Friday, August 07, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Hells Angels

In my last post I wrote that we are going to have to hit Jesus Harper and his mob a little harder if we want to make sure we defeat them.

But what I forgot to say was that his Big Blue Machine isn't the mighty machine it once was.

Not when it can't even get Boss Harper into the right hotel. 

Extra security precautions had to be taken for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and his family Thursday evening when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club rolled in to stay at the same east-end Toronto hotel.

And not when the Prime Minister is the Prime Minster. 

There's no "i" in win — oh wait, there is. And there are also three in "prime minister." After the federal leaders wrapped up their first debate together on Thursday evening, the Conservatives sent out a brutal tweet proclaiming Stephen Harper's win. But somebody in the party's war room forgot to proofread a key word: minister.

Now that's a war room !!!

And that's proven leadership !!!

Golly. You don't think the Cons dropped the writ before THEY were ready do you?

And what do they say about jail birds of a feather flocking together?

Seriously though, ever since Nigel Wright left the PMO in a hurry the Con mob has been making a lot of mistakes.

And of course their reputation won't be enhanced when Ol' Nige gets to testify at the Duffy trial maybe as early as next week.

Can you blame them for being distracted?

All hail da Prime Minster!!!

And have a great weekend...

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Gyor said...

Mulcair kicked Harper's ass on the economy and the enviroment, and would have done the same on democracy, had Trudeau not saved him by diverting attention away from democracy towards National Unity in the pathetic hopes of scoring points at Harpers expense. Next debate should be Mulcair and Harper only, let the adults have the space they need.

Anonymous said...

Minster \Min"ster\, n. [AS. mynster, fr. L. monasterium. See
Monastery.] (Arch.)
A church of a monastery. The name is often retained and
applied to the church after the monastery has ceased to exist
(as Beverly Minster, Southwell Minster, etc.), and is also
improperly used for any large church.

It's not surprising that the kids in diapers missed this one - 'Minister' is a word contained in English dictionaries. The kids don't need a new 'spell checker', they need the new yet to be released 'intelligence checker'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Simon the Harper Cons and Hells Angels sharing the same is more ominous than we realize. The Hells Angels have gravitated to white collar crime over the last 3 decades, and the Harperites have expanded into more violent criminal behavior like the G20 citizen clampdown and their ongoing warmongering.

Anonymous said...

When Stockwell Day was Steve's Minister of Public Safety the Hell's Angels opened a brand new clubhouse in his Okanagan backyard - so maybe it was no 'accident' that Harper choose to stay with the Devils he knows.

Unknown said...

You wouldn't by chance voting NDP would you?

Anonymous said...

Fuck! I'll bet the Angels were totally embarrassed as hell when they found out heil harper was in the same hotel. That kind of shit can really wreck your rep real fast! Even they wouldn't sink that low as to be seen with the likes of her majesty the prime minster! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good thing spelling bees aren't part of our elections. ;)

e.a.f. said...

now that steve has to pay his own hotel bills he might have to deal with real life. Anyhow the Hell's Angels chapters have less criminals than the con party, well how many hell's angels chapters have one guy with 31 fraud charges, one sentenced to jail for fraud, a senator having sex with a teen age girl, a cabinet minister, similar, a $22 Million fraud artist, o.k. he died, but really there are hell's angels chapters which have fewer criminals than the federa; cons and some people want to re elect these bums? Me I'd rather vote H.A.

Anonymous said...

And how many Harper officials have dated Hells Angels again?

mizdarlin said...

Staying in the hotel with the Angels might have given the PM a bit of street cred, had not his credibility gone out the window a long time ago...

Anonymous said...

Gyro, A great many people disagree with you so please do not act like Harper. One is enough for all Canadians including you. Sincerely Irene

Steve said...

bikers have a little intergity

Steve said...

lets work the problem, not make the problem work

Noah said...

Bikers have a heck of a lot more integrity than Harper, his cabinet, and his minions.

e.a.f. said...

unfortunately the RCMP in the Comox Valley, B.C. doesn't know Stephen Harper bunks in the same hotel as the Hell's Angels

This past weekend the RCMP swarmed a small town of 3500 with RCMP and their helicopter because they thought some H.A. members might be in the town of Cumberland for a motorcycle round up and show and shine.. How wierd is that. The RCMP had approx. 17 officers handing out traffic tickets before the event even started , set up road blocks and questioned families as to, did they have drugs in their cars--

It would appear Steve is having the RCMP already curtailing where we travel within our own community. A vote for Harper is a vote for a police state, well in my humble opinion..