Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harperman: The Anti-Harper Song Goes Viral !!!

If Stephen Harper thought he could get away with punishing the scientist Tony Turner for daring to write and and sing the song Harperman, he must be sorry now.

For as I said yesterday it is an outrageous assault on freedom of expression.

And as I predicted it has only made the song even more popular. 

When I wrote that post Harperman had 48,000 views, a day later it has more than 186.000

It's still growing and it's gone viral.

Everybody it seems had something to say.

Including the Simpsons...

And of course I did too eh?

t seems Canadians are getting tired of seeing scientists getting bullied, muzzled or fired...

Like so many others in this country.

And we now have a protest song to make a dictator's ears ring...

We want you gone (gone, gone) 
You and your pawn (pawn, pawns) 
No more con (con, cons) Time to move on (on, on) 
Get out of town (town, town ) 
Don’t want you round (round, round) 
Harperman, it’s time for you to go.

Sing it proudly, sing it loudly,share it widely.

And on September 17 sing it all over the country.

It's the Stop Harper song we needed to help make us a movement.

And it will help destroy him...

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  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Top 50 Stephen Harper Protest Songs

    1. hi anon...thanks for the list. I have watched them all, and will run as many as I can before the election. And god help yu all I might make one myself...;)

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Simon: This is not a joke. I left a country where you can get fired from your job or harassed if you do this. It is an irony that I am now seeing the same thing happen here. If Canadians do not wake up and heave Steve, this is not a country we would want to live in anymore.

    1. hi anon....I know how you feel. I too can't believe what the Cons have been doing to this country. It really is a nightmare and I hate to imagine what might happen if we don't heave Steve. But the good news is I think we will. The desire for change is enormous, and it will I believe defeat him, as it has defeated so many other leaders who overstayed their welcome. So don't despair, just do what you can to defeat the Cons, and we will get our Canada back....

  3. Hi Simon A friend of Tony's sent me this back in June, it received some attn then but not much, however there is no better way to make something go viral than an official overreaction. When will they ever learn

    1. hi Kev...I too ran the video as soon as it was released. And although I enjoyed it a lot then, the more I listen to it the more I like it. And yes I must thank the Cons for having made it go viral. We need a campaign song, and this one will be perfect...

  4. e.a.f.2:07 PM

    Hadn't heard of the song until the writer/singer got suspended and it made the news. I love it. wish they had released it on c.d. I'd have bought several. if they go on sale anywhere, please let us know. Its so much fun to sing along with.

    1. hi e.a.f....Well then you must have missed the day I ran it. I am always looking for songs of resistance and as I told Kev, I always thought it was great, but like it even more now. As I mentioned in my post there will be a national singalong on Parliament Hill and other places in September. As soon as I can firm up the details I will share them with you all....

  5. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Hi Simon! Take a look at this. So interesting. I will be there for sure!

    1. hi anon...thanks for the list. It sounds like a great way to kickoff the last month of the campaign. And my guitar and I will be there...

  6. Anonymous4:02 AM

  7. Simon, this the Canadian majority, that Harper has been giving his finger to, now being heard! I hope the number of votes match the spirit of the song.