Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Duffy Trial and the Anger of the Con Base

By now most people have seen the video of that angry old Con attacking reporters for asking questions about the Duffy trial.

And it has become a popular internet meme. 

Chris Sigurdson.

But if you thought that Stephen Harper might be smiling, or in his case opening his mouth and showing his teeth, at that show of support from a member of his Con base, you'd be wrong.

Because there was another angry old guy at that rally, and he's Harper's nightmare.

For he's not impressed by his Great Leader. 

And the reason he's Harper's nightmare can be seen in this new Abacus poll that attempts to measure the impact of the Duffy trial. 

The Mike Duffy trial has captured the attention of a significant number of voters with 22% saying they are following the trial closely, including 6% who say they are following it very closely. 

Most of those who have an opinion about the actions of Messrs. Duffy, Wright and Harper in this matter, believe that they acted improperly. 

For although it shows that most Cons, as might be expected, remain loyal to their Great Leader.

it also suggests that many are deeply troubled.

Suggests that the scandal is having an impact.

And for a party that has a smaller pool of voters than the NDP or the Liberals, that could be fatal.

The real risk for the Conservatives is that as their potential for growth is not as significant as the other parties, they can ill afford for some of their voters to lose heart or stay at home on election day. 

As of now, almost 10% of their support group is saying it feels de-motivated by the Duffy-Wright affair, an impact that in a tight election could well turn out to be important. 

Which explains why their depraved leader is now making this deathly slogan the centrepiece of his new campaign...

In a desperate attempt to pleasure the vengeful instincts of his base, and focus their anger on the invisible criminals, rather than on him and his Con mob.

I mean you KNOW they're desperate when they have to roll out Little Miss Muffet Michelle Rempel to sell that barbaric bill on TV...

Even though they know it's almost certainly unconstitutional. 

But the good news is that it probably won't work. It's too obviously desperate.

And the irony is that the anger of some in his own Con base.

Could in the end be the anger that destroys him...

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David said...

David said...

As I've said before, the Con base is fiercely loyal to Harper. And they VOTE. There is virtually NOTHING that will stop them from voting Con. One cannot write them off from winning again. Harper knows he only needs about 35% of voters to win again. That's why it is so crucial to get these folks out to vote: the 18-30 year olds, First Nations, and those who would have to wait until 67 to receive their Old Age Pension.

lagatta à montréal said...

Who is this angry old guy? I'd like to know the profile of these "angry old guys". I suspect they aren't affected by the Cons' upping the pensionable age. We have to add "angry old white guys", but I suspect that there are also sociological characteristics. Doubt these chaps require the Low Income supplement to OAS.

e.a.f. said...

David is oh so correct. I might add, it will be important for Veterans to get out and vote also and the RCMP which is still not adequately equipped to get into a "fire fight" with gangsters. We ought to remember Moncton. not enough vests, no adequate carbines. This is a party which likes to run on a "law and order" platform of revenge, but first you have to catch the criminals. Surrey has 6 of the 100 promised new RCMP officers. ya, its working ever so well out here in B.C.

The mayor of Surrey says she is satisfied with the Con results so far. right and it looks like she and the photo op premier of B.C. are not only using the same plastic surgeon, but the same writer.