Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper, and the Great Con Cover Up

They say Nigel Wright is an honest man, who just happened to be working for the most morally corrupt leader of the most morally corrupt government this country has ever known.

And all that was missing on his first day of testimony at the Duffy trial was a halo over his head.

Even if the story he told was just too good to be true. 

Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, says the prime minister was only aware in broad terms that Sen. Mike Duffy had agreed to repay his questionable expense claims, and Harper was not told the Conservative Party had agreed to foot the bill.

During his testimony, Wright defended a statement he made in a Feb. 22, 2013 email, in which he told Duffy's lawyer and several PMO officials that "we are good to go from the PM" on a repayment proposal worked out by the two sides.

"'Good to go' means that the points I wanted to raise with the PM had been raised and that we could proceed with the plan," Wright said in court. When asked if he told Harper about agreeing to repay the money for Duffy, Wright said "No."

When he claimed he only paid the $90,000 out of his own pocket to get the taxpayers off the hook, and that Harper the control freak knew NOTHING.

Except that what he didn't say was that the money was intended to keep Duffy quiet, and protect the man who appointed him from being publicly embarrassed.

And that if Harper agreed to these demands from Duffy's lawyer:

He was agreeing to something that was wrong and not true:

For the Internal Economy Committee had no right to declare that Duffy's expenses were " fully in order." Duffy had clearly not met all the requirements necessary to sit as the Senator from PEI, when he had lived in Ottawa for forty years.

His ineligibility for the housing allowance had nothing to do with all the work he was doing for the party.

And far from working for the taxpayers, Wright was only serving the party he had faithfully served from the days when he was a young Con fanatic...

Both him and his PMO were in fact up to their ears trying to manipulate the report to suit their own partisan purposes.

And they would have succeeded had two Senate staffers not threatened to sue them.

With a media circus growing around Senator Mike Duffy’s expenses in February 2013, the Prime Minister’s Office took control. Newly released emails show the PMO gave direct orders to supposedly independent senators and even ghost-wrote a report.

But while Conservative senators were content to go along with it, two Senate staffers were not.

So the report was finally released, but not before Stephen Harper himself had helped rewrite it.

So much for knowing NOTHING.

And the bottom line? Duffy's lawyer is going to have a field day shining a light on this sordid conspiracy.

Stephen Harper is going to have to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid having to answer questions about the role he played in this obvious cover-up.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is making his first visit to Nova Scotia this weekend since the federal election was called, but residents will have to register online to find out the secret location of the event.

He will be running like a chicken from this scandal all the way to the election...

For his nightmare is just beginning...

And as I keep repeating:

With a little bit of luck, it will help destroy him...

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Anonymous said...

My theory: the trio cooked up this massive plan to ruin the reputation of the Senate in the eyes of Canadians.

It's worked. The vast majority of Canadians want to get rid of it, but let's think about why: Stephen Harper would be the greatest beneficiary of the elimination of the Senate and would further consolidate all Canadian political power to the PMO, a place where apparently his highness doesn't know shit about what's going on. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very clear, obviously, that all the players here are in CYA mode. There are, as I see it, two workarounds. Bayne destroys Wright on cross or, Duffer knocks one out of the park on the stand. MOO

Anonymous said...

"An honest man"?
If wright was working for/with the pmo then he is and always was just as big a crook as the rest of the CONservative party. Or else he couldn't work there.

Anonymous said...

The biggest control freak that ever ruled this land knew nothing eh? Yeah, right!
Nigel can add perjury to his list of accomplishments and I hope in the days ahead, Duff's lawyer picks apart his "story" that hapless Steve knew nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just got the second reminder that I can register to attend an event in a town near me which harper is attending. It tells me there is still room. Since it is not a town with a large venue sounds desperate since I am a life long NDP voter.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating insight in how the Con regime uses power , money,quasi legal influence, intimidation to manipulate outcomes. Unfortunately there are always victims such as the court clerk and ultimately it is the Canadian people through destruction of our institutions and identity. This is not an isolated case but is pervasive in all their actions and when it is over we should erect a monument to the victims of Con Democracy instead of Communism. For those that still believe that this type of manipulative control is necessary for our economic future only need to examine the way they tried to influence the US acceptance of the Keystone pipeline through intense lobbying and back door alliances rather than engage the US government directly and make an honest attempt to work through the environmental and any other issues. As a result of their inept approach it is likely the Obama administration will veto the Keystone. Currently our closet leader is busy softening up public opinion by allocating blame on wimpy Democrats and leftists when really it is their self centered egotistical approach that is to blame.

jolly roger said...

After living in Alberta in the 70's -80's, and listening to all the whining about senate reform back then -- I knew, right away, harper was up to one of his dirty tricks in getting the masses behind him to blow up the senate.Your summation is spot on...

jrkrideau said...

It seems to be getting to a game of Where's Waldo" or hide and seek with our heroic PM. At this rate his RCMP security detail will probably have to pre-register to find out where he's hiding, I mean staying, or I suppose they can just look for the Hell's Angels motorcycles parked outside.

I do find it hard to believe Wright's testimony about not telling the PM. In a way thought, it does not matter,. a senior government official in the Prime Minister's Office bribed a senator.

Either the PM knew this and was a party to the bribe or did not know it and shows a stunning incompetence in staffing key appointments. This last point is true in any case as we see when we look at Bruce Carson or Arthur Porter.

Anonymous said...

The only real question is: who's lying?
Also, remember the quote from the email is 'from the PM, we're good to go' not just 'good to go' that's being quoted by the press.

David said...

What is encouraging is even some of the MSM are using the word "coverup" in their reporting.
CBC's Evan Dyer said today that Kory Teneycke was defending Harper's current chief of staff (Ray Novak), saying that in 2013 Novak was only cc'd in emails regarding the controversy and never opened them. But the record shows many emails were from Wright to Novak exclusively, as they discussed the negotiations minute by minute as the days go on. Dyer said "This is definitely moving a lot closer to Stephen Harper and the people who are still around him."