Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tax Cuts and the Con Plan to Kill Medicare

I believe that the issue of corporate tax cuts can be used to club the Cons like seals in the next federal election.

But I also agree with pollster Bruce Anderson, a lot depends on how you frame the question.

If voters were to decide that the Harper government was trying to line the pockets of fellow Conservatives on Bay Street, they would turn against the idea, no question. But, if they instead see it as part of a general belief on the part of the Harper government that lower taxes produces a stronger economy, they will be more open minded. Even if they don’t fully embrace the ideology, they may respect that the idea comes from place of good intentions.

You could argue that cutting corporate taxes is the least efficient way to stimulate the economy. But the Cons would bring in some renta-economists to argue the opposite. The public would be confused, and the issue would lose much of its sting.

A far more effective approach is to work the issue into a bigger narrative, by looking at WHY the Cons want to cut taxes. So you can show it comes from a dark place of evil intentions. The Con plan to starve government of money, hack it into bloody bits, and turn Canada into a JUNGLE.

Because then you can also remind people that Stephen Harper spent years heading the National Citizens Coalition, that was created to destroy medicare. 

That he once vowed to kill it:

"It's past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act."

Stephen Harper 1997.

And ask them if they trust Stephen Harper to save medicare, or do they think he might slowly strangle it?

And I think I know what they'd say eh? Especially after we remind them that a crazed ideologue who could gut a census is capable of ANYTHING.

Or ask them how they would feel about seeing their elderly mother lying in a pool of urine, on a stretcher in a hospital? Because there aren't enough beds or nurses.

Or how would they like their sick child to go to bed hungry in a privatized hospital, because they can't afford the three-meal-a day plan?

Just so the bloated fat cats on Bay Street can get richer, and the ideological maniac Stephen Harper can hack government to bloody bits.

Or, if all else fails, maybe we could just ask the easily fooled whether they really want the porky tale of the Cons to end like this one...

And that's the moral of the story eh?

If they're not careful Canadians could end up in a country they don't recognize.

And if you want to defeat the Cons.

You've got to hit them where it HURTS...

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