Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Monster Stephen Harper and the Anthem of Hope

When I see the crazed look in Stephen Harper's eyes I can't believe that anybody in Canada could vote for such a monster.

When I read about how him and his Cons are trying to buy an election I wonder why they aren't in jail. 

Cabinet ministers, backbenchers, and Senators announced $14.09-billion in federal government spending between June 23 when the House rose and Aug. 2 when the federal election was called, according to the 670 announcements.

When I look at this updated list of his crimes against Canada I wonder why he's still in power. 

Because in any other country a man with a monstrous record like that one would have millions of people in the street demanding that he resign. Or else.

And when I see so many progressives fighting themselves rather than the dictator who is destroying everything we once believed in, I must admit that I sometimes despair.

Especially since I'm so far away, in a quiet place like this one...

Where if you mention the word Harper all you get is a blank stare.

But then I'll be back soon, I've been fighting the monster Harper and his filthy regime almost every day for almost ten years, I never give up.

And the good news?

I have never felt so close to victory, or more full of hope. I can feel it from the other side of the Atlantic. From a distance you can see how even the MSM is slowly turning against him. 

His days really are numbered.

In summary, there is nothing inevitable about the continuation of a Conservative government even if the split opposition vote in the upcoming election leaves Harper in first place. On the contrary, a minority result likely means the end of Harper and his government.

And I really love this new song...

Don't you love the way the old and the young sing out together that anthem of hope?

Can you believe that in less than seventy days we will be be free at last?

Let's fight the Cons like they deserve to be fought. Let's show them no mercy.

Let's crush them beyond recognition.

And take our country back...

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  1. The Tyee article doesn't mention the China-FIPA, a deal signed by the Conservatives allowing Chinese investors, including state-owned corporations, to sue Canada for $millions over our laws they don't like, made at any level of government in Canada. We are locked into this incredibly bad deal for 31 years.

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Fuck that!
      Dump heil harper...
      Ignore the deal. China ignores every damn thing that doesn't suit their purposes!
      They don't like it? We trade with Russia. They certainly don't have a worse human rights violation record than China! And at least the shit they make doesn't fall apart after 72 hours...

    2. Hi Hugh...write to them and point that out. They are a great group of people and they are soliciting ideas from their readers to make that list even more impressive, or should I say depressing....

    3. Who said it was for 31 years, -- harper? -- once he's gone, hopefully to jail, the deal is null and void by the next government, unless they want a lynch mob of millions of Canadians after them...

    4. "The China-FIPA has a minimum term of 15 years, plus one years notice to terminate. After that, there's a 15 year survival clause, making for a minimum lifespan of 31 years."

      Gus Van Harten's book "Sold down the Yangtze". p. 297.

  2. Thanks, Bill Henderson! Your voice is still so sweet and strong after all these years. And your message clear and hopeful. Let's go Canadians.

    And thank you, Simon.

    1. Hi Unknown....I don't know the individual names of Chilliwack's members, but Bill Henderson still has a fine voice and it is a great video. One of their songs is also on my top ten list of great Canadian songs. It's called Fly At Night, and I used it to cover a tribute video I made to the medical rescue flyers who risk their lives to save the lives of others. If you're interested you can see it on my YouTube channel...

    2. Bill's new song/video is only a rough draft.

  3. Yes, the MSM seems to be getting a bit disenchanted with old cement hair. I noticed even Margaret Wente was critical today on the Cons/Harper's stance on the environment and the oil sands. I still wonder if I dreamt it.

    1. Hi jrkrideau...yes it is a positive development. It comes far too late, but better late than never...

  4. the defeat of the Cons is not yet a done deal. ensure you keep your passport for Scotland. You may need it yet.
    the trade agreement with China does not permit us to cancel it for 15 yrs. If we do, they will take us to an international court where we could loose our shirts, so to speak.

    We can not enact laws which will impede the Communist Chinese from making profits. We can only use the laws we currently have.

    One B.C. blogger, some time ago wrote an "imaginery" newspaper article, in the future, which has Canada refusing to deal with China, China and the U.S.A. navies facing off with each other, because western Canada had joined the U.S.A. to avoid the trade deal with Communist China. If some one has a link to it, it is quite an interesting read, for what could happen in the future.