Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Incredible Cowardice of the Mad King Stephen Harper

He is already the best protected Prime Minister in Canadian history. Wherever he goes he is surrounded by an army of RCMP bodyguards.

His motorcade of sinister black vehicles is as big or bigger than Obama's secret service convoys.

No ordinary Canadians can get anywhere near him. Only Con supporters who have been vetted by his office.

But even that isn't enough to reassure our cowardly mad king.

Now he's recruiting former soldiers to provide him with even more security.

The Conservatives are using former members of the Canadian military to act as security guards at their election campaign events, in addition to the RCMP officers who are assigned to the prime minister's personal detail. 

The former Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, who are travelling with members of the media on the Conservative campaign bus, wear suits and earpieces much like the Mounties assigned to protect Stephen Harper.

Not to protect Great Leader his flunkies claim, but to shield his ears from the sounds of protest...

But then what do we expect from a man who is such a control freak or so paranoid he would muzzle his own supporters and his own candidates?

Conservatives running in the federal election have been advised not to attend all-candidates’ meetings or speak to reporters during the campaign, a party source says. A Conservative insider said Wednesday that most of Stephen Harper’s flag-bearers have “been told no debates and no media.”

And a man who would use fear against his own people could not be more cowardly.

So I can only imagine how he must have reacted to this new poll.

The New Democratic Party has the backing of an unprecedented 40 per cent of Canadians, a level of support that could secure Thomas Mulcair a majority in the House of Commons, a new poll has found. 

The Forum Research poll for the Toronto Star projects the NDP with enough support to win 174 seats in the Oct. 19 election. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals now sit in second place with 30 per cent support, while Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing support and have the backing of just 23 per cent of the 1,440 Canadians surveyed.

Now it is just another poll, and there will be many more before this campaign is over.

But this other poll released today also shows the Cons are now in last place.

An Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News and published Thursday shows the NDP holding a small lead nationally with 33 per cent of respondents favouring Mulcair’s party. The Liberals are three points back with 30 per cent, and the Conservatives trail the three main parties at 29 per cent.

And it does help explain why the Harperite zombies are now so desperate they are calling up the dead. 

A Conservative candidate in Quebec says she is sorry after her campaign telephoned the father of a local murder victim to seek his daughter’s support -- not once but twice. 

All over the place.

Which is really scary.

And the irony is that all this weirdness could come back to haunt Harper. Make it look like there's something not quite right about him. 

Or that he's got something to hide...

So rather than help him, the mad king's cowardice and paranoia

Could make him even less popular.

And in the end might help bury him...

There are now 53 days to go before the most important election in Canadian history. 

One that will determine whether this country lives or dies.

Hold your ballot in one hand, and a shovel in the other...

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  1. What a disease of a human being. They should have called him on his self-serving, cowardly hiding from the press, hiding from Parliament, hiding from the people, years ago.

    The gutless worm.

    1. hi thwap....yup, we've all had a lot of fun with his closet performance, but I do believe the man really is a coward. There is no other way to explain his behaviour. But as I said in my post, 53 days and counting. I can't wait for he day we defeat him, and this nightmare is finally over...

  2. we do not need to know only vote as expected

    1. hi Steve...yes, we must focus all our efforts on getting out the vote. For nothing can be more important now the Day of Judgement is finally on the horizon...

  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    There IS something wrong with him. I've thought that from the beginning.

    1. hi anon...yes there is something wrong with him. And funnily enough the first person to notice was Preston Manning of all people. He once said just after Harper quit in a huff as his policy director, that the bully thought he "owned the truth." Give a man who thinks he owns the truth too much power, and you get what we got...

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    1. hi anon...yes The Madness of King George. I say we make a movie called the Madfness of King Stephen Hapr. All we need is a cast of about 100 zombies, and the motel from Psycho the Hitchcock horror story...

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Its possible that all of the extra security is a political ploy that will be revealed near the end of the campaign. Something to the effect that he was personally targeted as he was the only leader to take a strong stance against all of those nasty terrorists. To a chorus of violins playing in the background the message will be .... don't worry Canadians, I am willing to put my personal safety at risk to keep you "strong proud free". Then again perhaps its just a case of over the top paranoia and has nothing to do with a well orchestrated scheme. Time will tell.

    1. Anonymous1:13 AM

      Near the end of the campaign, perhaps in the last few days, Harper and co. are going to do/stage? something in a desperate act to stay in power. I can feel it.

    2. hi anon 1:13...look anything is possible. And we must be on our guard. But if we are successful in turning out the vote nothing will save them...

  6. I simply cannot fathom how a so-called leader, desirous of votes from the people, can make himself and his government so insulated and detached from that public and still actually receive a not-insignificant number of votes.

    What is wrong with people? How is this in any way acceptable? Or are Canadians actually that uncaring about democratic rights?

    While I enjoy seeing the rising NDP numbers and falling Con numbers in the polls, I am deeply concerned that a large percentage of those who indicate NDP support will not actually turn out to vote, or if they do, be unable to vote because of The Party's voter suppression "Fair" Elections Act legislation.

    Harper's jackbooted trampling of democratic process, of parliament, and of the people makes me really nervous, as to be that confident in victory regardless of such gross actions suggests there is something very nefarious in play that we have not yet seen.

    1. hi Noah...well we have ever reason to worry about what the Cons might do on the day of the election. We are going to have to create some kind of poll watching network to alert people to any dirty tricks.But I think that you are going to be surprised by how many people turn out to vote. There is an enormous hunger for change out there, and it will not be denied...

  7. e.a.f.12:28 AM

    One of the Vancouver Island t.v. stations got in touch with all the candidates on the Island to ask them how they thought their campaigns were going. All the parties got back to them except the Cons. The Con candidates just aren't talking to the media or the voters. Talk about a bunch of remote remotes.

    1. hi it is scandalous. But they are getting a lot of bad publicity from that absurd decision, so I can't help but feel that they are only going to hurt themselves...

  8. Anonymous5:45 AM

    If Harper's "stay the course" plan for the Canadian economy is sound, and believe Harper when he says the budget is balanced, who are all the economists who AGREE with him???

    Week 4 of the campaign sees parties drawn economic battle lines

    1. hi anon...he will cook the books to make it sound like he has a healthy surplus. But it won't work when polls show most Canadians are losing confidence in his ability to manage the economy. They don't trust what he says about anything, and the economy will be no exception...