Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Duffy Scandal, the PMO, and the Corruption of Stephen Harper

If you've never had the misfortune of sharing a room, or an elevator, with a member of Stephen Harper's PMO, you need to know some things:

They wear the scent or the stench of their cult leader, like a dog happily wears the stench of rotting road kill. They swagger around like bullies drunk with power, but have fear in their eyes.

As a young Kory Teneycke does in this old photo, for goodness knows what reason...

And most importantly, they check their blackberries about once every THIRTY seconds.

So this claim by the former PMO hack Chris Woodcock couldn't be more outrageous.

Mike Duffy's lawyer battled it out in court today with a former senior staffer in the Prime Minister's Office over his insistence that he never a read a line in an email from Nigel Wright that said he had personally repaid the senator's expenses.

"Your claim is just like Ray Novak's," Duffy's lawyer Donald Bayne said. "'Gee, I got the email. It's only to me. But golly I never read it.'" 

 "That's the truth sir," said Woodcock.

Or more absurd:

Woodcock, who had said he received 700 to 1,000 emails a day, told Bayne that, "I won't pretend that you can comprehend what a day-to-day work life is like when you receive 50 emails in a particular meeting." 

 "No, I'm sure I can't comprehend that," Bayne said. 

But Bayne pointed out that Woodcock had said he prioritized his emails, the email was from his boss, and only contained seven lines. It's not just short, Bayne said, "it's crystal clear."

Even if Woodcock did get what he deserved:

"You're adopting a position that this is written in hieroglyphics sir. This is written in English. And you read English, right?" Bayne asked. 

 "Sir, I think frankly you don't need to insult me," Woodcock replied.

And his performance couldn't have been more hilarious, or pathetic...

Chris Sigurdson

But then what do you expect when Ray Novak, Harper's little bum boy stooge, also claimed the same thing? That he didn't read his e-mail from Nigel Wright telling him he'd paid off Duffy. Even though Wright was his boss.

And why should anyone be surprised? When the grubby monsters in the PMO lie about EVERYTHING. They twist the truth to smear their opponents. They believe that if they repeat a Big Lie enough times people will believe them.

And of course, It all comes from their depraved master Stephen Harper, who oozes lies like pus, has no moral compass, is guided by whatever voice in his head is screaming the loudest. And despite his obviously crazed state, is blown like a trumpet by his equally depraved PMO flunkies, from whom he doesn't take no for an answer.

As the unfortunate Benjamin Perrin discovered, when he was working in the PMO and learned the hard way, that speaking truth to power is useless when nobody is listening. 

Perrin, recruited by the PMO as Harper’s legal counsel in 2012, is no latte-sipping leftist; he was a policy intern on Parliament Hill for the old Reform party before law school. 

And yet, when Perrin was asked by Harper’s then-chief of staff Nigel Wright to look into the whole issue of residency requirements for senators — just as the Mike Duffy expense scandal was catching fire in early 2013 — he soon found himself blindsided by the PMO’s other constitutional expert … Harper himself.

Learned rapidly and brutally that it's Harper way or the doorway.

Perrin tried to object to his boss’s wobbly legal theory, but his carefully considered arguments soon ended up where all advice goes when it counters Harper’s will: the shredder. In the Harper PMO, the prime minister’s version of reality is the only one that matters. “The office obviously acts of the direction of the prime minister so his written word stands,” Perrin testified. End of discussion. Perrin was soon back at UBC.

And if that isn't enough to convince you that the man is unfit to remain in office, look how another reasonably decent Con, the late Jim Flaherty, reacted. When on October 23, 2013, Tom Mulcair asked Stephen Harper this question:

Mr. Speaker, now that he has had some practise correcting his previous statements, let us try again. On June 5 and 6, when I asked the Prime Minister whether Ray Novak was involved in the Duffy affair, the Prime Minister said that Nigel Wright acted alone. Was that true?

And Harper tried to claim that Ray Novak knew NOTHING...

Which tells you a lot about poor old Jimbo Flaherty, and all you need to know about Stephen Harper. The Liar in Chief who has raped this country and its values almost beyond recognition. And does corrupt everything he touches.

Oh boy. You know, HarpersBusDriver is a satirical Twitter site, but I'm still proud of this...

Because although it's funny, those Cons in the PMO probably would ban me if they could.

For having for almost ten years, night after night, portrayed their morally depraved leader as he deserves to be portrayed...

To  help people in the future know what he was really like. And that he really was the worst Prime Minister this country has ever known.

So now as my long blogging exercise nears its end, all I ask is that you unite to fight him harder than you ever have before. Stop fighting yourselves.

And defeat that monstrous Con hog.

Before he corrupts and disgraces us further...

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Anonymous said...

My first thought was that comparing the source of dog power to con power was a bit over the top but on reflection and considering all of the dirty tricks the cons have used to degrade our democracy and everything else they touch perhaps it was an insult to my dog.

Anonymous said...

I can't fathom how Wright and now Woodcock would perjure themselves for that piece of dog shit Harper. The biggest injustice is that the trial will have to wait until after the election to continue when so much more of their lies could be exposed now. Hopefully more bombshells drop before this week ends.

e.a.f. said...

He didn't read the whole e-mail? right/wright.

its like a bunch of kids all saying the dog ate their home work or
at the B.C. Rail trial, there was such memory loose with all the I don't remember, no recollection etc. No one believed it and not many are going to believe the Con excuses.

Noah said...

No kidding.
In the PMO, where Harper's word is considered holy, where his version of reality and his version of the truth is all that matters and what must be adhered to by the letter, else you're fired, that his primary staff didn't read every single email and memorise them is utterly unfathomable.

The PMO is staffed by voracious men who would kill their own children and parents to succeed and be in the PMs graces, so you better believe they read everything as if their lives depend on it, because really, their careers do depend on it.