Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Incredible Cowardice of Bubble Boy Harper

As you know Stephen Harper is planning to put as much distance between himself and the Mike Duffy trial as he possibly can. 

Even if that means taking his travelling closet to the North Pole. 

Stephen Harper is heading to Northern Canada in the days after his former chief of staff Nigel Wright begins testifying at the Mike Duffy trial, a campaign itinerary that will take the Conservative Leader far from the story as it begins unfolding in an Ottawa courtroom.

But sadly for him it probably won't be far enough. And will only add to his growing reputation as the coward in the closet. Or as Tasha Kheiriddin calls him, the boy boss in the bubble. 

The term “Bubble Boy” has become synonymous with anyone who isolates him or herself to avoid contamination by the outside world. It has figured prominently in pop culture, serving as the title of two movies and an episode of TV’s “Seinfeld”. But it has rarely been applied to politicians, especially Canadian ones — until now.

And that’s because voters have never seen a campaign as closed and isolationist as the one being conducted by the Conservative party this year.

And when even a Con like Kheriddin thinks Harper is making a big mistake...

Unless Prime Minister Harper is under a fatwa that CSIS refuses to divulge in the name of national security, there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. It is graceless, classless and thuggish. It betrays not only the Conservatives’ contempt for the media, but their disdain for the very principles on which conservatism is based.

You KNOW he's in trouble...

The Tories would be wise to remember the word of Thomas Paine: “The greatest tyrannies are those perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.” In other words, get out of the bubble, Mr. Harper. It’s no place for a politician.

But of course there is a very good reason Stephen Harper wants to try to stay in his own bubble. He is as we all know a control freak.

And as Tim Harper points out he's just lost control of his own campaign. 

So far, Stephen Harper has held all the cards during election 2015. He set the timing and the Conservative leader is the only one among four federal leaders running a full campaign, complete with the planes, the media and all the trappings.

But this all could change Wednesday when Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright enters the witness box in a downtown Ottawa courtroom.

Now, the tightly wrapped Conservative cocoon cedes control as Mike Duffy’s fraud, bribery and breach of trust trial resumes — far from the Tory crowd control ropes and vetted attendees — and defence attorney Donald Bayne and his meticulous, lengthy cross-examinations become part of a federal election campaign.

Now at last he's at the mercy of others. And as I pointed out the other day, it's a lose-lose situation.

Even if the Conservatives win on the big picture, it is highly likely Canadians will be treated to testimony about the inner workings of Harper’s office, a full frontal reveal that may make supporters cringe. And that’s why even if they survive this spectacle, there will inevitably be damage done to a party seeking another term after almost a decade in office.

We have him where we want him. The cowardly bubble boy must be soiling himself...

And with a little bit of luck, his own corruption will destroy him.

*Pop* *Pop* *Pop*

Is that the popcorn or the bubble?

The man who smeared so many is about to be smeared himself....

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Unknown said...

"his travelling closet". Great description!

Anonymous said...

Darn it, Pamela! You took the words right out of my mouth!