Sunday, August 23, 2015

Senategate: Most Canadians Believe Stephen Harper is Lying

As we all know Stephen Harper has a lot of other problems to worry about. 

The economy is tanking, and so are his polls.

And as we know he has other fish to fry...

But he should also worry about his drowning credibility.

Because when it comes to the Senate scandal most Canadians think he's lying.

The vast majority of Canadians do not believe Stephen Harper is telling the truth about the Mike Duffy Senate expenses scandal, a new poll has found. Some 56 per cent of respondents do not think Harper has come clean about a controversy that is dominating news coverage in the federal election campaign, according to the Forum Research survey. 

If he thought Canadians didn't care, he's dead wrong.

Forum found 68 per cent of respondents have been following the court proceedings with 32 per cent saying they have not. Of those who are paying attention to the trial, 68 per cent believe Harper knew Wright gave Duffy the money with 21 per cent saying they feel he did not and 11 per cent unsure.

And it could have a real impact on his chances of being re-elected.

The poll suggests the Duffy trial is not helping the Conservatives’ electoral prospects, with 44 per cent saying it is “very damaging” and 29 per cent saying it is “somewhat damaging.” That means 73 per cent view the issue as a potential liability.

As well as the size of his nose...

For if Canadians think he's lying about the Senate scandal, why should they believe what he says about ANYTHING?

Which must be driving him over the deep end.

Wait. Is that the sound of a loon?

Or the sound of a desperate Harper?

He thought he could lie his way out of a scandal.

He thought he could change the subject.

But the predator could not be saved.

A liar is a liar, is a liar.

And the scandal will pursue him and beat him up all the way to the next election...

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  1. I expect more and more people are concluding the press is also lying, thanks again to Margaret Atwood for pointing out the dismal performance of the post modern press. A little scandal brings snippits of courage.

    1. hi Steve....yeah, the Atwood case does reveal something about our media, or at least about Postmedia.. It once made some kind of deal with oil companies to flog their propaganda, and one must wonder who is really running that paper?

  2. Reformatory pundit puppets are opining that Duffy will be forgotten by October. This may be so but is irrelevant. Voters have decided Slimey is lying. From now on, what about is moot. They will always think of him as a liar.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I agree with you. This case is all about perception. And the widespread belief that he is lying will taint everything Harper says all the way to the election...


    Audio: Are you following the ongoing trial of Senator Mike Duffy? (August 26, 2015)

  4. Why voters distrust the media party


    Just as journalists are accused of having an anti-Conservative bias, so the owners of many media outlets -- as well as journalists and commentators -- are accused of having an anti-NDP and anti-Liberal bias, including the Sun papers for which I work.

    The larger point is that when it comes to the public’s distrust of journalists, it’s not as if we haven’t given them good reason to be distrustful.

    Polling industry going through changes

  5. e.a.f.5:17 PM

    Steve most likely is lying. I'd bet the pension cheque on it.

    Do people care? right now they do. Voters also have a very short memory. people ought to remember what happened in the B.C. election. Things can change very quickly and we may not have seen the last of Steve. Do remember he and his cons in some way "cheated" in every election they "won".

    If Oct. comes and goes and he is still P.M. I for one would not be surprised. Looking for a new country, but not surprised. We need to remember the G.G. owes him his nice job. What would he do to remain there?

    1. hi e.a.f...If Harper wins again I will seriously consider leaving the country. But I still believe the Cons will be defeated. Although I would not be surprised if Harper triggers a constitutional crisis, by refusing to quit if he only gets a minority. We need to make sure that he is soundly defeated to make sure that can't happen....

  6. Anonymous9:12 PM

    So if Harper wins again left wingers will leave the country? Well, I think they are full of shit as usual, but it is a dream to work towards. Love the infighting over Layton by the way. Such fun!

    1. hi anon...I'm sure that's your fondest dream. But I'm afraid it won't come true. We are going to defeat your Great Leader and it will be the right in this country that will be heading into exile in Paraguay or Ukraine...

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Doubt it.

  7. Does this apply to Canada as well?

    Who owns the elections? Who profits either way?
    Who ends up with all that money politicians pay?
    To be the fearless leader, to put themselves across
    To be the one entrusted with the profit and the loss
    You try hard to believe that when you cast your vote it counts
    But elections are won with money in ever larger amounts
    Take the money out of politics and maybe we might see
    This country turn back into something more like democracy

    1. hi David....well so far it hasn't. Harper and his gang have spent more than a billion dollars promoting themselves, and it hasn't helped them a bit. Canadians may take their money, but they'll still vote them out....

  8. Which Side Are You On? - Jackson Browne