating to make the other patrons aware that Andrew is the demon spawn of Trump and Harper, while Justin is every bit his father's son.

    2. Hi I’m sure you remember I wrote many posts about the case of Omar Khadr. I was outraged by the way a Canadian child soldier could be tortured and held for so long in a hell hole like Guantanamo. I was also sickened by the anti-Muslim bigotry the case aroused. I received more hate mail and death threats than I ever had before for any other story. So you can imagine how I feel about the lawyers who had the courage and the decency to defend Khadr. And how I feel about scummy Cons like Stubby Stubbs who would dare to put them down...

  7. e.a.f.9:10 PM

    If the climate isn't changing I'd sure like to know why my province is on fire for the second year in a row. Perhaps they need to come out and have a look at B.C. We ought to be the wet coast. Didn't rain for over a month and the grass is dried to a crisp, the leaves are turning fall colours, the cedar trees are drying up and the river in Nanaimo sure isn't running as fast as it has in past years. Upp no climate change, so what was that rain fall in Toronto last week, angel piss?

  8. Jackie Blue10:35 PM

    BTW: The so-called "axis of evil" rival to Saudi Arabia has been quietly reforming from within for quite some time now. I just read a very nice story about a coffee house in Iran that is staffed entirely by disabled people who have Down's syndrome and autism, who have tremendous difficulty finding work even throughout the West. It is actually called the Downtism Café.

    Exactly what are the cons and their disgusting big brother bullies of the Trump party (he who mocked a disabled reporter and cut his disabled nephew out of the family will) doing or proposing to encourage more positive developments like this, instead of zipping their mouths in complicit silence that only benefits brutal regimes that have a callous disregard for human rights and the suffering of the poor, disabled, and otherwise marginalized and oppressed?

    Share this link with Andrew and his minions and see if they bother responding at all (or if they outright block anyone who triggers them with traumatizing things like facts). When they side with Saudi Arabia, it's not only Canada they're siding against. They're siding against a country they consider "terrorists" that not only didn't fly any planes into New York City skyscrapers (let alone threaten Toronto with the same thing), but which, while not yet fully released from the yoke of theocratic oppression, is doing its part for human rights and modernization at home by, as an example, helping disabled people get jobs.