Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mad Max Bernier and the Incredible Cowardice of Andrew Scheer

I knew Andrew Scheer wasn't going to be too hard on Mad Max Bernier for his brutish assault on diversity.

Scheer has yet to criticize the Saudis for their bestial attempt to hurt and humiliate this country.

So he's not exactly a hero eh?

And he knows that if he came down too hard on Bernier, his rabid racist base would tear him apart.

But this is ridiculous.

The cowardly Scheer didn't say ANYTHING !!!

His office said he was "unavailable" or too busy to grant any interviews.

And the statement the Con propaganda department released doesn't say what Bernier said, and doesn't even mention his NAME !!!

Scheer’s spokesperson Brock Harrison issued a statement Monday expressing support for the idea of diversity, but without specifically mentioning Bernier or his comments. 

 “Canada has been built by people from all over the world coming here to enjoy the freedom, prosperity and equality that our country offers,” Harrison said.

 “Conservatives will continue to recognize and celebrate the contributions made to Canada from people from diverse backgrounds that have enriched our history and our society.” 

Scheer would have nothing further to say on the matter, Harrison added.

Can you believe that? Surely that must rank as one of the most grotesque acts of political cowardice this country has ever seen. 

And the suggestion that Scheer is too busy to do interviews is just another Big Lie.

When in fact he's been spending his days doing things like breaking plates on the Danforth.

And showing us once again why he should never be prime minister.

As for Bernier, you know he'd have Scheer's name on any plate he broke, as well as the name of the dairy lobby. 

And the names of all those "fake conservatives" who he claims robbed him of his chance to become Con leader, and had him snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Because he can't EVER forget that, and he wants revenge...

And Scheer's job.

Which helps explains why Scheer is running scared.

But let's not forget that Bernier's fears of "extreme multiculturalism" are unfounded.

Especially in his incredibly white and incredibly boring Beauce.

Residents of Beauce, the riding south of Quebec City that Bernier has represented since 2006, might reasonably ask what their MP is talking about. According to 2016 Census data, even as the face of Canada changes, La Beauce remains remarkably the same.

Or forget that studies show multiculturalism helps immigrants integrate successfully.

And of course let's never forget that Max isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the universe...

And is frequently disappointed...

But this is the bottom line:

Now he's just another dumb racist threatening to set this highly successful country on fire. 

And for failing to criticize Bernier's dangerous dog whistle, Andrew Scheer has shown yet again that he is unfit to be the leader of a Canadian party.

And why, if all we have built is not to be destroyed.

Scheer and his far-right Cons must be defeated, by whatever means necessary...


  1. Jackie Blue10:04 AM

    Max's rant sounds disgustingly similar to Fox News' Laura Ingraham's diatribe about "demographic changes" -- that was heartily endorsed by none other than David Duke. But as the old saying goes, silence is complicity, and by not condemning his racist bozo eruption Scheer proves once and for all that the Cons are little more than a Canadian offshoot of the GOP. Scheer is the Ted Cruz to Bernier's Trump: they share all the same bigotries, but Scheer is the stealth putz with a punchable face while Bernier is the loudmouth, "colorful personality" who "tells it like it is." I don't want to see Canada produce a rerun of the reality-TV shitshow down here.

    What I wonder is why, if they hate Canada so much and everything it stands for, they don't just pack up and GTFO to some pasty-white fascist homeland like, oh, I dunno, Russia, where I'm sure they'd be more comfortable. I'm sure Vlad would love to go riding around shirtless on Max's big-boy bully bike, maybe with Scheer bobbling around in the sidecar and Trump tooling along in his golf cart.

    The irony is if Kellie the Leech ever did implement her Canadian Values Test, it would see pretty much the whole CPC deported. Maybe Trudeau should "steal like an artist," as Steve Jobs once said, for the 2019 agenda. Nazi punks fuddle-duddle off.

    1. Hi Jackie...I agree, Bernier's rants are now beginning to resemble those of people on the far-right in the United States. And by not condemning them Scheer has also shown his true colours. As to why our Cons seem to hate Canada and its values so much I have no idea. I suppose it's inevitable that when a giant country like the U.S. shares a border with you, some in Canada should suffer from an inferiority complex and feel that we should be more like the Americans. That's why it's so important to stand up for our values for only they can save us...

  2. Bernier should write another book!

    1. Hi Kathleen...well first he has to publish the one he has written. But if he releases a chapter a month, and drives Scheer crazy or crazier, I might even buy a copy to use as emergency toilet paper when camping, or start a fire in the winter... ;)

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    The creeper Scheer is starting to look as if he might be having a nervous breakdown. How else can his bizarre behaviour be explained? He seems almost paralyzed like a rat caught in the headlights of a cobra. Is he praying for guidance? Is there something happening in his private life that is preventing him from doing his job? How could somebody be even more of a coward than Harper? It’s truly disturbing.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Maybe he has a lot to hide 🤔

    2. Hi anon@2:34 PM...I don't know why Scheer is acting so strangely, or why he seems to be paralyzed with fear. But one thing is for sure, he's no leader...

    3. Hi anon@4:25...Scheer does have a lot to hide, namely his close association with right-wing radicals, we now know as alt-right supporters. And if our shabby media ever closely examined his background, there is no telling what they might find...

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    That Frank Graves graph is really interesting. I think it helps explain why Canada is such a peaceful and successful society. Those idiotic Con bigots just don’t get it.

    1. Hi anon...I also found that graph interesting and encouraging. It only quantified what I always believed, but it does explain why we are such a successful society, and it's a huge slap in the face to the bigots who would divide us...

  5. Jackie Blue6:09 PM

    Somewhat off topic: Interesting essay on the value of charm in political life. 'Course I happen to disagree with her about Trudeau, and find BoJo the clown more of a poison frog than a prince especially with his hateful comments about Muslim women. But she raises a point about conservatives, only mentioning Harper, Ford and of course Trump specifically, although the same could easily be extrapolated to Bernier or Scheer:


    Charm works. Conservatives are generally devoid of humour — remember Stephen Harper, the least charming man alive — and I have no idea why. Charm requires sincerity, attention, a genuine concern that a guest gets a drink and introductions, a little self-deprecation.

    Charm greases the skids of human interaction. People with charm don’t take things personally and don’t hold grudges. They can talk you into things because you trust them. You can see that bitterness hasn’t yet crusted over them.

    Insecure people cannot be charming. All their effort is spent on shoring up their own dilapidated structure in order to impress you.

    Bernier seems to think he's all that and a rogue ladies' man to boot, while Scheer fancies himself the humble altar boy who God himself appointed to deliver Canada from the wickedness of liberal debauchery and sloth. Scheer is so insecure, in fact, that he is literally "shoring up his dilapidated structure," throwing stones at Trudeau's self-financed swing set even as the glass house of Stornoway is on track for a massive, and far costlier, upheaval. While Trudeau is not perfect he has more than demonstrated that he is earnest, respectful, and above all compassionate at a time when it is needed most. He is also genuinely empathetic and interested in listening to others' perspectives from all walks of life. He is even playful, intrinsically predisposed to that good-natured sense of humor that the writer points out conservatives, with their mean streak and fondness for a malicious chuckle at a suffering person's expense, simply do not possess.

    Bernier and Scheer are as toxic as the most impacted bowels of the Internet. Theirs is the kind of lethal venom that is injecting itself like fentanyl throughout the global political atmosphere, with Trump being perhaps a Patient Zero and Bernier and Scheer being additional infected cells carrying the contagion throughout the "body politic." Hopefully Canada can heal itself and develop an immunity to this sickness before it reaches the same levels it did during the great plague of the 1930s. People's lives literally depend on it.

    1. Hi Jackie...Mallick's article is interesting, although I had trouble wading through the story about the grotesque Boris Johnson who I despise with every bone in my body. But yes, who can ever forget our nightmare years with the psycho Stephen Harper. To me decency is charming, and it's one of the main reasons I like Justin Trudeau. Not because he's glamorous, but because he seems to share the values I believe in.
      While Scheer on the other hand could flash his creepy smile at me all day, and I would still find him as charming as a boa constrictor...

  6. For the most part Truedough has remained the cake we all want to eat. Let the cons roll in the mud. Unlike our stupid cousins we are not buying crazy, the shelfs are full down south if you want to buy. Its wise of JT not to buy into the cesspool when he has real ideas of a real country. Not a place where its one dollar one vote
    and thank the invisible hand and Ayn Rand.

  7. Hi Steve...as I told Jackie I am impressed by the decency of Justin Trudeau, and the fact that he does not engage in the same kind of dirty politics as Scheer and company, endears him to me even more....