Thursday, August 06, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great Netflix Fiasco

Well this is certainly bizarre. Yesterday I portrayed Stephen Harper as the lead character from the TV series Breaking Bad, the crystal meth maker and dealer Walter White.

The idea was to try to drive home my firm belief that not only is Stephen Harper a Con criminal, he is slowly going crazy.

Only to have Harper put out a video today claiming that Breaking Bad is his favourite TV series !!!

And prove my point that he's going crazy, by suggesting that the opposition wants to tax Netflix but he's against that and always has been.

When in fact the opposite is the case.

Not only have the NDP and Liberals explicitly stated they are not proposing a Netflix tax and have never called for a Netflix tax, in fact, only one federal party has actually opened the door to a Netflix tax. Yep, you guessed it: Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

Which needless to say had Twitter in an uproar. 

Twitter users are mocking Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s suggestion that other parties would place a tax on Netflix, while NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has already said he would do no such thing.

And had even yours truly contributing a graphic I made TWO years ago...

Just call me prophetic eh?

Although the way Harper's campaign is going maybe this new one might be better...

But one thing is for sure. He's lying like a thief.

He is crazy desperate. He is capable of anything.

And the sooner we defeat him and jail him.

The safer we will be...

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  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Eight must-see moments from the Maclean’s debate'

    1. Hi anon ,, thanks fo the links. Because I 'm in Scotland I had to watch the debate starting at 1am so I fell asleep watching it, and will have to read the transcript to see how much I missed....

  2. Interesting coincidence.

    I thought his favourite series was Murdoch Mysteries. He appeared in an episode and I saw the clip on YouTube. However, he does not appear in the DVD version of the full episode (unless I just totally missed him).

    1. Hi UU4077....I must admit I was stunned to hear that Harper's favourite character was a drug dealer. But who knows maybe he has a secret life, and I'm sure you remember that drunken party at 24 Sussex Drive. I think it's time the rcmp stopped reading our e-mails, and started investigating the Cons....

  3. I'm glad someone told us what that image was referencing. I'm so totally out of touch with popular culture, especially US popular culture (as you know, we have our own here in Québec which can be every bit as crappy, and that is what I'm exposed to whether I want to be or not.

    Boulerice has opened an electoral office already, but still no NDP candidate in Papineau... I did think May performed well at the debate and made important points.

  4. Hi lagatta....actually Breaking Bad was really good. But of course having Harper play the lead character would ruin it completely....