Monday, August 17, 2015

Why Stephen Harper Has Suddenly Stopped Talking About the Russians

It's the greatest Arctic mystery since the Franklin expedition. 

Why after taunting the Russians and their leader for the last two years, in relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote. 

And shooting his mouth off like a cannon, as only that Con clown could...

Why is Stephen Harper suddenly not talking about the Russians anymore?

Why has he suddenly gone silent even after their equally desperate and deranged leader issued this disturbing challenge? 

Vladimir Putin has made his most audacious land grab bid yet after claiming that Russia owns the NORTH POLE.

Not content with just spreading his power base into Ukraine, the eccentric president has now submitted a bold claim to a large portion of the Arctic.

And so soon after Great Warrior Leader claimed the North Pole belongs to Canada...

Even though most experts say it belongs to Denmark.

For even on his latest trip up north, to escape the Duffy scandal, and stage this ridiculous photo-op...

He made no mention of that threat.

So I can only conclude that his strange silence has something everything to do with the calamitous state of the Canadian navy. 

This October, NATO is launching Trident Juncture, its largest and most ambitious military exercise in a decade.

The Canadian government, an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine, had planned to send its flagship destroyer, HMCS Athabaskan, as “a strong signal to the Russians,” whose ships and aircraft have also been bumping up against Canada’s territorial claims in the Arctic.

But, last week, it was reported by the Ottawa Citizen that the 43-year-old Athabaskan was no longer seaworthy and is being sent back to Halifax for extensive repairs.

And that the situation is now so desperate, thanks to his criminal or treasonous incompetence.

After years of neglect, budget cuts and delays, our maritime forces have no more destroyers. Hansen believes the only message now being sent to Moscow is: “Canada’s Navy has crapped out and they [the Russians] don’t have to be worried.”

It has forced Harper to eat his words.

Or run for cover...

For in addition to all his other ghastly flaws, he is the greatest poseur and coward this country has ever known. 

You know, it speaks to the state of our broken Canada, and our hapless MSM, that nobody has so far been able or willing to connect the dots, or even notice the strange silence of the Cons.

But like old Sherlock did in the Hound of the Baskervilles, I noticed that the dog had stopped yapping. And now that we know why, we should use it against him in this election campaign.

Stephen Harper a Great Warrior Leader.

Don't make me laugh...

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David said...

Didn't Harper indirectly mention the threat when he said:

"One important part of our northern strategy has been our support for the Canadian Rangers. This is a force that not only acts as our eyes and ears on the ground in defence of our northern sovereignty, but also provides good work, solid training, and role models throughout our northern communities. A re-elected Conservative government will expand the ranks of the Junior Canadian Rangers [ages 12 to 18] to a full 5,000 members. Now friends, it's good to know that when our sovereignty and security are on the line, we have people like the Rangers standing on guard for the rest of us."

Anonymous said...

Harper's plan has been to campaign on 3 main areas:

1. strong economy
2. leadership
3. safety/security

Now that 1 and 2 are tanking, his only card to play is 3.

So in the final days of the election campaign, if the polls show there is no way Harper's Party of One could even form a minority government, will he call on the RCMP and CSIS to round up some "jihadist sympathizers" bent on blowing stuff up, in an attempt to scare Canadians into voting for him?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Although possibly adequate for defensive purposes our military equipment does not meet the standards of a warfare nation and neither does our security / intelligence systems. Suspect that it only took a few well paced rumors to let the Cons know they should tone down the rhetoric at least until Netti and his friends can bring us up to speed. The Cons are like the Keystone cops and don't really think through any of their strategies before going full speed ahead but then are taken by complete surprise and go into lock down mode when the push back is stronger than anticipated.