Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Scheer Cons and the Bernier Nightmare

As Mad Max Bernier Bernier comes back from the dead, and threatens to eat the Con convention, I can only imagine how Andrew Scheer must be feeling.

Once he might have welcomed Bernier's assault on diversity, as a way to stir up their bestial base.

So he could keep whipping up racist feelings, make Justin Trudeau look like a weakling, and keep those hate dollars coming.

But not any longer. Not when it's now even MORE obvious that he really, really, really, wants Scheer's job.

And of course, this is a nightmare.

The moment when hateful words start to have consequences. 

Days after Conservative MP Maxime Bernier singled out a Winnipeg park named after a Pakistani leader in an attempt to demonstrate that multiculturalism has gone too far, the park's new sign was vandalized. 

Masroor Khan, who campaigned to give the new park its name, was told Friday that the sign bearing that name — Jinnah Park — was knocked off its perch and left lying against a tree.

The moment when Canadians all over the country start to wonder whether Bernier is out of control, and why Scheer isn't doing more to restrain him.

For the last thing we need is some maniac pouring gasoline on the glowing embers of this racist summer...

For let's be clear it it has been a horror show, and we can't allow the Con hate mongers, and other bigots, toxic Trudeau haters and dirty old men, to keep on poisoning our country and its values.

But the good news is, the word is getting out: Canada's Cons are having a mini-meltdown.  

Tracking the recent antics of members of the Conservative Party of Canada, you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone had spiked the water in their caucus. And not with the sort of substance that changes who you are but the sort that amplifies who you are — the sort that makes you more of yourself. For some Conservatives, that’s a very real problem.

Their masks are falling off, they can't hide who they are any longer.

The past several days have been witness to the excesses of a certain type of atavistic conservatism: suspicious of diversity, frustrated with difference, primed to lash out, angry, petty, mean.

And as you know it's not a pretty sight...

What with Scheer looking even less like a leader, and even more like a racist zombie.

During all of this, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has been missing, for the most part.

Bernier should have been shown off the pitch, but he wasn’t, calling into question whether Scheer has control of his caucus and whether he has the guts to make difficult decisions to manage his side ahead of the fall 2019 election.

A man who would take his party back to the past.

I’d like to say we’ve reached low tide for good sense in the Conservative Party. But I can’t. The 2019 federal election is approaching, and the party under Scheer has been cultivating a xenophobic throwback image, a look back to an imagined Canada that never existed and never will.

A man who hangs out with ex-Rebel scum like Hamish Marshall...

We could hop around the branches of the party family tree, but for our purposes, it’s enough to note that some of those branches are home to radical types, including Hamish Marshall, former director of the far-right Rebel Media, who is the federal campaign chair. Those sorts see the future behind them.

But is too weak and too cowardly to control Bernier. 

A man who is just not ready to govern, and almost certainly never will be.

So it's not surprising that some Cons are dreaming are dreaming of the return of Stephen Harper...

For the good of the party and the country, perhaps Scheer will put his hands on the wheel and point his side in the right direction. If not, perhaps someone could persuade Harper to come back.

In fact, some are even suggesting that Bernier has been manipulated by a mysterious group of Harperites for the sole purpose of undermining Scheer's leadership, and paving the way for the return of their once Great Leader.

Do I believe that? Not really. But I suppose anything is possible.

And I can hardly wait for the Con convention to start.

For it should be a real horror show....

The Cons are the walking dead.

And they don't even know it....


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    So we're at the point where statues of our first Prime Minister are being taken down (Victoria) or vandalized (Montreal) but we're supposed to worry about a sign in a park named after a foreign leader? Iqra Khalid was at the opening ceremony of the park, what a surprise! I thought she was too busy giving out awards to anti-Semites like Amin El-Maoued.

    1. Jackie Blue1:48 PM

      Way to miss the bigger picture. Islamophobia is a metastatic cancer in Canada. The cons wouldn't even acknowledge that it's a real thing even after 6 innocent Muslims were killed by a Rebel scum stormtrooper in Québec. Instead Scheer cozies up to the werewolf Nazi biker gang, the morons with the pawprints on their jackets, who hailed that murderer as a hero. This hatred is being emboldened by the kind of rhetoric that Bernier has been spewing, Scheer has been dog-whistling for two years and Levant has made a cottage industry of for the majority of his adult life.

      I note that Khalid has apologized. Isn't that supposed to be the most Canadian thing to do, to say sorry? MacDonald is dead, he can't apologize for the ravages he is responsible for against indigenous people, but the current government can seek to make amends as our understanding of history evolves -- and incorporates more perspectives than simply the white man's default.

      Now, speaking of anti-Semites, including of the self-loathing type, would you care to answer why Andrew Scheer is in bed with Ezra Levant, who began his career as Canada's most notorious hate-mongering gadfly by inviting Doug Christie, the attorney representing two Holocaust deniers, to give a talk on "freedom of speech" at U of Calgary? It's all there on his Wikipedia page if you care to find out (or can read at all). Why did Levant welcome Gavin McInnes on his channel with a video called "10 Things I Hate About Jews"? Why did Levant rant and rave about Romani people? Why did he sent Faith "14 Words" Goldy -- who Scheer gave a number of interviews to, and who recently praised Bernier on Twitter for his hateful rant -- to Charlottesville, and why is she now a Ford Nazionalist candidate for mayor of Toronto?

      Scheer knew all of this when he hired Ezra's IT guy to be his personal Goebbels, and when he appeared on Rebel Media to raise his profile. Khalid most likely did not. When she found out, she expressed regret. But Scheer has disappeared like a coward, and will never apologize or answer for ingratiating himself among the worst elements of Canadian society -- indeed, humanity at large.

      Why don't you go get busy on a petition to replace the monument with a sand statue of John A. Barron MacDonald Trump? You might as well replace it with a statue of Ronald MacDonald. One way or another, you get a cheeseburger clown or an old racist grandpa.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Just for the record the majority of hate crimes in Canada are against Jews. My cousin in England is moving to Israel because he says the UK isn't safe anymore.

      I wonder if the mass surge of Muslim refugees to Europe has anything to do with it. Shalom.

    3. You get a park You get a park, at least they are not named after some Anglo Saxon genetic lottery winner like most things in Canada.

    4. Anonymous5:03 PM

      Nothing wrong with giving out anti Semite awards considering what they are and have been doing to "The Apartheid Jewish State" The state of racism in Canada is heading to an election where Trudeau is continuing to point out what is wrong in this country and the Cons encouraging what is wrong. I am a white older male who find that this state of affairs in this country is as low as when Mulroney was governing, there is no great leader for this country at this time in history when we need one to step up and bitch slap the representatives sponsoring the population.Reneging on election promises buying a pipeline, ignoring and jailing the citizens for protesting, keeping the con appointees in place to undermine your party "principals" has lessened the ability for Trudeau to win this election, he has cut his own throat.This is too bad for Canada if he looses. but maybe good if we have a minority gov. because none of the leaders have the ability to run this country the way we Canadians expect.

    5. Jackie Blue5:13 PM

      @anon 3:01 -- I'm sorry to hear that your cousin says he doesn't feel safe in Britain. There are extremists in every religion, but the majority of Muslims are good and peaceful people. The greater threat, as even anti-racist activists and expert historians point out, is far-right white nationalism being mainstreamed in media sources and Parliaments the world over (thus having the potential for implementing it into policy), emboldened by the Trump party in the USA.

      I saw a clip on Twitter of BBC Newsnight (can't find it now) with a distinguished professor saying just that. You can also look up Sarah Kendzior, who's studied authoritarianism for years and makes frequent appearances on MSNBC, or read Canadian professor Bob Altemeyer's text on the subject at

      The rhetoric from people like Trump, Bernier, Scheer and his Rebel scum, is what's leading to these hate crimes. Not Muslim refugees. Muslim refugees face the same danger. Don't fall for the divide and conquer strategy. White nationalists hate Muslims as much as they hate Jews.

    6. Anonymous5:14 PM

      There is an open conspiracy by the traitorous Cons and the Big money Right wing form Las Vegas who supported Trump and made Jerusalem the Israeli capital. It really started to heat up when Trudeau spoak about the violence the Israeli military heaped upon the Palestinians. Trudeau rightfully suggested an independent inquiry. The powers of the world did not like that coming from a Liberal Canada, so up pops the traitor Harper to really get the undermining going and here we are deliberately getting jabbed by the right wing lunatics, they want a stake in the heart of this liberal country and have the traitors in place to maybe successful.

    7. Hi anon@12:21 PM...I don't condone vandalism of any kind, and I leave the debate over statues to others, I'm just not interested. But what you need to understand is that the vandalism in that park is aimed at the Pakistani-Canadian or Muslim-Canadian community, and that's what makes it different from the taking down or the vandalizing of a statue....

    8. Hi Jackie...and that sums up the case for the prosecution. 😉 It's really outrageous how right-wingers claim progressives are anti-Semites, when people like Levant have hosted the worst kind of Nazi scum. And yes, how easily the right-wingers have forgotten the slaughter of all those Muslims in Quebec City by one of their own...

    9. Hi anon@3:01 PM....I am opposed to any and all hate crimes against any community. But one must also be careful when trying to build a hierarchy of victims. Some crimes like scrawling a swatika on the wall of a mosque are despicable, but cannot be compared to massacring Muslims in a mosque. Also I should point out that the most violent hate crimes in this country according to published reports are those targeting members of the LGBT community, which for some reason don't get the attention they deserve. I'm sorry to hear that your relatives don't feel safe in Britain, but our challenge is to make sure that all feel safe in Canada...

    10. Hi Steve...what I object to are all the massive statues of obscure British kings and lords who served a few years in Canada and then returned to where they came from. If we are going to put up statues I would like them to be ones that honour Canadian heroes, famous or otherwise. Where for example are the statues to our indigenous people? And why are there so few statues of women? If we are going to have an argument over statues let's look at the big picture...

  2. Jackie Blue12:51 PM


    The Washington Post, they of Pentagon Papers fame and now public enemy number one to Trump, brings up Hamish Marshall and Rebel Media, but the national broadcaster can't show enough spine to do so?

    If that's not a bigly yuge wake-up call to the Ceeb to stop chasing squirrels and Dijon nothingburgers and DO THEIR JOB by hammering these bastards for the neo-fascist loonies they are, then I don't know what is.

    BTW: For our troll the other day who thought your condemnation of the "shabby con media" was way off-base, an actual insider has connected the dots of just how and why Canada's fourth estate is turning into a fifth (or filth) column. Surprise: it points directly to Harper, to dark money sources and Yankee hedge funds... and even to Donald Trump.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, should trust that fat cat any further than they can throw him. Stephen Herpes, the disease that just won't go away.

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      Shame shame shame on Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh, the CPC and NDP and their taxpayers funded trolls who do nothing but smear and bully Prime Minister Trudeau and Liberal supporters on comment forums and social media.

      Shame shame shame on them all. Just more Harper era damage for PM Trudeau to repair when his government cuts their funding.

    2. Hi Jackie...perhaps I was too quick to dismiss Harper's role in this Mad Max eruption. Bernier isn't giving interviews, and as Paul Wells has pointed out, his tweets do not appear to be written by him. So who are his mystery supporters, and what are their real motives? And yes, we need to investigate what dark money is already circulating before it's used to try to disrupt the next federal election....

    3. Hi anon@3:06 PM...please leave Jagmeet Singh out of it. I see no evidence that he has ever smeared Justin Trudeau. He does criticize Trudeau, but he never descends to the level of the Cons. I am impressed with his decency and just wish him and Justin were working together in a giant left-wing party or coalition. *Sigh* maybe one day...

    4. Anonymous10:51 PM

      Hi Jackie, thanks for the link. All deeply connected and singing from the new hymn sheet. The Russian oligarchs certainly know how to launder money through hedge funds so why not media propaganda. It started as a turf war to give back a little of what the US has been doling out for years but is anyone still in charge or has it taken on a life of its own with the various actors locked in mortal combat.

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    That’s the first time I have ever seen an MSM story that mentions the nefarious influence of Hamish Marshall. I can only hope that it will encourage media in this country to take a closer look at what exactly Marshall is doing, because I haven’t the slightest doubt that he is largely responsible for the torrent of hate pouring out of the Cons. A man who worked for Ezra Levant can never be trusted, and his appointment as Con campaign manager is an absolute disgrace.

  4. Hi anon@ 2:24 PM....yes, I am glad to see someone shine a light on Hamish Marshall because like you I believe he is deeply involved in the Con's various hate mongering campaigns. He'll claim that his data mining is only trying to reflect the political positions of his Con supporters. But when him and his crew find racism they feed it instead of ignoring it, and as a result our entire country is poisoned...

  5. e. a. f.8:11 PM

    Was reading the news this morning and had a great laugh. Since Bernier sent out tweets the federal Liberals had 1,000 people sign new membership cards. The Liberals were also able to use Bernier's tweet as part of their funding raising and boy did that bring in the dollars. so in a manner of speaking this works for the federal Liberals. I expect it scares the shit out of many and want to ensure the Cons do not form the next government.

    It maybe that Bernier, thinking this worked for Ford, he'd have a run at it and see how if it worked. If it did, he could force a leadership review at the upcoming convention. In my opinion, Scheeer is not strong enough to fight something like that off and the party, perhaps having buyers remorse would turf him and go with Bernier. However, given Bernier's comments, it would loose them a lot of votes in multi cultural areas in Canada. It sure won't fly in some ridings in B.C.

    Could Harper be behind this? Possible, but not likely. To be sure we'd have to check to see how much money his company is making. If its not doing so well, it might be welcome back Harper.

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Mad Max is leading the charge of the crazy backbenchers to take back control of the party from harper. They recognize Scheer as harper’s placeholder so Mad Max’s Proud boy from his leadership race is stirring the shit.

    1. I doubt Mad Max has any plan except to create trouble for Scheer.