Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Canadian Vets Begin Their Battle Against the Con Regime

It's one of the foulest chapters in the dark history of Stephen Harper's monstrous government. The betrayal of our veterans and the brutal treatment of our wounded soldiers.

The shameful war on those who have served their country, that continues to this day.

A group of Canadian military veterans said they were denied access to a Stephen Harper event held at a legion in New Brunswick Monday morning.

So i'm really glad to see that yesterday was the also the day that a group of veterans launched its assault on the Con regime.

A veterans group opposed to the Harper government says it is planning to regularly picket campaign events, post lawn signs and use social media in its Anyone But Conservatives campaign, launched Monday.

Tom Beaver, the chair of the campaign, said the veterans will be holding similar rallies and protests across the country.

Veterans wearing their uniforms will be stationed near polls on election day in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting Harper, he said.

Because they will be a mighty moral force in our battle to topple the Con regime. Canadians respect them and will be moved by what they say.

And because it has been a horrible story. 

The cheapness, the callousness, the suicides...

The betrayal of the wounded, the dead, and their families...

The tales of human suffering...

The monstrosity of Julian Fantino...

And his depraved leader.

It couldn't be more disgraceful or less Canadian.

And of course, I love the name of the veteran's campaign: Anyone But Conservatives.

Because that's what it all about. The liberation of our country by whatever democratic means necessary.

Support the vets, join their struggle.

Take back our Canada...

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hi anon...thanks for that. It looks like a fine organization. And with callousness of the Cons couldn't be more needed...