Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is That Angry Old Con Also a Hideous Racist?

We've seen that angry old Con in action. We've seen the disgusting way he went after after two female reporters.

We've heard his foul language and the deranged way he smeared them.

Now the Toronto Star says it knows his name. 

And the question that remains to be determined is whether that ghastly Con is also a filthy racist. 

The Conservative supporter who called reporters “pieces of shit” on Tuesday shares the same name with a man who told Olivia Chow to “go back to China” last year.

That heckler was a man named Earl Cowan, according to columnist Christie Blatchford. Speaking to Torssell, the self-described farmer mocked Chow’s “less-than-Canadian accent.”

Because if that is the same guy, the Cons are going to have to explain this:

Cowan was presumably vetted by party officials before he arrived, as per the Conservatives’ invite-only guests policy for campaign events.

And why party officials rushed him away and refused to disclose his name.

Also, since the Cons have spent a huge amount of time and money pandering to the Chinese-Canadian community. 

If or when the racist connection is confirmed, we are going to plaster his picture all over every Chinese-Canadian community in this country from coast to coast to coast.

And make it clear what kind of person, and what kind of party they are supporting...

Because our Canada is better than that. We hate any kind of bigotry.

And we don't just want to defeat the Cons.

We want to see them destroyed...

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Anonymous said...

I forget where I read this but apparently this fellow has also accompanied conservative govt trade missions to Europe at tax payers expense

Unknown said...

The vetted invitation only campaign is not going so well. They seem to see themselves as the chosen privileged, those of the Harper base. Problem is, the rest of Canada wants the press to question Harper, he of the "travelling closet" and Harper and his garden party fascists wish there wasn't a rest of Canada. But there is!

Anonymous said...

here is a link saying that he has been identified as Earl Cowan by both the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Toronto Star:

jrkrideau said...

@ Pamela Mac Neil
"travelling closet"
Lovely :)

David said...


This article previously incorrectly speculated that a member of Ukrainian Canadian Congress was the man. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has since contacted me and stated that J.D is not the man attacking reporters. They have named him as one Earl Cowan. The UCC states that Earl has ‘no relationship whatsoever with the Ukrainian Canadian community’, Myself and the NAAIJ apologize for the brief error. Special Thanks goes to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for their correction and understanding.


David said...

Deep thoughts from the Facebook page of Earl “Lying Piece of Sh*t” Cowan

Anonymous said...

This guy is one sick piece of shit. Did anybody else read his comments from the link provided by David 1:24? He needs to be locked up before he can hurt anybody's kids. He's the exact kind of guy that would run his car through a bunch of little kids just because they weren't white kids.