Monday, February 14, 2011

St Valentine's Day and the Misery Bears

Well today was Valentine's Day. But there were no stuffed bears, or chocolates, or even cards in this house.

One... because we don't go for that corporate bullshit. Two... because S├ębastien and I are BOTH saving to get to Cuba. Or anywhere but Con Canada.

And three... we don't want to further annoy any of our single friends by admitting that we're in love. Because they spent most of the day telling us how much they HATE St Valentine's Day. And all those sweaty couples and pinky things. 

And we don't want to end up like St Sebastian...

Cupid's arrows may gently tickle eh? But those look PAINFUL.

But's what I tell them. Yes it's true. Valentine's Day can be a lonely day.

And yes, sometimes it can even be un BEARABLE...

And yes, sometimes no matter how hard you try.

Love can be frustrating.

When the object of your affection doesn't respond.

But just because it works for me, doesn't mean you have to be a couple to be in love.

Or a frustrated squirrel. Or a misery bear.

Just love yourself, get out there, and pass it on.

Because I understand it's contagious...

Yup. Love is free... pass it on. I think we can all agree on that eh?

Happy love day everyone...

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