Monday, August 17, 2015

The Killer Drug and the Murderous Madness of the Harper Cons

It's one of the most dangerous street drugs this country has ever known. It's killing on average one Canadian every three days.

But while local police forces are trying to warn people about the danger of illicit fentanyl. 

The Harper Cons are refusing to issue a country-wide alert. 

One would think that an outbreak of hundreds of deaths related to a single cause would catch the eye of federal politicians. But Ottawa has remained surprisingly mute about fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is killing people by the score.

Even though so many Canadians have died and the drug is so deadly.

Fentanyl is a prescription painkiller that is 100 times more powerful than morphine. It comes in patch form; abusers cut up the patches and eat the pieces, or scrape out the medication and smoke or inject it. But because fentanyl is so powerful, the difference between getting high and dying from an overdose can be measured in amounts as small as a grain of salt.

Because the hapless Con stooge Rona Ambrose will spend millions on ads targeting marijuana, and Justin Trudeau.

But she will not do the right and decent thing when it comes to a truly killer drug like fentanyl.

The federal government should issue a country-wide alert, via the RCMP or Health Canada, making Canadians aware of the extreme dangers of fentanyl and the fact that it is being used in illegal street drugs that go by other names. Having Ottawa deliver the message will give it its biggest impact and have the best chance of saving lives.

Just like she would not do the right thing, by making it almost impossible to set-up new needle exchange clinics like the Insite clinic in Vancouver.

Even though it has saved thousands of lives.

Just to satisfy the twisted dictator Stephen Harper, and pleasure his vengeful bloodthirsty base. Who believe that drug abusers should be punished not helped, and deserve what they get.

One of my fondest wishes would be that Ambrose and her Cons be forced to stare at the faces of their victims, as I have. The sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, who died in lonely alleys, run down rooming houses, and luxury homes. The ones who are dying all around us. The ones the doctors couldn't save. So they can see the human consequences of their ignorance and their cruelty.

But failing that, all I can say is what I have said so many times before. A government that puts its murderous ideology before the lives of its own people, is unfit to remain in office.

Please defeat those criminal Cons and its morally depraved leader before they kill more Canadians...

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